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Feb. 1, 1938.
Filed March 5, 1956
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Feb. 1, 1938-
Filed March 5, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
@h 531%
Patented Feb. 1,1938
' '
John H. MacMillan, Jr., Minneapolis, Minn. ~
Application March 5, 1936, Serial No. 67,31; ‘v
1 Claim. (01. 229—_16)
This invention relates to new and useful im- ' means provided in the front wall of the pack
provements ‘in cigarette packages of the type
comprising a flap whereby it may readily be
age for exerting a slight pressure upon the con
tents. or cigarettes in the package, thereby to re
tain them in position therein, when the package ’
opened and closed each time a cigarette is re5 moved therefrom.
' An object of the present invention is to pro-
has been partially emptied; in the simple means
provided for retaining the flap in closed position;
vide an improved cigarette package, preferably
and in the simple and inexpensive construction
constructed of a suitable paper, and the walls of v
which are so arra ged and folded that when
of the package, as a whole, whereby it may be'
manufactured at small cost.
10 the package is closed, it is so strengthenedand
the following description - and accompanying
drawings and will be pointed out in the annexed
distorted or collapsing, even though subjected .to
considerable pressure.
Other objects of the invention will appear from 10
reinforced that the package may readily be carried in a pocket without danger of ' becoming
. .
A further object of the invention is to provide
disclosed a structure designed ‘to carry out the 15
a cigarette package constructed of ?exible material and having a ?ap for closing the open end
various objects of the invention, but it is to be
understood that the invention is not con?ned to
the exact features shown as various changes may
be made within the scope of the claim which fol
thereof, which flap is provided with inwardly
folded edges which, when the flap is‘ in closed po.,0 sition, strengthens the flap and also the upper
' a
In the accompanying drawings, there has been
end of the package.
In the drawings:
Afurther object is to provide a cigarette pack-
Figure _1 is a plan view of the blank from
age comprising a body portion composed of front,
back, and side walls, and the back and side walls
which the package or container is made; Figure 2 is a perspective view showing the
25 of the body extending beyond the top of the body,
and the extended side wall portions being adapted
to fold over the extended back'wall portion and
cooperating therewith to provide a flap which may
be folded over the mouth of the body and suitV30 ably secured to the front wall of the package
to thereby close the package.
A further object is .to provide an improved cigarette package provided with a ?ap for closing
the open end or mouth thereof, and which flap is
_ 35 so constructed that when the package is closed,
the body of the ‘package is greatly strengthened,
whereby it will withstand considerable pressure
without danger of collapsing or becoming distorted, and whereby the cigarettes contained
40 therein are not readily bruised or otherwise dam-
aged, while carried in said package.
_ Other objects of the invention reside in con-
structing a package or container from a single
blank of material so scored and shaped that, its
45 various sections may readily be folded to provide
a package having an open end, and a closure
for closing said open end; in the construction of
the walls of the package which constitute the
?ap, whereby bellows-like folds are provided at
50 the juncture between the body and the flap, when
the latter is folded over the top of the body and
against the‘ front wall thereof, thereby to
strengthen and stiffen the upper end of the package so that when closed,’ it is not likely to be55 come distorted when carried in a pocket; in the
blank folded to provide the completed package, 25
the flap being shown in open position;
Figure 3 is a perspective view showing the'flap
partially folded into closing position;
Figue 4 is a view showing the'package filled
with cigarettes and a pack of matches secured to 30
the front wall of the package;
Figure 5 is a perspective view showing the pack
age completely closed;
Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view through
the package, showing the matches concealed be- 35
tween the front walls‘ of the package and the
?ap, and also illustrating in dotted lines, the
means provided in the package for retaining
the cigarettes‘in position therein;
Figure '7 is a sectional plan view on the line 40
1-1 of Figure 6, showing the package partially
Figure 8 is a top view of the package;
Figure 9 is a detail sectional view on the line
9—9 of Figure 6, showing how the material is 45
folded upon itself at the lower corners of the
package, when the blank is folded to provide the
completed package; and
Figure 10 is a perspective view showing a pack
age provided with a snap button for securing the 50
?ap in closed position.
The novel cigarette package herein disclosed, is
shown formed from a single blank of material, ,
preferably shaped as shown in Figure. 1. This ,
blank comprises three main sections 2, 3, and 4, 55
9, 1 07,042
frequently happen when the package is carried
section 2 forming the front wall of the package,
section I the back wall, and section I the flap for
closing the mouth of the package. A section I
is defined by transverse score lines I-I, and
constitutes the bottom wall of the package, and
in a pocket or purse.
a section ‘I, defined by transverse score lines I-I,
provides the top wall of the package, when the
mouth thereof is closed.
To close the mouth of the package, the flap is
folded over the open end or top of the package,
into engagement with the front wall 2i. thereof,
as shown in Figures 5 and 6. A pack of matches
I1, is preferably secured to the front wall ll of
The blank is also shown provided with longi
tudinally extending score lines I—-I, which ex
tend from end to end of the blank and along
the package, and is concealed by the flap II, as '
best shown in Figure 6. One of the walls of the
package as, for example, the bottom wall I5, is
provided with a suitable match-scratching sur
face, indicated by the numeral 2|.
Means is provided for securing the flap in closed
position and preferably consists of a ?exible ele
and have diagonal score-lines I2 extending from ' ment II, shown having its terminals suitably se
the bottoms thereof to the points of intersection cured to the ends ‘of the ?ap, as best illustrated
between the score lines I and I. Diagonal score in Figure 2, whereby the element 2I may be
lines II are provided in the blank at the ends stretched over the lower end of the package,
of the section ‘I, for purposes subsequently to be when, the ?ap is in closed position, as shown in
Figures 5 and 6, thereby to retain the flap in such
To construct the package, the section 2 of the position.
Another important feature of the invention re
blank is folded over the section I, along the score
' lines‘I-'-I, and the marginal'sections II are then sides in the means provided for retaining the
.folded inwardly and suitably secured together by cigarettes in upright position within the package
25 gumming, to thereby form‘ the side walls of the or container, when the package has been partially
emptied. Such a means is shown in‘Flgures 2,
package, as will readily be understood by refer
ence to Figure 2. The diagonal score lines I2, 6, and 7, and may consist of inwardly bending a
at the bottom of the notches ‘I I, cause a portion portion 21 of'the front wall 2i of the package.
which the blank is bent to provide the corners of
the package. V-shaped notches II are prefer
ably provided in the opposite edges of the blank
To thus inwardly bend the portion 21, the sec
tion 2 of the blank is slitted as shown at 2I in
of ‘the material to be folded upon itself, as clear
30 ly illustrated in Figure 9, so that when the margi
nal edge portions II, which constitute the side
walls of the package, are suitably secured to
gether, the section I between the score lines I-I
will constitute the bottom wall II of the package.
An important feature of the present invention
Figure 1, whereby the portion 21 may readily be
bent inwardly to the dotted line position, shown
in Figure 7. When the package is filled, the
inwardly bent portion 2'I"is folded ?atly against
the front wall 2i of the package, as clearly il
lustrated in Figure 6.
Figure 10 illustrates a package of slightly modi
provided for closing the mouth of the package,
and‘ which also functions to reinforce and, ?ed cmstruction, wherein .a suitable snap button,
strengthen the package, when closed This clo ' generally indicated by the numerals 29 and II,
sure means will hereinafter be referred to as the is provided for retaining the ?ap I2 in closed 40
?ap. The ?ap, generally indicated by the numeral position. The ?ap, shown in Figure 10, is sub
stantially the same in construction as the one
II,iscomposed of'sectionl oftheblank,and por
tions of the marginal edge portions II, which shown in the'previous figures; with the exception
that the marginal edge at the end thereof, is bent '
represent the side wall portions 22 of the flap. inwardly,
as shown at II, to strengthen the wall 45
resides in the novel construction of the means
45 When the sections of the blank are folded into
so that thepart 28 of the snap button may be suit
that the flap II, which, in this iigure,.i's shown
The novel cigarette package , herein disclosed,
has been designed on an engineering basis, where
open, is alined with the back wall II of the a
age (section I of the blank). The front wall ll
’ 'of the package is formed-by section 2, and-the
bottom wall II, by section I. It will also be'noted'
that the side wall portions 22 of the flap are," in
reality, extensions of the side walls‘ N. of the,
package body,~which latter nae walls are also
composed of portions of the marginal edge portions
II of the blank. When the‘ flap is open, the side
walls 22 and 21 of the?apand package body,
ably secured thereto.
by the walls thereof provide the utmo'stin strength
and rigidity when. the package is closed, and'
whereby it may be conveniently carried in the 3
pocket ‘without, danger of becoming distorted or ‘
Ordinary cigarette packages, when ‘
carried in‘ the pocket, quickly become distorted
and press out of shape to the extent that the
cigarettes‘ therein often become mutilated which,
respectively, are aiined, and the wall portions 22 - obviously is undesirable. _, _.
may assume the positions shown in Figure 2.
If desired, the corners 2| of the side walls 22 may
be folded into contact with the wall of the flap II
vand be secured thereto.
When the ?ap II is closed, its side walls 22 are
In the unique carton herein disclosed, the por
tions of the blank which constitute the flap are
scored in such a manner that when the sidewall
portions 22 of the flap are folded inwardly, as
shown in Figure'3, the/portions thereof adjacent
to the mouth of the package, will fold upon them-,
folded inwardly against the ?ap, as shown in selves to provide the bellows-like folds 24, which
Figure 3, wherebybellows-like folds 24 are pro
folds, as hereinbefolestated, cooperate with the
vided between‘ the side wall portions 22 and 23, "?ap II to so strengthen" and'stiifen the upper end
caused by the diagonal score lines II. These of the container that ‘the package will withstand
bellows-like folds cooperate with the ‘inwardly
considerable pressure without danger of becom
bent side wall portions 22 of the flap to strengthen
ing distorted or collapsing,1and whereby the cig
the upper or top end of the package or container,
arettes in the package will'be protected against
when the ?ap is fo1ded~into closing relation, as
shown in Figures 5. and 6, whereby the package
have been removed therefrom.
cannot readily be distorted or collapsed, when an Y
75 ‘abnormal pressure is applied thereto, which may
damage until all of the cigarettes of the package
' .
_ The construction of the package presents the
utmost in simplicity, whereby it may be manu
faotured at very small cost, so that the package
may be used in lieu of the usual form of package
now commonly used, without materially increas
ing the selling cost of the cigarettes.
I claim as my invention:
A blank for use in forming a cigarette package
comprising a substantially rectangular member
of ?brous material, said blank having substantial
ly straight side edges and end edges arranged at
right angles‘ thereto, longitudinally disposed score
10 lines arranged inwardly of and parallel to the
side edges of the blank to permit the marginal
side edges to be folded to form side walls of the
package, transverse score lines dividing the blank
into a front wall portion, a bottom wall portion,
a back wall portion, a top wall portion and a 5
closure ?ap in the order named, and diagonal
score lines on said marginal side edge-portions
to facilitate forming the bottom wall and top wall
of the package.
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