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Jan. 25, 1938.
.1.‘ H. LE CONEY
Filed Sept. '7, 1935
' Z
2 ShéetSI-Sheet 1.
Jan. 25, 1938.
Fii'ed Sept. 7, 1935
(‘2 Sheets-She'et 2 I
J'LMPL L15 (arm-r
aw % g3;
“'4 Mb
‘ '
Patented Jan. 25, 1938
a; C "11 I? 0 F1
Joseph H. Le Coney, Redford, Mass, assignor to
Earnshaw Knitting Company, Newton, Mass, a
corporation of Massachusetts
Application September 7, 1%)35, Serial No. 39,587
. 2‘ Claims.
(01. 2—78)
This invention relates to garments and more
particularly to a drop seat garment which, al
though capable of general use, is designed more
garment of the legless type, that is merely for
the purpose of illustrating the principle thereof
especially for infants and children. -
since it is capable of use in a Wide variety of I
Heretofore, in garments of this character,
where elastic means in the top edge of the drop
seat has been employed for holding it in closed
position in order to eliminate the use of buttons,
the drop seat has generally been attached along
10 its sides to the side seams of the body of the gar
ment. This requires the seat to be made with
a considerable amount of fullness to permit it to
be dropped without dihiculty of manipulation and
without undue stretching and straining of the
15 material which shortens the life of the garment.
Such surplus of material creates bulk and, al
though contributing to ease of manipulation, de
tracts from the comfort of the wearer.
The principal object of the invention is the
20 provision of a garment of the character described
in which the drop seat is so constructed as to
be close ?tting and yet easily manipulated when
and it is not to be limited to that particular form
In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a
front elevation of a drop seat undergarment of
the legless type, constructed in accordance with
the invention; .
Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of the same;
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a similar garment
of modi?ed form; and
Fig. 4 is a side elevation of a person wearing
the garment with the drop seat in lowered po
Referring to the drawings, the undergarment
shown in Figures 1 and y2_comprises a body por
tion designated generally'as ill, having a neck
opening ii, abbreviated sleeves i2, leg openings
i3 and a, drop seat ili.
The'body portion I0 is ‘
preferably made in one piece of cylindrical knitted
‘material, it designating the fore part and Hi,
lowered, thereby assuring the comfort of the ' the rear part. The body portion it) may, if de
wearer at all times.
sired,‘be made of two separate pieces seamed to- \
Another object is the provision of a drop seat gether at the sides or in any other suitable man- ‘
which is free of attachment at its side edges to
the body of the garment and yet will, when in
closed position, ?t closely around the hips of the
body at those edges.
ner. The fore part in theform of garment shown
is open in the front, but is adapted to be closed by
suitable button holes ill and buttons M in the
edges of the two flaps which make up the fore
part. The upper edges of the fore and rear parts 30
are out to form theneck opening H, the front
part being preferably cut lower than the back
part, and the two parts are seamed together at E9
A further object is the provision of a garment
of the foregoing character which is of simpli?ed
construction and of comparatively low cost.
Other objects of the invention will be set forth
and described hereinafter.
to form shoulder portions. If the bodyportion
My invention contemplates a drop seat garment is made of cylindrical material, the upper por-'
in which the drop seat is attached to the front of 'tions thereof are cut on the sides to form arm _
the garment rather than to the sides and, pref
openings, in which are secured the abbreviated
erably, is so attached at the ends of its top edge sleeves i2 by elastic stitching 2t, and said arms, ‘
only. This throws the pivot pointsof the swing ‘may be provided with end bands .2 I.
40 of the drop seat, when it is lowered, to the front
The drop seat is attached at its bottom to they
of the garment and materially increases the bottom of the fore part to form a crotch portion
radius of the swing, so that the necessity for sur
22 and the leg openings 53 are formed by cut
plus material is eliminated and the seat can be ting out both parts on either side of the crotch
made close ?tting to the buttocks of the wearer, portion on curved lines, the edges of whichare
45 yet easily manipulated. The provision of elastic
?nished by suitable binding 23 secured to the two
means in the top edge between the two points parts by stitching 24. The drop seat expands
of attachment will then keep the drop seat in rapidly in width from the crotch portion upward
proper position when. closed and Will prevent any ly so that its sides will extend around» the sides
sagging of it in the back. The drop seat pref
of the body it! and over the fore part, with its
50 erably expands laterally in an upward direction
upper edge extending to points intermediate the
so that the side portions hug closely around the center line and the sides of said fore part. The
hips of the wearer to prevent gaping of the top edge of the seat is provided with elastic means
unattached side edges.
of any suitable form for holding the'drop seat in
Although my invention is shown in the draw
closed position and said top edge and elastic
ings and described hereinafter as embodied in a means are fastened at their-ends only to the fore
part of the body portion at the waist line there
of and at two points 25 intermediate the center of
the fore part and the side edges thereof.
In the drawings, one form of elastic means is
shown comprising a flat band of latex or rubber
material 28 mounted in a hem 2'! formed at the
upper edge of the drop seat and the two ends
only of the hem and the elastic material are
fastened at the points 25.
Preferably, the elastic
10 stitching 28 which fastens the edge of the hem
struction as the top edge of the drop seat, com
prising a band 40 of latex or rubber, enclosed in
a casing 4| formed by doubling a strip of knitted
material and fastening the longitudinal edges of
the strip together with elastic stitching 42 which
passes through the band 40. Since the wales of
the material in the casing run transversely there
of, it is stretchable with the band 4|) in a longi
tudinal direction. This elastic member counter
acts any tendency of the drop seat to cause an
pierces the band 26 and serves to hold it ?at and abnormal separation between the two points of
attachment 25, due to the transverse stretchabil
to prevent it from curlingf
The side edges 29 of the drop seat, which, due ity of the fore part intermediate said points.
For the purpose of illustrating the operation
to its expanded ‘form, converge toward each
the drop seat in use, there is shown in Figure 15
garment, are preferably free and unattached ex
cept at their top ends, Where they are attached to
the fore part 15 at the two points of attachment
25, and at their bottom ends, where they are at
20 tached at or adjacent the leg openings: I3 at the
sides of the garment. The side portions of the
drop seat encircle the hips of the wearer and the
top edge encircles the sides and back of the
wearer at the waist line between the two points of
25 attachment.
The drop seat may be made in one piece, but
preferably is made in three pieces, comprising a
central section 3B and two side sections 3|, the
central section at its bottom having an end ap
:30 proximately V-shaped which is attached to the
bottom of the front section ‘by stitching 33 to
form the crotch portion 22. In the back, the
central section, has converging sides to which are
secured the upwardly expanding side sections 3|
by elastic stitching 34.
For supportingthe points of attachment 25 and
transferring any downward strain thereon to the
shoulder portionsof the garment, two lines 35 of
reinforcement are provided, each of which extends
40 from one of said points to its respective shoulder
seam 19. These reinforcements may be of any
suitable form, but as shown are lines of non
elastic-or,non-stretchable stitching, which pre
vent any sagging of the fore part of the garment
5,45 at the points where the drop seat is attached.
The garment is preferably made of knitted
material, with the wales of the material running
,in the directions indicated on‘ the various parts in
the drawings by broken lines 36. With the ex
£150 ception of the lower portion of the back part "5,
the wales of the body Hlrun longitudinally of the
body so that it is stretchable transversely thereof.
.In the lower portion of the back part, however, a
,panel 38 is secured therein by stitching 39 and
as the wales of thispanel run transversely the body
4, in side elevation, a ?gure of a person wearing
an undergarment of the construction shown in
Figure 3, with the drop seat in lowered position.
It will be observed from this view that the drop
seat, by being pivotally attached to the front of 20
the garment, has a much longer radius of swing
than a drop seat attached to the opposite sides
of the garment and that in lowering the drop
seat, it is stretched only to a slight extent in
passing overthe buttocks, but is not appreciably 25
stretched when in lowered position. In conse
quence, there is comparatively little strain on the
drop seat when it is lowered and raised, which
permits it to be more easily manipulated and, at
the same time, increases the life and durability;
of the garment by the removal of undue strain.
Furthermore, the comfort of the wearer is ma
terially increasedby the eliminationof surplus
material in the drop seat.
It is to be understood that my invention is not 535
.to be limited to the precise form herein shown
and described, since it may be embodied in va
rious other forms within the scope of the fol
lowing claims.
What I claim is:
1. A garment comprising a cylindrical body
portion having front and back parts, a drop seat
attached at its bottom edge to the bottom edge
of said front part to form a crotch portion and
having an elastic top edge, the two ends of which
are secured to- said front part at the waist line
thereof at points intermediate the center and
sidesof said-front part, the width of said drop
seat increasing in an upward direction to form
side portions overlapping the sides of said front x50
part, the side edges of said side portions being
free and unattached between said elastic top
edge and the bottom edge of the drop seat, rein
forcements in said front part extending from the
‘shoulder seams of said body portion to said points .55
so that it is stretchable in a direction longitudi
of attachment for supporting the same and an
nally of the body, which facilitates a bending
posture of the wearer. The lower edge of the
tachment to hold the same in normal relation
back part, including said panel, is concavely
60 curved, the curve approaching a semi-circle and
having its two ends terminate at the leg open
ings on the sides of the body.‘ The back part I6,
therefore, terminates above the-crotch portion
with its lower portion below the waist line over
65 lapped by the drop seat.
This construction pre
vents the back part from rolling up and holds it
in close ?tting position on the back of the wearer.
In Figure 3, there is shown a legless under
garment of somewhat similar construction to the
70 garments of Figures 1 and 2, with the exception
that it is closed in front and that the two points
of attachment 25 of the drop seat to the fore
part are closer together and are connected by
,an elastic member which may be of any suitable
.1715 construction but preferably is of the same con
elastic band connecting said two points of at
when said drop seat is closed.
2. A garment comprising a cylindrical legless
body portion of knitted material having a front
part, a back part terminating above the crotch
portion and an-upwardly expanding drop seat,
said back part being provided with an inserted
panel in its lower portion below the waist line, 65
said front part and the upper portion of said
back part being stretchable transversely of said
body portion and said panel being stretchable
longitudinally said body portion, said drop seat
being attached at its bottom to the front part 70
to form a crotch, said front part and said drop
seat being cut on curved lines in their bottom
side portions for forming leg openings, said drop
seat having an elastic band at its top edge and
vsaid ‘top edge and said band being attached at
their ends only to said front part at the waist
line and intermediate the center and sides of
' said front part, the sides of said drop seat over
lapping the sides of said front part and being
free and unattached between said points of at
tachment and said leg openings, said points of at
tachment serving as pivot points when said drop
seat is lowered, and said ‘front part having rein
forcements extending from the shoulder seams of
said body portion to said points of attachment
for supporting and holding the same in proper
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