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‘Feb. 1, 1938.:
(_;_ HEYMER_ ’
> ‘ 2,107,116
Filed May 21,’ 1935
In van for :
I‘ By
‘ I
Patented Feb. 1, 1938
' ‘2,101,116:
uouncoma mm'
:Gerd Heymer, Wolfen, m Bitterield, Ger
to Ms Ansco Corporation,
many, ascignor
Binghalnton, N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application May 21, 1935, Serial No. 2!,843
hjn'rchlL 1931
v ' In Germany
dclaim. (01. 95-815) ,_
My present invention relates to‘ a multi-color
?lter and more particularly a multi-color ?lter
by way of example, a mask ogf the kind above
described ?tted on the middle portion of the
capable of being ,obturated concentrically.v It ?lter and having an outline oi a determined
is a continuation in part of my co-pending ap
When. the diaphragm of the objective (diam- 5
5 plication Ser. No. 597,601, ?led March 8, 1932.
One of its objects is to provide a mask allow ' eter DiDi) is fully open, the eifective blue area
of the ?lter consists of the vzones in and b2, the
ing the concentrical obturation. Further ob
green area consists of the zones 01, as,
jects will beseen from the speci?cation follow‘
as, and g4 and the effective red area consists of
ing hereafter. Reference is made to the accom
the zones n and ra.
' - 1o panying drawing in which
When the objective has been obturated to the
Figs. 1 and 4 represent a three-color ?lter ‘pro
vided with a mask allowing concentrically ob
The blue area consists of the zone in,
‘The green area consists of the zones 02 and 0:.
Fig. 2 represents the same arrangement as
The red areaconsists of the zone T2.
Fig. 1; but the mask having a shape that in spite
The following equation must therefore be sat 16.
15 of the obturation the optical centre of gravity
remains in the centre of the red and blue strips;
Fig. 3 shows a multi-coior ?lter in ‘which note
worthy di?erences in the proportion of the areas
curves can be determined mathematically
so 02 each color occur‘only when the ?lter is ob .crThe
empirically. when proceeding according to
turated so that a three-color ?lter remains which
bears a mask of the shape shown in Fig. 1, and the empirical method, the-outline of the multi
Fig. 4 shows a three-color ?lter with a blue, cclor ?lter, for instance, of a three-color ?lter
a green and a red strip provided with a mask is drawn on a paper ruled in millimeters. To
25 before the green ?lter strip of which the curves the circular outline of the ?lter there are drawn 26
concentric circles. Then. the area of the middle
uniting the cut-outs have been determined math
' ?lter strip between two adjacent concentric cir
cles is subdivided symmetrically to the middle
line of the middle ?lter strip so‘ that the ratio
of the sum of the partial areas oi the middle ?l 30
30 allel areas of different colors, in the form of par
ter strips and the partial areas of the lateral ?l
ter strips remains the same. ByI/uniting the cor
allel strips. In this case the customary con
centric reduction of the diaphragm aperture by responding points of the partial/areas of the mid
means of circular or iris diaphragms cannot be dle ?lter strip there are formed two curves which
give the outline of the mask which is to be‘ placed 35
applied, because as the step is increased the rel
atlve proportion of the areas of the color strips on the middle ?lter strip so that in concentric
would be altered more and more in favor of the stopping the ratio of the di?erent vcolors remains
In taking moving pictures in natural colors ac
cording to the known Berthon process a multi
color-?lter is used which consists'of several par
. middle color strip, and it would therefore be im
possible to obtain a picture in true colors.v
‘always the same.
If in Fig: 4 a designates half of the breadth '
The present invention provides a parallel band of the middle ?lter strip, 1'. designates the dis 40
0 multi-color ?lter which is capable oi being ob
tance of a point of the‘ curve from the center
turated cdncentrically, without leading to the . at the filter, or designates the angle between the
production of colors which are not'the true col
‘middle line of the green ?lter "strip and 'r, and
ors. For this purpose there is ?tted either in it the. angle between a point where one ofthe
,.,= front of or on the ?lter a mask having a form
concentric circles to the outline of'the ?lter cuts
such that the relative proportion oi the e?ec
tive color areas on the ?lter will not be altered the border-oi the green ?lter area and the per
by concentric stopping, whatever-‘be the size of “pendicular to this border line through the'cen- .
_ 4
the stop.
ter of vthe ?lter the following may be7derived
The increase of green between two concentric
circles amounts to 44» dr,
7 .
Theincrease of red or blue to 214' dr
The increase of red and blue to 4% dr.
per and the lower ends a cut-out of which the '
limiting curve is determined by the equationc._»
Inasmuchastheratio betweengreenonthe
one hand, and bhie or red or the sum 01' red and
blue on the other hand shall be ‘constant and
designated with k the following equation is ap
k designating the ratio between the green and
the sum or the red and blue ?lter areas,
a designating half or the breadth of the mid
dle 111m- strip,
r designating the distance of a point of the
curve from the center 01' the ?lter,
p vdesignating the angle between the middle
line of a green ?lter strip and r, and
1p designating the angle between a point where go
one of the concentric circles of the outline of the
a .
I Col-E
What I claim is:
?lter cuts the border of the green ?lter area and
A striped three-color ?lter for use with lentic
g5 ular ?lms of which the middle ?lter strip is pro
vided with a removable m'ask havingoat the up
the perpendicular to this border line through the center of the ?lter.
01mm m
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