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Feb. 8, 1938.
Filed Aug. 19, 1935
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Patented Feb. 8, 1938
2,107,587 l
Ewen Ross Smith, London, England, assigner to
`Papercrete Limited, London, England
Application August 19, 1935, Serial No. 36,925
In Great Britain August 20, 1934
3 Claims.
This invention relates to the forming of paper
boards or plates of relatively considerable thick
ness and has for its object to devise a simple
and efñcient method and apparatus by which
5 such boards may be readily and cheaply made
of any desired thickness.
The invention consists in a method of forming
paper board from paper pulp which comprises
suckingr a layer of pulp from stuff water on to a
10 sieve and couching the formed layer on to a flex
ible body by which such layer is also removed
from the sieve to permit of the formation of a
further layer thereon.
The invention also consists in apparatus for
15 forming paper board by the method according
to the preceding paragraph comprising a platen
having thereon a sieve spaced apart from the
platen so that a layer of pulp may be deposited
thereon by suction and a second platen having
20 a surface formed by a ñexible body and controlled
by hydraulic ram and cylinder or otherwise, so
that the fiexible body may be moved into contact
with the formed layer on the sieve to couch the
same and remove it from the sieve preparatory
25 to the formation of a further layer thereon.
Further features of the invention will be ap
_ parent from the description given hereafter.
The accompanying drawing illustrates in sec
tional elevation one convenient form of apparaus
30 in accordance with the invention.
In carrying my invention into effect in one con
venient manner, I may form my improved ap
paratus With any suitable bedplate a founda~
tion or supporting framework, upon pillars b or
85 slides forming part of which I mount upper and
lower platens, either or both of which may be
movable for the purpose of causing the same to
approach or recede from one another as may be
necessary during the operation of forming paper
In the particular construction shown, the upper
platen may carry or comprise a flanged ring c
of any desired shape in plan within which I
mount a metal or other backing or support d
spaced slightly apart from which is a sieve plate
e and co-operating with this upper fixed platen
I arrange a lower movable platen f adapted to
be controlled by hydraulic ram and cylinder of
50 suitable form so that it may be made to ap
proach or recede from the upper platen.
The lower platen f is preferably formed with
a peripheral annulus f’ into which the stuí
water is admitted for suction through the upper
sieve so as to deposit thereon a layer of felted
(Cl. 92-61)
fibrous material, the thickness of which is obvi
ously limited by the capacity of the layer to pass
further liquid therethrough.
Within the part of the lower platen surrounded
by the above annulus, I arrange a metal or other Ul
plate g having a rubber or rubber and felt or
other like flexible surface h constituting a ñexible
body adapted to be` pressed into contact with the
sieve by operation of the hydraulic ram so as to
couch the layer of pulp upon the sieve and remove 10
the same on reverse movement of the hydraulic
ram so that such layer z‘ is thus transferred from
the sieve to the flexible body whereupon a further
layer may be deposited upon the sieve and subse
quently couched upon the ñexible body and so on 15
until a board or plate of the desired thickness has
thus been transferred to the flexible body.
Behind the backing plate of this flexible body
I dispose an inflatable bag or series of bags 1c
arranged in recesses or otherwise located so that
during normal operation of the hydraulic ram
the bag or bags will not be compressed and the
couching pressure is that which is thus due to
the hydraulic pressure and which will be deter
mined by the relative areas of the sieve and hy 25
draulic cylinder respectively.
When, however, the last layer has been formed
upon the sieve, the ram is moved so that the lay
ers upon the ñexible body are brought into con
tact with the layer upon the sieve and the platens 30
locked in position by suitable means (such as
the pivoted locking members l), whereupon high
pressure water or air is admitted to the inflatable
bag or bags and the pressure is maintained for
suiiicient time to consolidate the material and 35
the layers together and to express as much as
possible of the remaining water therefrom.
When the board or plate is sufficiently pressed,
the pressure is released, the head unlocked and
the platens separated to permit of removal of the 40
ñnished board.
By the invention, I am able to produce plain
paper boards of any desired thickness or by suit
able shaping of the parts the boards may be em
bossed or corrugated or otherwise similarly 45
By a suitable construction of machine I may
form any number of the boards simultaneously.
It will be understood that the apparatus is
provided with all necessary valves and regulating 50
means, the operations of which may be timed and
controlled in proper sequence by hand or auto
matically as for example in the manner described
in ' the specification of application Serial No.
723,774 or in any other suitable manner.
Having now described Y'my invention, what I
2. Apparatuslfor forming paper board by the
paper making process having the combination c-â
claim as new andïdesire to secure by Letters Pat
claim 1 and means for locking the platens to
ent is:-Y
\ l. Apperatusfor forming palier board by the É gether when the board reaches the desired thiol:-Y
paper making process comprising two platens ? ness and means for applyingf high pressure to 5
movable relatively to one another and enelosing i consolidate the board.
3. Apparatus for forming paper board by the
a. space to which stuff water is admitted. a sieve
carried by one of the platens on tà which a layer paper-making process according to claim 1 char
of pulp is deposited by suction, and a member acterized by the member having a flexible sur
carried by the other platen and having a ñexible face being mgvable in relation to the platen 10
surface adapted Éto be pressed into contact with carrying the same and combined with inflatable
the sieve to couch the layer of pulp thereon and
meansî arranged
member for
to apply
the purpose
high pressure
of consolidating
transferì'the same from the sieve to the ilexible movable
surface preparatory to the formation of a further
the board.
*pulp layer upon the sieve.
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