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Feb. 8, 1938.
Filed Dec. 50, 1955
Patented Feb. 8, 1938
James Vaghelatos, Toledo, Ohio
Application December 30, 1935, Serial No. 56,615
4 Claims. (Cl. 132—36)
This invention relates to control, especially in uniform heating for the hair region throughout
heat treatment for hair, together with features the holder extent.
In the carrying out of this invention, clip 14 is
of treating apparatus and assembly.
This invention hasutility for readily disclosing a supplemental assembly means e?'ective not only
'5 treatment progress together with features of to position the heater 8 but the wraps 5, 6, 1,
treating apparatus.
Referring to the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary view of features of the
invention as incorporated in hair waving appa
to the holder 3‘. As so located, in the practice
hereunder, the proximity between the heat con
ductor foil 6 and the paper 7 is effective as an
Heat, taken on for the treatment, is 10
Fig. 2 is a view of a porous wrapper, as of fabric,
readily transmitted through the conductor foil
which may be impregnated for direct contact
and the fabric 5. This fabric 5 may be impreg
nated to give off say vapors or moisture tending
to check the heat and stay steam. or act on the
hair for a period. With the several heaters about
with the hair;
Fig. 3 is a view of a heat conductor control
15 sheet protective foil for promoting heat conduc
Fig. 4 is a view of a sheet, say of paper, which
desirably contacts the foil and may, to more or
less extent, contact or envelop the foil;
Fig. 5 is a distributed view of portions for the
assembly in heat treatment of hair including the
Fig. 6 is a distributed view of the sheets wherein
the foil is outermost instead of intermediate as in
25 Fig. 5;
Fig. '7 is a view similar to Fig. 6, in which the
foil is paper-enclosed;
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary view, in cross section, of
the assembled structure in working position; and
whether or not independent, in a snug position as
Fig. 9 is a perspective view of an embodiment
of the paper as a slip or shield from which the
heater is readily removed.
Head of hair I, of the person desiring the heat
treatment, has locks 2 of such hair wound on
35 stem 3 of his holder device 4. There is, accord
ingly, produced a cylindrical region of the lock
of hair to be subjected to the heat treatment.
This wrapped hair 2 may be embraced by im
pregnated fabric wrapper 5. This fabric wrapper
5 may have metallic foil 6 in. sheet form directly
in contact therewith.
This foil 6 may be shielded by paper 1 into an
assembly leaving an open Way or clearance lon
gitudinally of and laterally along the holder 3
45 through which the parallel spiral wraps of hair 2
extend. The temperature control for heat treat
ment may be from source as heater 8 having con
ductor lines 9 thereto from ?tting I0 which may
engage severable connection H to heating source
50 sup-ply electric lines l2, [3.
These combined ?t
tings and connections I0, I I, are ready means for
independent control of the several heaters 8 as
usually grouped in caring for the locks of hair of
an individual undergoing attention of the oper
55 ator. The foil 6, as a heat conductor, promotes
the scalp of the one being treated, the extent
and rapidity of the actions of the separate heaters
may vary.
Under the practice for carrying-out the inven
tion herein, there is possible de?nite local check
of each heater, due to the cooperation with the
paper 1 as a visible indicator responsive to char,
discoloring or smoking beyond the steaming stage.
As the indicated stage for change in the control
is reached, the heater 8 may not only be discon
nected as to the connection H from the ?tting I0,
but there may be avoided tendency of holding the
heat therein beyond the desired point at the hold
er, for immediately there may be withdrawal of
the heater from the clip l4, while the clip may be 5
still retained in position to hold the wrappings 5,
6, 1, in continuing the progress of the treatment
for the desired interval or stage.
Accordingly, it is purposed hereunder that the
wrap or paper 1 whether or not attached or as
sembled be exposed to disclose the progress of
the treatment. This location of the paper ‘I as
an indicator may be outside the foil (Fig. 5).
Furthermore, if it be deemed from practice there
is desirable indication therefrom, the paper ‘I may
be interposed between the impregnated sheet 5
and the foil 6 (Fig. 6). Additionally, there may
be occasion to have the foil 6 enveloped by paper
I 5 as a V-fold separating the foil 6 from the fab
ric 5 as well as from the heater 8‘. In practice,
for the convenient placement and removal of the
heater 8, its response to the degree of progress
may be direct, even with shield l6 as a slip into
which the heater 8 may be inserted. Indication
of the extent of the heating action is disclosed at
exposed portions of paper strip (Fig. 1). The
heater is readily inserted. It may thereafter be
as readily withdrawn and leave the treatment to
continue its progress without disturbance, al
though the heat factor therefrom is removed.
This is of importance not only for safety of the
,operator and the one undergoing the treatment as
against burning or ?ame, but is an indicator
measure for readily disclosing the progress of the
treatment. If the treatment is to be checked, say
at the ?rst stain in discoloringithe paper, or‘ at
char or smoking, these may be regulated for each
of the :different wraps or looks of hair. This
may be;nicely effected under the features of con;
trol herein disclosed.
What is claimed and it is desired to secure by
Letters Patent is:
1. In hair heating treatment and control, a
holder for hair, said holder being of general cy
15 lindrical form-.and having along its cylindrical
portion a hairweceiving way for parallel spiral
wraps, of hair extending therealong laterally
therefrom for, determining a position ‘for the
holder’ approximately parallel to the head hav
ing. the hair being treated, treating means adapt
ed to be located on the hair at the holder pro
viding a region for heating, a radially set heater,
and assembly means for'the heater relatively to
the holder and having clearance therealong for
said hair-receiving way providing ready release
for the heater independently of~v disturbing the
spective holders, independent 1treating means pro
viding a Wrapping for hair in the holders, said
Wrapping including treatment progress disclosing
means for the Wrapped hair exposed along the
heater throughout the laterally open lengths
thereof, and selective means for readily isolating
the independent heaters in providing a lateral way
openialong the heaters for the full length extent
of the treating means.
3. In haireheating treatment and control, a 10
holder device for'spiral wraps of hair, a treat
ing device adapted to be located on the hair at the
holder, and a radially set heating device laterally
along the outer side of the wrapped hair placeable
in assembly position independent of axial shiiting 15
of the treating device, one of said devices includ
ing foil and an indicator envelop lengthwise along
and adjacent the exposed heating” device and
holder and adapted to disclose treatment progress
for the longitudinal extent of the heating device. -20
4. In hair treatment, holding means including
a wrapper for a cylindrical length" of ' spirally
Wrapped hair thereon, and a heater lengthwise,
radially setfexteriorly therealong, and leaving ap
lindrical holders having laterally-open portion
proximately less than one-half the adjacent 25
wrapper also exposed while the heater is in?hair
treating position with the holding mje'ans, thereby
providing a treatment-disclosing indicator section
in the wrapper longitudinally for the full length‘
only for parallel spiral Wraps of hair thereon to be
extent of and alongithe holding means.
located treating means.
2. In hair heating treatment and control, cy
treated, a plurality of radialiy set independent
heaters for the wrapped hair extending to the re
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