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Feb. 8, 1938I
2,107,614 -
Filed Dec. 9, 51956
12702 )2 m4}, er~
jrarrzis'z'b i’z'har ”
Patented Feb. a, 1938
2,107,614 1
Irwin Kotcher and Morris Kotclier,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application December 9, 1938; Serial N0. ‘115,016
3 Claims.
(01- 220-17)
This invention relates to paper receptacles or
cartons and more particularly to such receptacles
I‘ so as to be pressed through said aligned open
ings for completely sealing or closing the top wall
or cartons formed from a single blank, out, shaped,‘ 4 i I of the carton.
dimensioned and folded to provide a carton of‘ a
5 suitable size formed of destructible material so as
to be destroyed as found desirable after use.
In this connection, and as best shown iii-Fig
ure 3 the peripheral wall of the plug orformation 5
II is pressed outwardly as at i6 to provide an ex
An object of the present invention is to provide
a carton 'of this‘ character particularly designed
temal continuous rib which engages the inner
most flap l0 about the edge of its opening i4 so
for use in the vending of milk, cream or the like. '
More particularly the invention is concerned in
as to insure a positive retention of the cover ?ap
II in closed position. (See Figure 3.)
the provision of a paper carton or receptacle having an improved closure means associated there-
The formation or plug It being hollow it will
be apparent that the same will contract when‘ an
upward pull is exerted on the flap l2 so as to per
The invention together with its objects and ad15 vantages will berbest understood from a study of
the following description taken in connection with
the accompanying drawing whereinzFigure 1 is a fragmentary plan view of a blank
mit the plug or formation It to be drawn through
the aligned openings I 4 to eifect an opening of 15
the carton at the top thereof.
From the above, it will be seen that a carton
embodying the features of the present invention
from which the carton is formed.
Figure 21s a top plan view of the carton. .
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken substantially
can be cheaply and economically made‘ and at
the same time may be provided with a positive 20
and emcient closure means which will serve to
substantially seal the carton and which at the
‘onthe line 3-3 of Figure 2 and
_ -
Figure 4 is a. perspective view of the completed
Referring to the drawing by reference numerals it will be, seen that the carton is formed from
a single blank cut, shaped, dimensioned and folded
on lines 5 to provide four walls 6. At the lower
end of the blank the latter is slit on lines in align-
30 ment with the fold lines 5 to provide a plurality
of ?aps for each of the walls 6 and these ?aps
same time is positively retained in closed position
so as not to be easily displaced by the weight 01'
the contents of the carton in the event, for exam- 25
ple, the carton should become inverted.
It is thought that a clear understanding of the
construction, utility and advantages of an inven
tion of this character will be had without a more
detailed description.
a _
Having thus described the invention what is
are folded inwardly one upon the other to pro-
claimed asnew is:—
vide a multi-ply bottom wall ‘I for the carton.
Also, and as shown in Figure 1 the upper por-
l. A carton of the class described constructed
of a folded blank having walls provided at their
35 ' tion of the blank is slit on lines 8 and folded on
lines 9 to provide a plurality of super-imposed top
wall forming ?aps consisting of three flaps l0
foldedin super-imposed relation and adhesively
upper ends with ?aps adapted to be folded in e:
super-imposed relation to provide a top wall for
thecarton, three of said flaps being provided with
apertures coinciding to define a single- pouring
or otherwise positively united together to form a opening for the carton and a fourth one of said
40 top wall II for the carton, as well as a cover ?ap i‘iaps being provided on its under side with a for- 40
I! which latter adjacent the fold line 8 has a por- matlon defining a plug adapted to seat within the
tion thereof adhesively united to the uppermost ~ pouring opening for closing thecarton, said fourth
. ?ap; i0, and is creased as at I! so that the flap i2 ?ap inwardly from one edge thereof being fold
’ may be readily swung to open ‘or closed position.
able on an imaginary transverse fold line, and be
The flaps M are provided with openings i4 --tween said fold line and said one edge thereof 45
which in the present instance are shown some- being adhesively united to the uppermost one Of
what diamond-‘shaped being rounded at the four
comers of the diamond and which align as shown
> in Figure 3 to provide a pouring opening through
'50 the topwall II for the-carton;
‘The outermost ?ap I2 has the center'portion
thereof pressed inwardly to provide at the inner
or under side thereof a hollow cup-shaped yielding formation or plug ii of an edge contour cor55 responding to the edge contours of the openings
said three flaps and functioning 'as a hinged
mounting for said fourth ?ap. .
2. A carton of the class described constructed.
of a folded blank and having walls provided at 50
their upper ends with flaps adapted to be ar
ranged in super-imposed relation to provide a
top wall for the carton, three of said ?aps being
positively united together and provided with co
inciding apertures to define a single pouring open- as
ing for the carton, and aifourth one of said ?aps' foldable relatie'e to the other of the ?aps and be
being foldable relative te the other of the flaps
and being provided with a pressed outecenter
portion defining; a ?exible plug=like formation
adapteltto seat "within the pouring opening for:
closing the carton, said fourth’ ?ap inwardly:
ing provided evith a pressed out center portion
de?ning a ?exible plug-like formation adapted to
seat within the pouring opening for closing the‘
carton, said pressed out plug formation having a 5
continuous bead pressed out from thegperiphery
from one edge thereof being foldableeon an’ ' thereof to engage the innermost one of said ?aps
imaginary transverse fold line, and between said’
at the end of the pouring opening for releasably
said fourth ?ap;
said three ?aps, said fourth ?ap inwardly from one
securing the formation within the pouring open
fold line and said one edge thereof being ad
10 hesively united to the uppermostone of said three ' ing and the ,fourth one of said ?aps in folded
?aps and‘ functioning as a hinged mounting for superimposed: relation on the uppermost one of
3. A carton of the class described constructed
of a. folded blank and having walls provided a‘;
their upper ends with ?aps adapted to be are;
ranged in super?imposed relation to provide a top
wall for the carton, three of said ?aps being posi
tively united together and provided with coincid
ing apertures to de?ne a single; pouring opening
20 for the carton, and a fourth one of said ?aps being
edge i thereof being foldable on an imaginary
transverse. fold line, and between said fold line
vand said one edge thereof being adhesiveiy united 15
to the uppermost one of said three ?aps and func
tioning as a hinged mounting for said fourth ?ap.
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