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Feb. 1, 1938.
|_. c. DOANE
Filed Feb. 6, 1936
ZERO)’ C‘. Don/vs
Patented Feb. 1, 1938
Leroy 0. Duane, Meriden, Conn, assignor to The
Miller Company, Meriden, Conn., a corporation
oi’ Connecticut
Application February 6, 1936, Serial No. 62,601
9 Claims.
The present invention relates to direct light
(Cl. 240-78)
wardly extending straps or ribs l6, I1, I 8, all of
ing ?xtures and more specially to direct lighting
?xtures employing two light sources.
The present invention contemplates a lighting
5 ?xture adapted to use incandescent lamps and
mercury vapor lamps, both burning in pendant
which support a lower annular large diameter
skirt portion IS. The holder is preferably in the
form of a casting.
A central pendant lamp socket 20 is secured
in the upper part of the holder and adapted to
be connected by wires indicated at 2| with a
all these lamps is considerable, it has been
mercury vapor lamp 22 whose electrodes are in
As the‘ heat generated by the operation of 1 current source. This socket supports a pendant
10 found necessary to take special precautions to
properly cool the lamp sockets and the upper
part of the vapor lamp so as to secure proper
operation for the vapor lamp.
The present invention therefore provides a
16 holder for the lamp bulbs and sockets having
suitable ventilation features whereby the heated
air is dissipatedwithout causing an undesirable
rise in temperature of the holder and parts car
ried thereby.
In effecting the control of the heated air ris
ing from the lamp bulbs, the present invention
makes use of a ba?le apertured to receive the
lamp bulbs and held in a holder in such a way
as to permit the hot air to spill around the edges
of the ba?ie and pass into the upper part of the
2 holder, this part being skeletonized so that the
hot air readily escapes to the outside atmosphere.
The accompanying drawing shows, for purposes
of illustrating the present invention one of the
30 many embodiments in which the invention may
take form, it being understood that the drawing
is illustrative of the invention rather than limit
ing the same.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view of a direct
lighting ?xture on the line l-—l of Figs. 2 and 3,
with parts in elevation and parts broken away;
Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the broken line
2-2 of Fig. l, with parts in elevation;
Fig. 3 is a section taken on the line 3—3 of Fig.
1 looking in the direction of the arrows;
Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the holder and
bulbs, the enclosure being omitted; and
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary vertical section on the
45 line 5-5 of Fig. 3.
The ?xture shown herein is adapted to be
supported in a pendant position by a pipe, con
duit or other support H). The holder I I is.
threaded onto this pipe and supports the ?xture. _
50 The holder, as shown in the drawing, has a com
paratively small upper annular portion l2 and a
plurality of downwardly extending ribs or straps
I3 secured to an intermediate ?at portion I4.
This ?at portion is apertured as indicated at I5
55 in Fig. 2. The holder is provided with down
dicated at 23 and 24. The ?at portion ll of 10
the holder supports three lamp sockets 25 which
carry incandescent lamp bulbs indicated at 26.
The incandescent lamp sockets 25 are con
nected to wires 21 passing through an annular
wireway, as indicated at the right of Fig. 1.
These wires are held in place by narrow seg
ments 28 secured to the lower face of the holder
by screws 2_9. The ends of the segments are
spaced, as indicated at 30, Fig. 2, to facilitate the
wiring, and the ends of the segments are held in 20
place by the lamp sockets.
The upper portion of the current supply wires
for the incandescent lamps is indicated at 3|.
They pass down through a channel-shaped rib 32
and are held in place by a cover indicated at 33.,
The ends of this cover are bent, as shown in the‘
drawing, and the cover is held in place by- the
The vertical ribs l8 are made thick, as indi
cated at the left of Fig. 1, while the ribs l6 and 30
I‘! are thinner. These thick ribs provide in
wardly extending lugs 34 which are tapped to
receive screws 35.
These screws support a ba?le
plate 36. The outer edge of this ba?ie plate is
indicated at 31, and it will be apparent from 35
the drawing that the edge of the plate is spaced
from the walls of the holder so as to form chan
nels or vents for the escape of the heated air.
The straps iii are apertured, as indicated atv
40, to receive the upper ends of hook members
M. The lower ends of these hook members are
indicated at 42, and they are adjustably secured
in place by thumb screws indicated at 43. The
peripheral ?ange on the ba?le plate 36 is notched
to accommodate these screws.
The straps 4| form a convenient shade sup
port for securing any form of enclosing shade
about the bulbs. This shade may be merely an
all-metal re?ector of any desired shape, or may
be combined diffusing glass enclosing globe, as
indicated at 45 and metal re?ector indicated at
46. Whatever form of enclosure is employed, it
has a tendency to con?ne the heat generated by
the lamps and to make it necessary to ventilate ‘
the holder. The heated air will pass up through 56
the peripheral 'vents about the baiiie plate, and
owing to the large openings in the holder. this air
will readily escape to the outside atmosphere.
It will thus be apparent that there will be a
minimum heating of the sockets, wires and ter-v
facilitate the
e of heated air up betweui
the edge of the plate and the holder, the holder
being provided with large ventilation apertures
above the edge of the plate to facilitate escape
of heated air from the ?xture, and a lamp en
minals and of the upper part of the mercury - closing member supported from the holder.
vapor‘ lamp. The lamp can be kept cool enough
4. In a direct lighting ?xture, a holder having
to properly function.
. '
an upper small diameter portion and a lower large
It is obvious that the invention may be em
diameter .portion, both portions being provided
10 bodied in many forms and constructions within
with large ventilation openings to allow free ?ow 10
the scope of the claims, and I wish it to be under
"of air, a central downwardly opening'socket in
stood that the particular form shown is but one of the upper portion, a- plurality of downwardly
the many forms. Various modi?cations and
changes being possible, I do not otherwise limit
16 myself in any way with respect thereto.
What is claimed is:
opening sockets in the lower portion, a partition
wall supported below the sockets and apertured
for lamp bulbs carried in. the sockets, a mercury 15
, vapor lamp in the ?rst socket, incandescent lamps
l. A direct lighting ?xture comprising a cen
in the other sockets, the edge of the partition wall
tral downwardly opening lamp socket, a pendant \being spaced from the holder to provide peripheral
mercury vapor lamp carried therein, a plurality air vents.
of downwardly opening lamp sockets circumfer
5. In a lighting ?xture, a socket holder having
entially disposed below the central socket, in
upper, intermediate and lower annular portions
candescent lamps in the latter mentioned sockets, interconnected by spacing libs which provide lat
a common support for all the ‘sockets, said sup
erally opening ventilation openings, a central
port being in the form of a skeletonized holder socket secured to the upper portion, a plurality
to provide ventilation about the sockets, a lamp of sockets secured to the intermediate portion,
enclosing member carried by the holder and dis
an apertured plate secured to the lower portion
posed about the lamps to cause air heated there
with its edges spaced therefrom to provide pe
by to pass upwardly through the member and the ripheral air vents, and socket supported lamps
holder, and a baille plate mounted below the projecting through the apertures in the plate.
sockets and apertured to receive the upper por
tion of the lamps and having its edge spaced from
the holder to provide a peripheral ventilation
space whereby the heated air within the mem
ber is diverted from the upper end of the vapor
lamp and its supporting socket, andpasses out
through the holes of the skeletonized holder.
2. In a direct lighting ?xture, a downwardly
opening central socket, a plurality of downwardly
opening sockets spaced circumferentially outside
and below the central socket, an annular down
wardly opening socket holder to which all the
sockets are secured, the holder being skeletonized
to afford free escape of heated air and having a_
skirt about its lower edge, lamp'bulbs in the
sockets, a partition wall across the holder below
_ 6. A lighting ?xture such as claimed in claim 5. 30
wherein the intermediate portion of the holder is
?at and provided with ventilation apertures.
7. A lighting ?xture such as claimed in claim 5,
wherein the holder has an annular wire receiving
channel for the lower sockets and a cover for 35
said channel.
8. In a’pendant lighting ?xture, a holder hav
ing an annular shade receiving skirt, internally
disposed lugs spaced above the lower edge of the
skirt, an annular baffle plate ?tting the lugs and
spaced from the holder walls to a?ord' vents,
means to secure the bai?e plate in place, shade
supports carried by the holder, sockets above the
plate, and bulbs in the sockets projecting through
apertures in .the plate, the holder being skele,
the sockets and above the skirt, the wall being
tonized above the plate to prevent hot air accu
apertured to receive the upper portions of the
lamp bulbs and of smaller diameter than the
holder to facilitate escape of air upwardly be
tween the edge of the wall and the holders, and
a lamp enclosing member secured to the skirtof
mulating about the sockets.
the holder.
- 9. In a lighting ?xture, a downwardly opening‘
stepped, bell shaped holder having an upper small
diameter portion, a central socket carried there 60
by, an intermediate, ?at portion connected to the upper portion by ribs and provided with an an
3. In a direct lighting ?xture,-a pendant ‘mer
cury vapor lamp, a supporting socket, a socket
holder, a horizontal plate apertured to receive
the vapor lamp and disposed above the upper
electrode of the vapor lamp, a plurality of cir
nular wireway-forming groove, circumferentially
cumferentially disposed‘ lamp sockets carried by
mentioned wireway, wiring for the central socket,
and independent wiring disposed in said groom
and connected to the circumferentially disposed
the holder below the ?rst socket and above the
plate, incandescent lamps therein, the necks of
these lamps passing through apertures in the
plate, the peripheral edge of the plate being
spaced from the lower portion of the holder to ‘
disposed sockets carried by said intermediate por
tion, a sectional cover plate for the groove, one 56
of the ribs being grooved to form a wireway lead
ing to the ?rst groove, a cover plate for the last
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