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Feb. 8, 1938.
Filed Aug. 5, ‘1957
Patented Feb. 8, 1938
. .. 2,137,692
Martin de Botelho, New‘ York, N. Y.
Application August 5, 1937, Serial No. 157,485
4 Claims.
(Cl. 150—-3)
My invention pertains to devices for closing
bags, pouches and other receptacles, and is here
such as by the thumb and forc?ngers of a pair
of hands shown in Fig, 2, the extremities of the
bag opening adjacent the points 14 and I6 are
in illustrated in its application to a relatively
small bag suitable as a container for a perfume
5 bottle.
The principal object of my invention is to pro
vide simple and novel means for gathering and
holding together the edges of the open end of a
pulled progressively through the ring ll (Fig. 2),.
This action gathers the other portions compris- 5
ing the opening of the bag I!) to such an extent
that they too readily follow the said extremities
through the ring H. After the ring H has
moved downwardly a short distance the portions
of the bag above. the ring U will be expanded 10
Another object is to provide simple and e?i
, cient means for drawing the open end of a bag
or spread'by continued pulling so as to retain
through a member which will retain it in a
gathered or closed position.
An additional object to which my invention is
.15 directed is the provision of means for keeping
said ring.
Fig. 3 shows the bag 10 in its completely closed
position. It will be appreciated that the size of
the ring II is determined by the amount of the 15
a closing member in convenient association with
the bag with which it is to be used.
Certain additional objects, together with the
many advantages of my novel construction, will
20 be disclosed in the ensuing parts of my speci~
With reference to the accompanying drawing:
bag material which must be circumscribed to
e?ect a closure.
The following is a description of a convenient
manner of operating my device:
a. Gather the cords I2 and I3 below the ring 20
l I, take one between the thumb and index ?nger
of each hand, and pull.
1). Slide thumbs and index ?ngers closer to
ring II, and pull until the bag is closed.
By using a pair of cords or loop members, I 25
Fig. 1 represents a front elevation of a bag
with the closing device in an inoperative posi
25 tion.
Fig. 2 is also a front elevation of the bag, but
with its open end bent forward and in a par
attain several novel functions which are not com
prehended by any prior structures of which I
tially closed position.
am aware: The ring is held in a convenient and
~ Fig. 3 shows the bag in completely closed posi
centered position with respect to the bag prior
to being moved .to its operative position. Two 30
opposite extremities of the bag opening are
30 tion with the closing device in its ?nal operative
The illustrative embodiment of my invention’
guided smoothly through the ring.
comprises a rectangularly shaped bag I 0 which
' is open at its upper end.
Although the invention has been described as
Any suitable ?exible
embodied in a particular bag construction, it
35 material may be used in constructing the bag ID.
should be understood that the invention is not 35
limited in the scope of its application to any one
form of receptacle.
.A cord or loop member l2 of a ?exible nature
has one end connected to a side of the bag It] at
a point I4 near the top or open end. The other
end‘ of the cord [2 may be connected to the bag
40 ill in a lower position IE, on the same side.
An identical cord or loop member i3 is con
Having described my invention, whatI claim
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent
of the United States is:
1. A_ bag provided with an opening and having
a closing device which comprises a pair of cords,
an end of one cord being connected to the bag
nected similarly to the bag In at points 16 and
I‘! on the opposite side.
The cords‘ l2 '~ and
near an extremity of the opening and an end of
[3 are threaded or pass
45 loosely through a ring I I in the manner indi
cated in Fig. ‘1, of Vmy drawing.~ Means for re
the other cord being connected to the bag near 45
the opposite extremity of said opening, a ring
taining the ring in permanent association with
the bag are provided by the connections l5 and
threaded on said cords, and means for retaining
the ring in association with the bag.
I1 between the lower ends of the two loop mem
60 bers and the bag. While metal is a preferred
= material for'the ring H, celluloid, rubber, syne
through which said cords are passed loosely, said
cords each being attached by an end to opposite
extremities of the open end of the bag, and
means for retaining the ring in association with
thetic resin or other similar substancesmay be
'When the parts of the cords Hand l3 be
55 'low the ring II are pulled in opposite directions,
2. A bag provided with an open end, a closing
device comprising a pair of cords and a ring 50
the bag.
3. A bag provided with an open end and hav
ing a closing "device which comprises a pair of
of cord which pass through said ring, each of
loop members ‘and a ring through which said 100p
members are threaded, one loop member being
ity of the bag opening and the aperture of said
ring having a peripheral length su?icient to
connected to a side of the bag at an extremity
of the open end thereof and at a lower point on
circumscribe the open end of the bag when the
adjacent portions of the bag are gathered into
a closing position, and means for retaining the
r the same side, and the other loop being similarly
connected with the opposite side of the bag.
said lengths of cord originating at an extrem
ring in association with the bag.
4. In a bag having an opening at one end, a
10 closing device comprising'a ring and two lengths
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