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Feb. 8, 1938.
‘Filed May 18, 1936
Patented Feb. 8,1938
Josef Edenburg‘, Vienna, Austria
Application May 18, 1936, Serial No. 80,232 -
3 Claims.
This invention relates to a friction wheel pock
et lighter in which a pressure lever forming one
of the side walls of the lighter casing and hinged
ly connected thereto serves for moving the fric
7-1 tion wheel carrier and the closing cap connected
permanently in its engaging position by means
of a pull spring l8. One end of the pull spring
i8 is hooked on a transverse bolt IQ of the pres
sure lever II and preferably forms at the same
time the return spring for the friction wheel car
rier. The other end of the spring. I8 is connected
The invention consists in that the pressure lever with the‘ friction wheel carrier by a connecting
is oscillatably mounted in a bearing open towards. member 20 pivoted on the bolt 9. The friction
the outer side andv held in position against the ' wheel carrier l is ‘positively coupled with the
bearing by a pull spring, which at the same time closing cap 4 bymeans of the bolts 8, 9.
(Cl. 67-71)
can form the return spring for the friction wheel
The operation of the pocket lighter is known.
By exerting pressure on the lever ii. the carrier
l is oscillated, the closing cap‘ 4 opened and the
By this arrangement the internal mechanism of
the lighter is easily accessible because the pres- ' friction wheel 8 actuated by the spring 1. Sparks
' sure lever can be lifited out of the bearing and
easily removed from the lighter.
are thus produced by the cerium 2i and light the "
by wayof example in the accompanying drawing
wick 22, When the pressure lever H is released,v
the friction wheel carrier I‘ and the closure 4
jump back 'into their initial positions under the
actionof the pull spring l8.
An embodiment of the invention is illustrated
which :‘-_-
Fig. 1 shows the lighter in longitudinal section
on line I—I of Fig. 2.
1. A friction wheel pocket lighter, comprising '
Fig. 2 is a vertical section on line 11-11 of Fig. 1. in combination a casing, a friction wheel carrier
The internal arrangement of the lighter is in said casing, a closing cap connected with said
known. The friction wheel carrier i is lengthened ' friction wheel carrier, a bearing formed in said
by hubs 2, 3 to about the internal width of the casing and open towards the outer side thereof,
closing 'cap 4 and rotatably mounted on a bolt a pressure lever oscillatably mounted in said hear
5. This bolt 5 is fixed in the lighter casing and ing and forming one of the side walls of said cas
forms the pivot axle- for the. closing cap 4. The ing, a spring continually pulling said lever to
friction wheel 6 is loosely rotatable on the hub 3 wards said bearing and holding it therein, and
means connecting said lever with‘ said carrier
30 and surrounds the friction wheel carrier I. A
spring 1 of the friction wheel carrier l presses adapted to transmit the movement of said lever
against the friction wheel 8; Two bolts] and 9 to said carrier and to said closing cap.
2. A friction wheel pocket lighter as speci?ed
are fixed on one side face of the carrier I. ‘A
link I0 is mounted on the‘bolt. 8 and'hingedly in claim 1, in which the spring holding the pres
sure lever in the open bearing is connected with
3 connected with a pressure lever I i by means of
a transverse bolt i2. The pressure lever ll forms the friction wheel carrier so as to form at the
part of the side wall of the casing, and/its lower I same time the return spring for the friction wheel
end is, according to the invention, oscillatably
mounted in a bearing open towards the .exterior.
40 The open bearing in the example illustrated con
sists of a sheet metal strip II which may form
f an extension of the casing wall l4 and has an out
3. A friction wheel pocket lighter as speci?ed‘
in claim 1, in which the open bearing comprises
an inwardly bent extension of the bottom wall of
the casing, a flap bent outward from this exten
wardly bent fia'p II which, in conjunction with
the bent part II’ of the flap It forms a kind of
slon forming with said extension 2. kind'ofbear- ‘
bearing cup it. The lower shortened wall ll of
the pressure lever Ii loosely engages in this bear
ing cup with a certain clearance and is held
wall of the pressure lever.
ing cup adapted to oscillatably receive the lower
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