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Feb. s, 1938.
Filed Aug. 27, 1957
Jay/v 545M010
BY wag-446V
Patented Feb. 8, 1938
John 0. Bishop, Savannah, N. Y.
Application August 2'7, 1937, Serial No. 161,202
1 Claim.
My invention relates to improvements in trou
' ser clips or clasps.
Workers in some classes of work frequently
are forced to roll up their trouser cu?s or legs
' above their shoe tops and while the trousers will
maintain this condition while new and relatively
stiff they will as they wear and the material
becomes softer have a very annoying tendency
to unroll particularly if the work is strenuous.
Also sportsmen have the same need in some cases
as where the trousers are rolled for wading or
for wearing wading boots.
It is the main object of my invention to pro
vide a clip or clasp which may be readily slipped
over the rolled edges or ends of the trouser legs
and which will then positively prevent their un
rolling until the clip is removed by hand.
Another object is to provide a clip for this
purpose in simple, inexpensive and practical form
and which is formed up from a single strip of
spring, sheet metal bent medially to a U-shaped
form including converging legs or arms adapted
to engage the trouser leg above its rolled lower
end and a relatively wide throat or bight to re
25 ceive the rolled edge and prevent the same from
unrolling. In this connection it is evident that
the rolled edges of the trousers will be relatively
thick due to the number of folds therein and
it is therefore necessary that the clip have a
30 Wide throat to receive the folds and yet permit
the ends of the clip to grip the garment tightly
above the folds as will be understood.
A further object is to provide a clip of this
kind in which the arms are formed with one
35 straight from end to end and adapted to ?t
within the trouser leg and the other arm bulged
outward near the bight to accommodate the roll
of the trousers and then turned back inward to
contact the ?rst arm and obtain a grip on the
40 trousers above the roll, the latter or outer arm
having its extremity turned back on itself to
provide a ?nger loop for convenience in handling
the clip and with its extremity pointed and passed
inward through a hole in the arm to engage or
“prick” the trouser above the roll and positively
hold the clip in place.
With these and other objects in View the in
vention resides in the novel construction and
arrangement of parts as hereinafter fully set
forth and claimed, reference being had to the
accompanying drawing as showing a preferred
embodiment of my invention for purposes of ex
In the drawing:
(Cl. 24-85)
Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my clip
in use.
Figure 2 is a perspective view of my clip alone.
Figure 3 is a fragmental section through the
rolled lower edge of a trouser leg showing my 5
clip applied thereto.
Figure 4 is a perspective View of the blank or
strip from which my clip is formed.
In carrying out my invention I provide a clip
or clasp shown generally at 5 and form the same 10
up from a single length of strip spring material
such as brass or steel. This strip shown at 6 in
Figure 4 is bent medially back on itself to pro
vide ?ngers, arms or legs ‘I and 8 joined by a
bight 9 and these arms are tensioned to nor- 15
mally spring together by their inherent resiliency.
One arm as l, and hereinafter termed the inner
arm, extends straight from the bight outward
to its free extremity while the other arm 8, here
inafter termed the outer arm, is curved or bulged 20
?rst outwardly from the bight 9 as at Ill form
ing the relatively wide throat or cleft II and
then is bent back inwardly as at i2 and extended
substantially parallel to and in contact with
the arm 1 for some distance.
The end of this outer arm 8 is then turned
back on itself in the form of a loop or eye l3
outwardly disposed and the extremity I4 is point
ed and passes back through an aperture [5 in
the arm into the interior or mouth I6 of the clip, 30
the loop l3 being tensioned to cause the point M
to normally project through the inner side of the
arm 8 a short distance. A ?aring opening I‘! is
thus provided into the end of the clip as shown
and the extremity of the inner leg 1 is turned or 35
?ared away from the leg 8 a short distance as
shown at l8 for this purpose.
In Figures 1 and 3 the lower extremity of a
trousers leg is shown at A and it has been rolled
back on itself, or rolled up, so as to substantially 40
clear the shoe -B, the roll C thus formed of course
consisting of a number of folds D and being made
relatively thick thereby. To use my clip the same
is simply slipped up over the roll C using the
loop l3 as a ?nger hold to pull the clip apart and 45
the arms 7 and 8 will spread apart to clear and
the throat or cleft II will receive this roll. The
ends of the arms then springing back together
will grip the leg A above the roll and the point
[4 of the loop I3 will engage the trousers and 50
absolutely prevent the clip from being disen
gaged. The roll C will then be held in place as
desired. The clip is suitable for use on either
light summer trousers or very heavy winter trou
sers which vary greatly in thickness of material. 55
When con?ned within the throat I! of the clip
the folds D of the roll C cannot possibly unroll
and the trousers are held positively in the de
sired condition until the clip is removed by hand.
This is readily done by slipping a ?nger through
the loop l3 and pulling the point M from the
trousers after which the clip may he slipped o?.
However without ?rst pulling the point l4 free,
the clip cannot possibly slip downward since the
point I4 inclines downwardly or in the direction
of the pull as shown. When not in use the clip
While I have herein set forth a certain pre
ferred embodiment of my invention it is under
stood that I may vary from the same in minor
structural details so as best to provide a prac
tical device for the purposes intended, not de
parting from the spirit of the invention and
within the scope of the appended claim.
I claim:
In a trouser clip for holding a trouser leg when
same is rolled at its lower end, a spring clip com
may be carried in the pocket, the point 14 being
prising a pair of normally converging arms joined
by a bight and adapted to be slipped up over
protected by the inner leg ‘I.
the rolled end of the trousers, the inner arm
The straight inner arm ‘l of the clip is placed
16 inside the trousers where it will lie ?at against
the inner surface thereof so as not to interfere
with or injuriously contact the wearer’s leg while
the curved outer arm 8 is placed outside so that
its outward curve or bulge [0 will accommodate
20 the bulge of the roll C which is of course formed
outside the trouser leg as clearly shown in Figure
3. This arrangement allows the arms ‘I and B
to spring together at their upper ends and en
gage the trouser leg above the roll on both its
26 inner and outer sides.
being straight from end to end, and the outer 15
arm being curved outwardly adjacent the bight
to accommodate the rolled trousers and then
turned back inwardly to grip the trousers above
the roll, the end of the outer arm being turned
back on itself to form an outwardly disposed 20
?nger loop and the arm having an aperture be~
low the said loop, and the extremity of the loop
being pointed and projected through the aper
ture to engage the trousers.
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