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Jan. 25, 1938.
2,106,467 -
Filed Jan. 16, 1954
Patented Jan. 25, 193s
2,106,461' '
George Philip schmitt, New York, N. Y.
Application January 16,1934, Serial No. 706,798
16 Claims. (cl. 1_31-30)
'I‘his invention relates to the medication or
fiavon‘ng of cigarettes and the like and more par
vention, a medicating agent is provided in a
cigarette lighter, the arrangement of the parts
ticularly to a medicating means involving the useA being such that the advantages of medication will
of a cigarette lighter.
be automatically applied to any cigarette, while
A general object of the invention is toprovide it
is being ignited.
a method andA apparatus for medicating a ciga
rette during the operation of an igniting device
used therewith.
While in its broadest aspects the present in
vention is applicable to various forms of ciga
rette lighters, it is primarily useful in connection
_ Another object of the invention is to provide
an improved cigarette lighter having means for ' with glow type catalytic lighters of the kind ex
medicating a cigarette in conjunction with its empliñed in the U. S. Patent No. 1,899,008 to l0
R. E. Berthold or _in U. S. Patent No. 1,937,097
normal -igniting function.
to G. P. Schmitt. In such lighters a perforate
More specifically, the invention has for >an ob
porous catalytic body formed of material such
ject the provision of a glow type catalytic lighter
as platinum black is adapted to have a side pre
having means for rendering its catalyst incan
descent when a cigarette is placed thereagainst sented toward the end of a cigarette and a fuel 15
containing chamber is‘in communication with its
and drawn upon, wherein a suitable medicating other
side. Suitable air passages are provided
agent is so carried by the lighter that medicated so
that, when a cigarette is placed adjacent the
vapors may be drawn into the cigarette during catalyst and drawn upon, air is circulated past
the mentioned drawing action.
In one aspect of the invention, a further ob
yject is to provide a lighter having features such
as those described above wherein the medicating
means comprises a specifically prepared medi
cated fuel, and to this end an important feature
of the invention resides in the provision of such>
l a lighter fuel.
Other objects of the invention will in part be
obvious and will in part appear hereinafter.
The invention accordingly comprises the sev
eral steps and the relation of one or more of such
steps with respect 'to each of the others, and the
apparatus embodying features of construction,
combinations of elements and arrangement of
parts which are adapted to effect such steps, all
as exempliñed in the following detailed disclosure,
and the scope of the application of which will be
indicated in the claims.
For a fuller understanding of the nature and
objects of the invention reference should be had
to the following detailed description taken in
connection with the accompanying drawing, in
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view taken substan
tially medially through an illustrative form of
lighter equipped in accordance with one em
bodiment of the present invention; and
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view substantially
corresponding to Fig. 1 but showing another em
bodiment of the present invention.
There is a marked demand for medicated ciga
rettes, and the practice of incorporating medica
ments such as menthol in cigarette tobaccos dur
ing their manufacture has become rather wide
55 spread. In accordance with the present in
the fuel in the chamber where it picks'up fuel 20
vapors and continues on through or around
the perforate catalyst, which latter is rendered
incandescent in the presence of such fuel and air. '
In accordance with the present improvement,
a suitable medicament is associated with sucha 25
lighter in a position to have vapors or fumes
thereof drawn or injected into the cigarette dur
ing the drawing action on the latter. Menthol
is a. preferred substance for this purpose, since in
addition to its medicating properties it imparts 30
a pleasant odor, taste and cooling sensation to
the cigarette. However, other substances having
suitable medicating and/or ñavoring qualities are
contemplated, such as camphor, peppermint
and wintergreen or other similar curative or 35
aromatic herbs. Accordingly, it is to be under
stood that the expression “medicament” as used
in the present specification and claims is in
tended to refer broadly to all substances such as
those mentioned, wherever the context permits. 4;
It has been found .that the application of such
substances to a cigarette, even though drawn
therein only during the relatively short time re
quired to effect ignition with a lighter of the type
contemplated serves to impregnate the tobacco 45
so as to produce an effect which lasts during the
entire subsequent consumption of -the cigarette.
This apparently is because there are special ad
vantages in impregnating the cigarette while
lighting it. The heating of the tobacco accentu-` 50
ates its moistness, it being found by test that
the tobacco is markedly damper after ignition
than before. In this dampened condition its re
ceptivity to the influence of the medicating va
pors is enhanced to a pronounced extent. What-` l.
ever the explanation may be, tests show that
medication of the cigarette while heating it pro
duces remarkable satisfactory and lasting re
This effect is more or less noticeable in
In Fig. 2 there is shown a form of lighter sub
stantially corresponding to that shown in Fig. 1,
and operating in substantially the same manner.
Here, however,instead of placing a mass of medic
accordance with the degree of volatility and
pungency of the particular medicament used, be
ing quite pronounced, for example. in the case
of menthol.
ament in the bottom of the casing, the absorbent
It is intended that such medicaments may be
10 withdrawn or ejected from the lighter in any suit
ing such absorbent body in a saturated solution
of menthol in alcohol. The alcohol used is prefer
ably absolute ethyl, but other kinds, such as pure
methyl alcohol, may be used with satisfactory re
sults. Upon withdrawal of the absorbent body
II4 from its bath in this saturated solution, the
able fashion, the arrangments particularly de
scribed herein for obtaining this end being illus
trative in their nature, since it will be apparent
that any form of lighter wherein fumes are with
15 drawn or ejected may partake of the benefits of
the present invention.
Referring more particularly to the drawing
and ñrst to Fig. l, there is shown a form of
lighter substantially possessing the features
20 shown in above mentioned U. S. Patent No.
1,937,097. Here there is a casing I0 having a
sleeve II slidably fitted within it. A suitable
holder I2 is mounted on the upper end of this
body III is suitably impregnated with medica
ment prior to assembly with the rest of the
lighter. This impregnation is effected by immers
alcohol evaporates, leaving a crystalline deposit
throughout the body. 'I'he body, thus impreg
nated, is assembled in the lighter and may be
repeatedly replenished with fuel while retaining
its medicating characteristics. Withthis form of
the invention, as a cigarette is placed against the 20
catalyst and drawn upon, the induced current of
air picks up both menthol vapors and fuel vapors
from the absorbent body, and these are trans
mitted to the cigarette. It is contemplated that
other medicaments than menthol may beutilized 25
to impregnate the absorbent body, and any other
ture comprising granules I3’ as shown in Fig. 2, forms of lighters involving the use of absorbent
to permit the passage of vapors therethrough. An fuel containing bodies may be utilized, for ex
ample those shown in my copending applications
absorbent body I4 of cotton wool or the like is lo
30 cated within sleeve I I and below the catalyst, Serial No. 688,114, filed September 12, 1933, now 30
and has a central passage I5 extending there
Patent Number 2,005,476, dated June 18, 1935;
through. The lower end of this absorbent body and Serial No. 706,368, ñled January l2, 1934, now
is supported above the bottom of casing I0 pro
Patent Number 2,005,477, dated June 18, 1935.
viding a space I6. The passage I5 aiîords com- ,«
'I‘he benefits of the presen't invention are also
munication between this space and the under side attained by providing a ysuitably medicated lighter
of the catalyst. Air passages, such as that illus
fuel for .use in lighters of the kind herein con
trated at I1, are provided between casing I0 and templated. This improved lighter fuel may be
sleeve II, the upper ends of such passages being obtained by incorporating any medicament of the
sleeve and carries a catalytic body I3 of platinum
25 black or the like. 'I'his body may be perforate
as shown in Fig. 1, or of porous granular struc
. open to the atmosphere, as illustrated, and the
40 lower ends thereof communicating with space I6.
Any desired number of these passages may be
provided, or, if desired, any suitable equivalent
means may be provided for conducting air past or
over the absorbent body I4 to the catalyst. It
45 will be seen that the casing with its cooperating
appurtenant parts provides a fuel chamber which
is open to the atmosphere and is adapted to con
tain the fuel holding absorbent.
A medicament I8 is located at the bottom of
50 casing I0 in space I6. As illustrated, this medica
ment may take the form of a small mass of
menthol crystals, about one-half gram of these
crystals being a satisfactory amount in the ar
rangement shown. If desired, the menthol may
be in the form of a tablet suitably dimensioned
for insertion in the lighter.
In the operation of the lighter the end of a
cigarette is presented against or toward the up
per face of catalyst I3 and is drawn upon. Air
is thereupon drawn in through passages I'l into
the fuel chamber where it picks up vapors from
the medicament I8 and continues through pas
sage I5, and also picks up additional fuel vapors,
which mixed vapors are drawn against and
through the catalyst. Here the fuel vapors, be
ing inflammable, are largely consumed while all
or the major part of the non-inflammable or less
inflammable medicated vapors escape combustion
and pass on into the cigarette, concurrent igni
70 tion and medication of the latter thus being ef
fected. It will be apparent that any brand of
cigarette thus may be mentholated or otherwise
medicated without resorting to special medicating
75 steps during its manufacture.
kind herein described in a suitable hydrocarbon
compound. One very satisfactory form of fuel 40
comprises a solution of from 5 to 10 per cent by
weight of menthol in pure methyl alcohol, al
though absolute ethyl alcohol may be employed
if desired. Such a medicated fuel is adapted to
be used in any of the herein described lighters,
or in any other form of lighter wherein vapors
are drawn or forced into the cigarette during
the igniting operation.
It will be seen that a method has been pro
vided for quickly and eiiìciently medicating a
cigarette at the time it is ignited, and that suit
able equipment has been provided for fulfilling
the intended objects- of the invention.
Since certain changes in carrying out the above
process and in the constructions set forth, which
embody the invention may be made Without
departing from its scope, it is intended that all
matter contained in the above description or
shown in the accompanying drawing shall be 60'
interpreted as illustrative and not in a hunting
It is also to be understood that the following
claims are intended to cover all of the generic
and specific features of the invention herein de
scribed, and all statements of the scope of the in
vention which, as a matter of language, might be
said to fall therebetween.
Particularly, it is to be understood that in said
claims, ingredients or compounds recited in the 70
singular are intended to include compatible mix
tures of such ingredients wherever the sense per
Having described my invention, what I claim as
new and desire tc secure by Letters Patent. is:
1. -A cigarette lighter comprising, in combina
tion, means for igniting a cigarette, a casing, a
chamber in said casing communicating with said
igniting means, and a medicament in said cham
ber to medicate such cigarette while it is being
2. A cigarette lighter comprising, in combina
tion, an igniting device, a fuel chamber in com
munication with said device, a medicament in
said chamber, and means for conveying such
medicament to a cigarette cooperating with said
3. A cigarette lighter comprising, in combina
tion, means for igniting a cigarette, a chamber,
and a medicament in said chamber, said igniting
means including means for conveying said medic
ament to the cigarette in conjunction with an
igniting operation.
4. Acigarette lighter comprising an igniting
20 element against which a cigarette may be placed,
means for rendering said element incandescent
upon drawing on such cigarette, and means asso
ciated with said lighter for medicating said ciga
rette during such drawing action.
5. A medicating cigarette lighter comprising,
in combination, a catalyst having a side-present
- able toward a cigarette, means for rendering said
erating with said device.
9. A medicating cigarette lighter comprising an
igniting device, and an absorbent body carried by
said lighter in communication with said device
and adapted to contain a fuel, said body being
impregnated with a medicament, and said lighter
including means for circulating such medicament
from“ said body to a cigarette cooperating with
said device.
10. A medicating cigarette lighter comprising,
in combination, an igniting device, means for
rendering the same incandescent, and a medica
ment impregnated absorbent body carried by said
lighter in communication with a cigarette co
operating with said device.
11. A medicating cigarette lighter-comprising a
catalyst having a side presentable toward a ciga
rette, means for rendering said catalyst incan
descent upon drawing on such cigarette, and a
menthol impregnated absorbent body carried by
said lighter in position to have fumes therefrom
drawn into said cigarette during such drawing
12. A new article of manufacture comprising a
fuel containing absorbent body insertable in a
cigarette lighter and impregnated with a medica
catalyst incandescent upon drawing on such ciga-. ment.
rette, and a medicament carried by said lighter in
13. A cigarette lighter comprising, in combina
position to be drawn into said cigarette during tion, a casing, means for igniting a cigarette
said drawing action.
communicating with the interior of said casing
6. A medicating cigarette lighter comprising, and a menthol impregnated absorbent body in
in combination, a chamber adapted to contain a said casing to medicate such cigarette while lt
vaporizable fuel, a catalyst located in the path is being ignited.
of fuel vapors coming from said chamber, a me
14. A method of medicating cigarettes which 35
dicament in said chamber, and means for passing comprises providing a chamber. in a cigarette
medicament from said chamber to a cigarette lighter with a supply .of medicament, and pass
cooperating with said catalyst.
ing vapors of such medicament from said cham
7. A medicating cigarette lighter comprising, ber into the cigarette while igniting and heating
in combination, a catalyst having a side present
the same.
able toward a cigarette, a chamber in communi
15. A method of medicating cigarettes which 40
cation with the other side of said catalyst and comprises providing a fuel chamber of a cigarette
adapted to contain a vaporizable fuel, a vapor
izable medicament in said chamber, and means
Li for circulating vapors from said chamber to a
medicament from said body to a cigarette coop
cigarette cooperating with said catalyst.
8. A medicating cigarette lighter comprising an
igniting device, a medicament impregnated fuel
containing body in communication with said de
vice, said lighter having means for passing fuel
from said body to said device, and for passing
lighter with a supply of fuel containing a medica
ment, and injecting vapors or such medicament
into the cigarette by means of the drawing action
attendant upon ignition.
16. A method of medicating cigarettes which
comprises providing a cigarette lighter with a
vaporizable mixture of alcohol and menthol, and
drawing vapors from this mixture into the ciga
rette while igniting the same.
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