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Jan. 25, 1938.
Filed Dec; 21, 19.53
Patented Jan‘. ‘25, 1938
Josef Hermann, Berlin-Reinickendorf-Ost, Ger
many, assignor to ‘Elektricitiitsgesellschaft
"Sanititf’ G. m. b. IL, Berlin, Germany, a cor
‘I poration of Germany
Application December '21, 1933, Serial No. 703,383
In Germany December 23, 1932
4 Claims.
This invention relates to electro-therapeutic a potentiometer providedparallel tov said auxiliary _'
apparatus, and more particularly to short and/or
‘ ultra short wave diathermic apparatus wherein‘
Referring to the speci?c illustrative arrange
the high frequency oscillations are produced by a ment shown in Fig.’ 1,. an adjustable condenser
5 series spark gap.‘
34 in the impulse circuit is supplied from the high
One of the objects of the invention is to pro
vide diathermy apparatus which may be used for
Another object of- the invention is to provide
.spark-gap may be of any suitable shape but
10 diathermy apparatus having a short wave oscil
herein is shown as a substantially circular mem
latorycircuit and along wave oscillatory circuit
her. An auxiliary circuit ,comprising a capacity
38 and self-inductance 40, is provided parallel to
said spark gap, said self-inductance 46] being as
large as possible while stillpermitting said ca
and means whereby either of said circuits may be
power transformer 2 and discharges over a series
(spark gap 36 which connects the terminals of
said condenser directly one to the other. Said
long wave as well as short wave diathermy.
supplied with oscillatory energy.
A further object of the invention is to provide
15 a short or ultra short wave diathermy apparatus ' pacity 38 to exert an adequate quenching action
with a long wave attachment to enable said ap
upon the said spark gap. Said impulse circuit
paratus to be used alternatively for either short comprising said condenser 34 and-series spark
or long wave treatment-
gap 35 may be coupled in any suitable manner
These and such other vobjects and aims of the ' (by an inductive, or capacity coupling or di
rectly by conductors) to the treating circuit.
Herein said capacity or condenser 34 is used for
this purpose, condensers ,42, 42 being provided to
20 invention as may hereinafter appear, as well as
the invention itself, will be clearly understood
from the following description, taken in con
nection with the. accompanying drawing, of il
protect the patient from low.frequency alterna
tions, in the-conductors leading to the connecting
‘ lustrative apparatus embodying the features of
25 the invention, the‘ true scope of the invention be
ing more particularly pointed out in the append
In the illustrative embodiment of the invention
said auxiliary device or attachment~ for the gen-'
Fig. 1 is a diagrammatic ‘illustration of’ one eration of long waves comprises a self inductance
illustrative embodiment of the ‘invention:
coil 46 which is ‘electrically; connected to the
Fig. 2 shows a cabinet containing a short wave‘ terminal bushings for connecting with the elec
diathermy apparatus, a long wave apparatus be- , trodes, said coil 46 being of such dimensions that
ed claims. '
In the. drawing:
bushings .44 of the short wave condenser elec
ing ‘separately a?ixed externally thereto..
As explained the invention contemplates the
35 provision of means whereby said diathermy ap
it forms a long wave oscillatory circuit in con
junction with said condensers 42, 42. A poten
tiometer 48 of any suitable conventional con
paratus ma“;7 be used for long wave as well as
struction may be provided parallel to said coil 45
short wave diathermy.
for effecting a ?ne regulation or adjustment in
Referring to Fig. 1, the adaptation to long wave .order that the long wave energy may be con
diathermy is conveniently obtained by the use of veyed with the desired strength to the;connect
40 an auxiliary device. Said device may be con
ing terminals 50 of the diathermy and surgical 510
nected electrically to the connecting bushings of
the electrodes of the short wave generator.
In ‘Fig. 2 there is shownwa cabinet containing
Where a capacity or inductive coupling is used
between the oscillatory circuit and the short wave
treating circuit, thus necessitating the provision
the 'short wave generator, a switch 52 being pro
vided for connecting the apparatus to and dis
connecting it from the main supply of electrical
of protective condensers in the-treating circuit ‘ energy. Regulation of the impulse circuit relative
‘to protect the patient against low frequency al-‘ to the treating circuit is eifected by the rotary." I‘
ternations, said auxiliary device "or attachment ‘handle 54. Herein‘ the long wave generating de
may consist of a self-inductance coil of suitable
vice is shown as a separate attachment herein
dimensions and connecting the connecting termi
contained in a removable casing or container 56,
provided with the connecting contact pins to be
inserted in suitable sockets in the'front‘wall of
said cabinet when the apparatusis to be used
nal sleeves of the apparatus together. Suitable
means may be provided for a ?ne adjustment of
the long wave energy. ‘Within the scope of the
invention any suitable .regulating means may be ' for long wave treatment. When it is to be used
55 provided for this Purpose, such for example as for shortwave treatment the said connecting con
tact pins are withdrawn from said sockets form
short or ultra short’ waves, comprising, in com
ing the terminals vof the short wave circuit, and
bination, an impulse circuit; a condenser in said
circuit; a series spark-gap having its two ends
connected to the two terminals, respectively, of
said condenser; an auxiliary circuit parallel to
said spark-gap; a self-inductance and a capacity
in said auxiliary circuit, said self-inductance be
ing as large as feasible without danger of arcing at
the whole container 56 is removed, and a set of
treating electrodes are connected up to the said
sockets for the short wave treatment. The long
wave energy is regulated by the rotary handle 58.
It .will be apparent to those skilled in the art
that said auxiliary device for generating long wave
oscillations could be built in to the short wave
10 apparatus parallel to the connecting contact
bushings 46. In such case any suitable conven_-
tional means would have to be provided for cut
said spark-gap; a short wave treating circuit; a
capacity coupling between said short wave treat
ing circuit and,,said impulse circuit; condensers
ting out the coil 46 when it is desired to make
in said short wave treating circuit; terminals
for connecting electrodes with said short wave
short wave treatments.
treatingrcircuit; an attachment for‘connection
I am aware that the invention may be embodied to said terminals and comprising a self-induc
‘in other speci?c forms without departing from _ tance coil connecting said terminals, said coil co
the‘spirit or essential attributes thereof, and I operating with said condensers in said treating
therefore desire the present embodiments to be circuit to generate long wave oscillations for.
considered in all respects as illustrative and not passing heat through the tissues of- the body and
'20 restrictive reference being had to‘ the appended
claims rather than to the foregoing description
to indicate the true scope of the invention.
for high frequency surgical operations.
3. Electro-therapeutic apparatus for generat
ing short or ultra short waves according to claim
I claim:
2_, comprising a potentiometer provided parallel
1. Electro-therapeutic apparatus for generating
to said self-inductance coil of said attachment
for ?ne regulation or adjustment of the long 25
25 short or ultra short waves, comprising, in com
bination, means to generate short ‘waves includ
ing an impulse circuit; containing a condenser;
a series spark-gap having its two ends connected
to the two terminals, respectively, of said vcon
30 denser; an auxiliary circuit parallel to said spark
gap; a self-inductance and a capacity in said
4. Apparatus of the class described compris
ing, in combination, a source of oscillations; at
short .wave oscillating circuit supplied by said
source of oscillations; a treating circuit'coupled
to said source of oscillations and provided with
auxiliary circuit, said self-inductance being as - terminals for connection with electrodes to de
large as feasible without danger of arcing at said
spark-gap terminals serving to connect said short liver short wave oscillations; a self-inductance
wave generator with the electrodes for short wave coil; and means to connect said coil to said ter
treatment; a long wave generating circuit corn-' minals, said coil thus forming with said treat
prising said spark gap and condenser means and ing circuit a long wave oscillating circuit sup
means to connect said long wave generating cir- . plied'by said source of oscillations to deliver long
wave oscillations.
cult to said terminals.
2. Electra-therapeutic apparatus for generating
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