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Feb. 1, 193s.
Filed March l5, 1937
9%". s
Patented Feb. 1, 1938
Theodore E. Gilliland, Washington, D‘. C.
Application March 15, '1937, Serial No. 131,037
5 Claims. (Cl. 22h-60)
Figure 6 is a longitudinal sectional view of a
modified form of the invention.
Figure 7 is a side elevation of the form of the
invention shown in Figure 6.
Figure 8 is a plan view of the modified form of
use in combination with collapsible tubes the pur
poses of the invention are equally attainable `the invention with the cap swung open.
Except for a small portion of the eccentric
with various other types of containers.
hinge ear the hinging mechanism is concealed
An object of the present invention is to pro
vide a cap which may be threaded on to the in the closed position of both forms of the in
10 neck of the container, retaining the advantages
Referring now to the drawing in which like
of the screw thread and which also may be \
hinged and swung laterally of the neck to permit characters of reference designate similar parts in
the contents to be dispensed without completely the various views, I0 designates a collapsible tube
having a threaded neck I I to receive an interiorly
releasing the cap so that the cap will not become
threaded cap I2. The bottom of the thread in 15
» lost.
A further object is to provide a screw threaded the cap is grooved as shown at I3 to receive the
hinged cap having an eccentric hinge member circumferentially extending end of a tapered
adapted to enter a slot in the neck of the tube hinge pin I4.
'I'he hinge pin I4 is provided with a radially
when the cap is swung on its hinge and hold the
disposed portion I5 adapted to fit in a slot I6
N, C
in the end of the neck and the pin is also pro
dispensing operation.
vided with a downwardly bent anchoring end
A further object is to provide means for assist
il that is snugly ñtted in an opening I8 that eX
ing in the threading of the cap on to the neck
when closing, making it unnecessary to ascertain tends longitudinally of the tube neck.
As best shown in Figure 5, the cap is provided
IC CI the proper threading position.
A further object is to provide a device o_f this with a hinge ear IS‘having an eccentrically dis
character which will be formed of a few strong posed tapered opening 20 to receive the circum
simple durable and easily assembled parts, which ferentially and tapered extending end I4’ of the
will be inexpensive to manufacture, and which hinge pin when the cap is unscrewed fromv the
neck. The threads at the bottom of the cap and 30
will not easily get out of order.
With the above and other objects in View the top of the neck are terminated so that the cap
invention consists of certain novel details of is released for hinging at the same time the
hinge eye and hinge pin are completely engaged
construction and combinations of parts herein
and not before. A recess 2| is formed in the
after fully described and claimed, it being un
neck II underneath the circumferentially ex
im derstood that various modifications may be re
sorted to within the scope of the appended claims tending portion I4 of the hinge pin so that the
without departing from the spirit or sacriñcing moment the hinge is rocked upon the hinge
pin the eccentrically disposed hinge ear I9 will
any of the advantages of the invention.
In the accompanying drawing forming part of enter the recess and, as best shown in Figure 4,
This invention relates to closures and more
particularly to caps for sealing collapsible tubes
such as toothpaste, toothpowder and other ma
terial. Although illustrated more speciñcally for
this specification,
will engage the walls of the recess so that the cap
Figure l is a longitudinal sectional View of a
tube cap constructed in accordance with one form
cannot escape from the hinge pin, the ear bear
ing against the walls of the recess with suiìicient
friction to hold the cap in the open position
shown in Figure 2 when the cap is rocked to full
of the invention, in applied position.
Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1 but show
-15 ing the cap open.
Figure 3 is a detail perspective View of the
tube neck showing the tapered hinge pin and
the slot underneath to receive the eccentric hinge
eye of the cap.
Figure 4 is a plan view of the tube and cap
shown in Figure 2.
Figure 5 is a longitudinal sectional view
through the tube neck and cap and showing
the cap screwed to the hinging position and
about to be rocked to open position.
open position and permits the contents of the 45
tube to be dispensed, without the cap falling into
the way, even if the tube be inverted.
After each dispensing operation the cap may
be manually rocked back on its hinge pin, and
when the cap becomes aligned with the neck
the cap may be then screwed tight upon the neck
without the necessity for iinding the proper
threading position since the threading align
ment has been maintained by the pin and hinge
eye. Groove I3 in the bottom of the thread of 55
the cap receives the hinge pin I4 during such
advance of the cap to closedV position. Arrow
on top of cap shows direction of hinge.
The pin and hole are tapered at the same
5 lslope as the Vthread to allow-the pin to pass into
a hinge ear on the edge of the cap receiving
the pin to permit the cap to be swung laterally
of the neck when the Vcap is unscrewed to th
hinging position.
2. A collapsible tube or other container hav
_the hole and provide a snug fit during the hing
Yfing operation and to allow for the upward move
ment of the cap as it is turned, as well as to make
ing an exteriorly threaded neck, an interiorly
it possible to hinge the cap about a horizontal
Inrthe modified form o-f the invention shown
cumferentially extending tapered pin on the tube
neck traveling in said 'groovewhen the cap is
screwed on to the neck or screwed to the hing
in Figures 6 to 8 inclusive the pitch of the thread
22 in the neck 23 is increased so that suiiiciently
wide spaces 24 exist between the threads to re
ing position, a hinge ear on the edge of the cap
having an eccentric tapered opening adapted to
receive said pin when the cap is unscrewed, and
threaded cap engaged on said neck, the bottom
ofthe thread in the cap being grooved, a cir
ceive the tapered pin 25 carried by thecap 26 Y means on the neck adjacent to the pin receiv
and thus the groove I3 in the previously described
form of the invention may be eliminated.
In Figures 6, 7 and 8 the projection 30 which
carries the hinge eye opening 29 is attached to
the neck of the container while the pin is at
tached to the cap. As the cap is turned on the
neck the pin passes in the clearance rspace pro
vided between threads of the neck while the hinge
eye> projection passes in the clearance space pro
25 vided between the threads of the cap. Since
the pin 25 and the opening in the hinge eye 2g
are both tapered at the same slope as the thread
22 the pin will pass into the opening in the ex
treme position and allow the cap to be swung
30 back away from the neck. The pin will íit snug
ly into the opening and the cap may be swung
about the pin as a horizontal axis for a full 180
degrees to allow for dispensing.
The recess 2l is formed in the neck sorthat
the moment the cap is rocked upon the hinge
the eccentrically disposed cam projection 28 or
ear on the cap will enter the recess and will
' bear against the walls of the recess with sufli
cient friction to hold the cap in the open posi
The threads at the bottom of the capV and
the top of the neck are terminated so that the
cap is released for hinging at the same time thel
hinge opening and hinge pin are completely en
gaged and not before. The threads on the side
of the neck may be cut away -to allow the cap
to be swung through the full 180 degrees to be
to tion.
ing the eccentric hinge ear when the cap is rocked
on thepin and holding the cap in rocked open
position attached to the neck.
3. A collapsible tube or other container’hav
ing an exteriorly threaded neck, a cap threaded
on to the neck, a hinge pin carried by the neck,
an eccentric hinge ear on theedge of the‘ cap
engageable with the hinge pin when the cap is
unscrewed, and a recess in the neck underneath
the pin having walls adapted tov receive the ec- ~
centric hinge ear and form stops to hold theY
cap stationary when swung to open position lat
erally ofthe neck.
4. A collapsible tube having a neck provided
with threads of specific pitch, _a cap threadedly 30
engaged on the neck, a hinge pin carried bythe
cap received in the spaces between said threads>
when the cap is screwed on or off,'a projection
extending from the neck, a hinge eye' supported
by said projection, said projection and said hinge' 35
eye being received in spaces between threads of
the cap, said hinge pin ofthe cap engaging said
hinge eye of the neck when the cap is unscrewed
to hinging position andfpermitting theV cap to»
be swung laterally of the neck, and a cam-pro
jection at the edge of the cap engageable in >a
recess at the edge of said »neck Yto hold said cap
stationary when _swung laterally of said neck.
~5. A collapsible tube or other container hav`-Ãl
ing an exteriorly threaded neck and an interior)
ly Vthreaded cap engaging said neck, the »one be
out- of'the way'. during the dispensing operation. ing provided with'a hinge pin and the other with
From the above description it is thought that ' a hingeear remotelydisposed from the pin when y
the construction and operation of the invention the cap is screwed down onthe neck, theV pin v
will be fully understood without further-explana
and ear being relatively movable with onejinthe path of movement of the other when the cap
' What is claimed is: Y
is unscrewed from the neck, the ear being pro
1. A collapsible tube or other container hav
vided with an opening entered by the pin atthe
ing a neck, a cap screw threadedly engaged with time that the capis released from »the neck >to
the tube, a hinge pin extending circumferential
provide a hinge connection between the cap and
1y of'the edge of the neck and traveling inthe neck and >permit the former being swung lat
thread of the cap when the cap is screwed on to
the neck or screwed to the hingingr position, and
erally away from the latter.V
ì '
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