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Feb. 8, 1938.
I '
Filed Jan. 23, 1935
5 Sheets-Sheet l
Phila}: Caller
Feb; 8, 1938.
Filed Jan. 25, 1935
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
lu'b'p Cutler
BYwmm. I
Feb. 8, 1938.
Filed Jan. 23, 1935
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
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._.__.,2_6.____J‘q- ._-._;_._.
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I] )
1/7’ \.\‘
Philip Culver~
I Patented Feb. 8, 1938
PATENT“ omce
_Pliilip' curler, New York, N. Y.
Application January" 23, 1935-, Serial No. 3,068‘
1 Claim.
(Cl. 5—37),
7 ‘Fins-invention relates} generally‘ to convertible
couches-wherein‘ an‘ upright backiimember is ex
tensible? to servev ajs-‘a companion single" bed to
frame,~'oneen‘d' piece of the stationary frame
beingshown .' as partly‘ broken away.
‘ Figure 4 is a front end elevational-view' of Fig
‘the’ single'bedgafforded-"b'y the‘ surface-50f‘ the» ure'
3 showing the movablev truck frame separated
5* couch. " More" speci?cally; the-inventio’nirelates from the stationaryiframe, the both frames be- 5
to’a convertible‘couch‘wherein the backme'mber‘‘ ing on the same level while the truck or movable
' 'i's1‘>supportedf oni'elemeiits ojf-the‘ couch-‘or sta
frame is shown pivotally'mounted on the end piece
'tiona'ry “ frame ‘when ‘not‘ in’ service; as a' doublej cfithe stationary frame; the dot and dash‘lines
1'0‘ 'Tl'ie‘maih ‘object/of: the invention residesin‘ the;
provision-of a couchnon‘vertibleiintoa‘doublebed
by releasing the baclg‘ member from the stationary
frame, opening folding legs‘ mounted at the under
surface ‘of the 'saidback‘member; ‘and allowing
. 1511 the » said back ‘member ‘to ‘ pivot outwardly "about
the f‘e'n‘d members of ‘the stationary‘frame'whereby
the‘ back' member‘ automatically “seeks ' the level of '
the stationary couch frame; 7
' Another‘ ob’ject‘of the inventionis in‘the pro
20? vision'mof structure as just‘ described: wherein
‘ means’ are'affordedfor' the‘ complete" separation
o‘f'theiback member'as a single bedfrom the bed
afforded ‘by the'stationa'ry frame; .
indicating the .several p'ositions into which the
movable truck frame is capable of assuming with 10
rel‘ation to ' the stationary frame;
' Figure 5 is alview in‘elevation of the rear of
the m'ovable'truck frame shown mounted onthe
end pieces of the stationary frame, the said view
being shortened along the length thereof.
Figure" 6 is‘ an‘ enlarged view in perspective
showing one of the 'two channels a?ixed‘to the
end‘ pieces of‘the stationary frame, the said
channel being" adapted to allow pivot elements
from‘ the movable truck‘to move vertically therein 20*
and to be supported thereby.
Figure 7'is'a' fragmentary plan'view partly in
section showing the‘ ‘mechanism controlling the
v p A’ further object of‘ the’ invention ‘isiin the pro-f operation'of the folding legs of the movable truck
' , 2'5: vision'ofstructurewherein means areprovided for
, th‘e'sup'po’rt ofa back member for a couch'in' a
. nevelform, the‘ said‘ means being for the mattress
orj upholstery portion of the back member andifor‘
' I the frame‘orspring portion of the back'm'emb‘er'.
301 Another object of the ‘invention resides in the"
provision of a c‘onvertibl‘ebo'uch‘ which is economi:
cal tomanufac'ture, easy to‘operate, comprised
of a minimum number of‘ parts and’ which is
adaptedto furnish a most aesthetic looking ar
’ 35'1ticle of furniture.
,7 These objects and other incidental! ends and
manner" ofv'su-pporting'the back member of the
convertible 'couch;-the' said alternate manner be
ing in relation to‘ the showing of the back mem
ber"in"Figu're 2' of the- accompanying drawings. 30
In'accordance' with the invention and in ac
cordance'with' a preferred form shown in the
accompanying drawings", the structure is com
prised of astationary frame'ha'ving end mem
bersv detachably" affixed thereto and a movable 3'5
truck ‘frame’ which when in upright position
advantages will hereinafter‘appearin the progress serves as a couch back while when in extended
I off'thi's disclosure and‘ as' pointed outfin the. an! position serves as a single bed in companionship
with- the single’ be'dl'offere’d by- thei'stationary
40'"? ; "Accompanying this ‘speci?cation; are ‘drawings frame; The‘ movable truck frame'is supported 40
Figure 8 is a sectional view‘ of an alternatev
~ showing a preferred" embodiment‘of'thé invention
on tw'o'channel‘ members mounted“ on the inner
' I andwherein the reference‘characters appearing ‘ surfaces o'f'r‘the detachable endpieces of the sta
in; the drawings designate corresponding parts tionary frame, and it is in these channel mem
_ throughout’ the ‘ several views thereof.
bers that pivots from the movable truck frame
. In-accordance with the drawings:
are supportedlandslidable above the lower limit- 45
" Figure l is a view in perspective of-a preferred‘ ving wall of the said‘channel members. When the
embodiment of Y a convertible? ‘couch in accordance
,- 'wi'th‘the‘invention;
50' ,1 'iFigiire' ,2 is Faatransverse‘;sectional view‘ of Fig#‘
ure 1-3 a'lo‘ng'i-the plane>2‘—-2‘thereof.‘ '
*Fi’g‘iire' 3“5i_s*a"view"inlperspective of the station
ary-Fahdniovabletruck"frames"of ' the convertible ‘
movable truck frame is in upright? position, the‘
pivots thereof bear in the bottom walls of the
channel members. In order to ‘extend, the truck
frame from the upright position, the said frame 50
is released‘ from the upright position, the fold
ing legs forcedoutwardly from the undersurface'
and the entire frame permitted‘ to pivot‘ out
' movable 'truck 'frame' v being partly _ wardly by virtue of the Weight thereof. As the
‘separated from the stationary "
legsv of the frame of the truck member touch 55.
the floor, the pivots of the truck frame ride up
wardly and vertically in the channel members un
til the legs of the truck member all touch the
floor at once at which time the level of the truck
frame is the same as the level of the single bed
afforded by the stationary frame, thereby afford
ing a double bed.
The single bed of the truck
frame is capable of complete separation from the
stationary frame by lifting the pivots thereof
from the channel members in the end pieces of
the stationary frame.
‘ .
The novelty of the invention resides in the
articulation between the stationary frame and
the truck frame and the manner of supporting
15 the said truck frame when in upright position,
‘the said manner of supporting the truck frame
offset portions extending from the inner surfaces
to cooperate with the slots in the aforementioned
uprights whereby the stationary frame acts as
a suspension from the end pieces. It can easily
be seen, however, that the end pieces H] and II
may be supported on the uprights of the station
ary frame where the said uprights are designed
to be supported on the floor. In this event, the
?ngers projecting from the inner surfaces of
the end pieces l0 and Il would have downwardly 10
projecting offset portions to cooperate with the
slots in the uprights. This invention contem
plates such a variation although the drawings
omit reference thereto.
As shown in the drawings, the stationary frame 15
affords a bedding storage compartment by pro
viding a bottom wall 38 extending from the
being equally applicable to the support of the
upright or back of an ordinary couch having an
lower longitudinal rails 20 and 2| and from the
upholstered back with a frame work therefor.
Moreover, novelty of the invention resides in the
other features hereinafter set forth in a speci?c
description of the preferred form of the inven
tion shown in the drawings.
The stationary frame of the convertible couch.
25 is provided with two end pieces I!) and If to
ing from the lower longitudinal rail 20 to below
serve as the arm members of the structure and
may be upholstered in any known manner. The
upper parts of the arm members are designated
by numerals l0’ and II’ respectively. The sta
30 tionary frame is made preferably of angle iron
and is assembled from uprights or legs !2, l3,
l4 and I5, lower end rails l6 and H, upper end
rails l8 and [9, lower longitudinal rails 20 and
2 l, and upper rear longitudinal rail 23 and upper
front longitudinal wire or ?exible band 22, the
said member 22 being extended from the upper
end rails 58 and E!) by means of the ordinary
coil contractile springs. The purpose of having
member 22 ?exible or resilient is to afford a
springable forward edge to the couch. The upper
end rails of the stationary frame designated by
numerals l8 and iii support a bed spring which
is pivotal for the greater part of the width there
of. The bed spring for the pivotal part thereof
45 is provided with a frame member having end
rails 24 and 25 superposing end rails is and I9
respectively and pivoting with the latter rails at
24’ and 25’ respectively. Connecting end rails
24 and 25 is a longitudinal rail member offset
50 downwardly and extending forwardly thereof,
the said longitudinal rail member being desig
nated by numeral 26, and being adapted to clear
member 22 in the raising and lowering thereof.
Beyond pivotal points 24’ and 25' are sections
55 of end’ rails 21 and 28 superposing and connected
with the end portions of end rails I8 and I9
respectively of the stationary frame. End rails
21 and 28, and end rails 24 and 25 of the pivotal
frame member furnish the supports for the usual
60 contractile coil springs 31 which serve to main
tain the known wire or band surface for the
support of a mattress 41, the said wire or band
surface not being shown in the accompanying
the wire or band member 22 and from uprights
l2 and E4, and a rear wall 40 extending from
uprights l3 and I5 and from upper and lower
longitudinal rails 2| and 23. The end pieces 10
and H furnish side walls for the bedding storage 25
compartment. The walls mentioned in this para
graph may be of any suitable material such as
cedar wood‘or any other adaptable substance.
In order to gain access to the said, bedding
storage compartment, the pivotal frame, bounded
by end rails 24 and 25 and front or longitudinal
rail member 26 is raised as is! shown in Figure 3
of the accompanying drawings.
Numeral 42 represents any upholstery material
such as cloth and is preferably stretched between 35
the front edges of end pieces l0 and H and is
mounted between lower longitudinal rail 21! and
above wire or band member 22 to give the couch
a ?nished appearance inthis region as seen in
Figure 1 of the accompanying drawings. Numer 40
als 43, 44, 45 and 46 represent supports on which
the stationary portion of. the convertible couch
rests against the floor, 45 and 46 being the known
casters while 43 and 44 are leg sections. Behind
the leg sections 43 and 44 are casters 48 and 49
to enable easy rolling of the couch.- It is easily
seen'that housings maybe provided for the cast
ers 45, 46 and 48 and 43 thereby eliminating leg
sections 43 and 44. and thus rendering an im
proved appearance to the structure.
Between end rails l6 and 18 of the stationary
frame is af?xed a vertical frame member 50 pro
vided with a vertically extended slot through
which a pivoted catch arm 5! rides, the said catch
arm being pivoted at 54 to the end rail 24 as
shown in Figure 3 of the accompanying draw
ings. The lower edge of arm 5! is provided with
a notch 52 near the outer extremity of the said
arm which notch ‘is adapted to catch in a cross
member 53 in the slot of frame member 53,‘ Thus, 60
the cross member53 serves as a bearing for the
lower edge of arm 5|; when the pivotal spring
is raised, the same has alimiting and locked
position when notch 52 engages the cross mem
ber 53. Inorder to lower the pivotal spring, arm
Numerals 29, 36, 3| and 32 represent reinforc ‘5! must be manually pulled forward to disengage
ing links between the uprights and the upper
notch 52 from cross member 53.
and lower end rails of the stationary frame of
the couch, while 33, 34 and 35, 36 are slots on
the outer surfaces of uprights l2 and i3 respec
tively, each pair. of slots being in alignment.
70. Similarly, uprights l4 and i5 are each provided
with a pair of aligned slots 33’, 34' and 351’, 36’
respectively on the outer surfaces thereof. Each
lower end rails 16 and H, a front wall 39 extend
of the end, pieces ill! and H of the stationary
frame is provided with ?ngers having upwardly
The movable truck frame is now to be de
scribed. The said truck frame is comprised of an
upper framework having longitudinal rails 55
and 56 and end rails 51 and 758. These parts as
in the case of the stationary frame are preferably
of angle iron. The outer surface of the forward
longitudinal rail 56 is provided with upright 59'
intermediate the length thereof and uprights 60
and: 511’ 'at the end'sa-offthelsaid ‘rail 56'.» Therup
Fromthe foregoing, it is seenhow the foldingv
legsa68', 68'.’ and 10', 10.1" remainin-open position
' rightsy??rand' 50." are each: vprovided with.v plates
61s" and: Eli’ extending .inwardly and.- perpendicu
,larly ofplates BDand' 60’ respectively. The pur
by» the tension of the springable mounting thereof
and. the angle member stops and how the same
pose? of the upright 59, 60 and‘ 60' is to serve as
alowerrs’upportfor the mattress 96;when thelat
legs-remain in folded position by virtue of-round
' ter is in'vertic'al position, while the purpose or
ed ~ projections . and; mortises: therefor and . by vir
tue of, the off-center’ position of the legs with
plates 16! and 5 IL’ is» to prevent lateral‘ displace-v
"mentiof: mattress 96! in allipositions.-"?r~; '
y Y
52, 63; 64 and 64' (the last mentioned"
notvbeing' shown‘ on the‘ drawings) represent‘ re
the longitudinal ‘rails 5'of they upper framework of
themovable truck frame. The said truck frame
15 1 is» provided with afspringysurface suspended or
. maintained‘ by contractile coil springs- 65- affixed
to the end rails 51' and’ 58 of theupperframe
work,ithe~said spring surface- not being shown in‘
the'accompanying drawings in'Figure 3. Nu
20 '
merals‘66- and GT represent'iorificesiin the end
rails of ‘ the upper‘frame" workv inwardly of the
forwardi'longit'udinal rail‘ 55 to_ be'reng'aged by
‘hooks 94 and'95-respectively mounted on the rear
edges of end pieces H and lll'forapurpose here~
i'r'iafter to‘be described. *' Numeral 62' represents
ai’wire or bandmember' extending from upright
, lillltoi upright 59 ‘and? from upright 59 to upright
69" ‘and servesas a cooperating supportwith'the
' said" uprights
for'the mattress 96 when the latter
isin vertical position, ‘
. 681 the‘ lower supporting --means ‘therefor. ‘The
upperiends of‘ legs ‘618", 68”“are vpivotally 'con
nectedjto the longitudinal-rails 55 and 56 of'the
‘401 uppervframe work‘ of the movable truck frame
v proximate the
ends- thereof
as best seen by
reference to Figure '7.‘ 'The front rear leg 69' is
End pieces [0‘ and H1 at the inner surfaces
thereof andrproximate to-the rear edges are each
provided with similar channel members 85'and
85’? respectively; Each chann'el'member is affixed
to its respective end piece and‘ comprises pref
erabl'y a vertical slot open at the top and closed
at‘ the bottom, the said slot-leading'into-a vertical
chamber open at the top-andclosed-at the bottom
as best shown in Figure ‘6 of the accompanying
drawings. Channel member 85‘is thus provided 20'
with a slot 85a and chamber v85b. Similarly,
channelv member 85"’is-provided with a slot 85'a
and chamber 85’b.
End rails 51 and 584' of the'truck frame prox
imate the’ forward edges thereof are provided 25'
With-outwardly projectingtrunnions 87 and '86
respectively, the said trunnions being adapted to
86' respectively for engagement with the channel
members 85 and 85'-. It is thus seen how the
movable truck frame is mounted on the end pieces
l0 and H by merely-raising the truck frame so
that'trunnions 81 and 88 together with their re 35
spective. disc ~ members 81" and 86' enter the
openings of the channel members 85 and 85'.
‘,The rear edges of the end’ pieces l0 and H
proximate the tops thereof are each provided with
pivotal ?ngers adapted to hold the truck frame or 40
back of the convertible couch by engaging the
end rails when the latter are in vertical position.
Thus end piecel 0 is provided with a ?nger 88 piv
oted “near the top‘ of the. rear edge thereof at
plvoted- at 12h) the einnerjwall or rail 55- at the‘
top"v of the-‘said; leg 58'.‘ Legs 68' ‘and 68" are
alsjo'reinforced by a V-shaped reinforcing mem
ber- 69 af?xed to the‘v intermediat ev portion of‘ pivot 89; the said ?nger 88 being provided with 45
a stop projection 90. 1 Similarly, end piece H is
Numeral 13Erepresents afproje‘cg'
tion; rounded preferably, on the "outer ' surface ’ of‘,
1eg‘68f a ‘short'distance fromI the top thereof; and:
iss‘adapted to engage- with a suitable mortise or
14, on ' thei'inner wall of longitudinal
Numeral‘ 15"represents an angle mem
berrivetedto' end rail 55; and is adapted to serve
asa limiting stop for thesaid leg 68’ when m
'55:, outstretched or operative. position as shown in
Figures 5 and '7. Pivotally connected to the said
at pivot
1'!’ approximately between pro-,
provided with a'p?nger.‘ 9l_ at pivot 92, the said
?nger 19!. being'also provided with a stop pro
jection 93;
Ori?ces 66 and 61 intheend rails of. the upper
frame work inwardly of the forward'longitudi 50
nal rail 56 of the movable truck frame as has
before been mentioned are engaged by hooks 94
and 95 respectively mounted on the rear edges
of end pieces I I‘ and I 0. These hooks and ori
?ces are provided to insure against movement 55
of the rear portion of the convertible couch when
the said rear portion is'in. the position of a single
jection'13 andpivot "is a link l'lconnectedto
the- front end rail, 58 by] contractile spring '18.
It thusjcanbe seen thatjleg‘ 68’ when in" folded day bedadjoining the single. day bed affordedby
position remains so by virtuejof projection 13, in thefstationary frame, and is‘ in close proximity.
by‘ virtuev of the disconnection of trun
wits‘rnortisel‘ldjand by virtue“ ofthe fact‘ that pivot‘ thereto
and 8T from" channel members 85' and
12, isbelQW pivotg'llj’i ’ Leg 58"’ is’ similarly pro-'
vided‘with a projection and mortise therefor, ,an
65 angle member to serve as a limiting stop for leg
68" and a pivotal link springably mounted from
the front end rail 58.
nions areprovided with end disc members 81 ’ and 30
The movable truck frame, as has been before
lformedof a- 'U-shaped bar'as is shown in Figure
are the upright members
of the bar an'dthe lowerconnecting cross piece
legs of'the movabletruck frame.
slide up and down of the slotted ‘chambers of
the channel members 85 and 85'. The said trun
' mentioned, comprises an upper frame work'and‘
, folding legs. Each pair of 1 legs is preferably
respect to their respective pivots. Very little
hand" pressure is required toiopen and close the
" Numerals
inforcing links or bars between’ the end rails and
'Figure 8‘i's‘ a sectional'view‘ofi an alternate
manner of supporting the back member of the
convertible couch and differs from the described 65
structure in that the channel members 85 and 85'
are lengthened su?iciently to bring the rear lon
gitudinal rail 55 of the movable truck frame or
Opposite legs 19' and 19” are joined by a lower
connecting piece 10 and by a V-shaped reinforc
70 ing member 1 l. Leg 10' is provided with a pro
the rear of the convertible couch when in up
iection 80 adapted to ?t into a mortise 8|, a lim
iting stop or angle member 82 ' for leg 10’, a .I‘ight position below its prior position. By so
pivotal link 83 mounted to end rail 51 by a con
tractile spring 84. Leg 10" is provided with such as a plurality of brackets 91 to hold mat
tress 96 in vertical position above rail 55, a bet
75 similar means.
ter looking top is given to the convertible couch.
At ‘the same time uprights 68, 60’, 59 and band
members 62’ are eliminated to support the back
mattress 96 when in upright position. As shown,
brackets 91 extend from rear wall 40 of the bed
ding storage compartment. It is easily seen that
any other form of a support such as a ledge may
be substituted for brackets 91 to function as a
support for mattress 96 of the rear of the con
vertible couch when the said mattress. is in up
right position, the said support being suitably
mounted from either the rear portion of the
stationary frame or from the inner sides of the
end pieces llland ll.
The convertible couch is susceptible of being
15 upholstered in any known fashion, one form of
upholstery being shown. in Figure l of the ac
companying drawings. Mattress 41 of the sta
tionary frame and mattress 96 of the back or
movable frame are fashioned to present the ap
pearance of adjoining cushions.
The conversion of the, couch to a double bed
or to two single beds wherein the members are
separable or are articulately joinedat the option
of the user involves a simple operation that a
child can accomplish. Pairs of folding legs 68’,
‘ 68" and 19', 10" are'drawn outwardly into ?nal
open position by pulling the connecting pieces
68 and 10 respectively until the legs impinge
against their respective stops through the action
of the contractile springs already described.
Thereupon ?ngers 88 and 9| are raised to up
right position ‘as. shown in solid lines in Figure 5.
Thus the rear support of the movable frame
when in upright position is removed allowing the
back or movable frame to pivotally drop out
35 wardly by virtue of its own weight. Pivots 86
and 81 supporting and attached to the movable
frame at this time rest on the bottom closed por
tion of slots 85’a and 85a respectively and revolve
thereabout. Pivots 86 and 81 are forced up
40 wardly along the vertical slots 85'a and 85a re
such as tape members extending from the sur
faces of the mattresses to be tied to the springs
at suitable places can be resorted to.‘ Such tem
porary af?xation is especially necessary for mat
tress 96 since the latter is in upright position
when the convertible couch is in non~bed use.
Moreover, the spring surfaces themselves may
be covered with cloth to protect the mattress
thereagainst. The bedding compartment in the
‘stationary frame serves to store the materials
needed for the use of the convertible couch as a
double bed or as two single beds.
In order to reassemble the stationary frame
and the truck or movable frame into a converti
ble couch, pivots 86 and 81 are inserted into slots 15
8571. and 850. respectively, the movable or truck
frame is raisedfrom the ground whereupon the
weight of the said truck frame causes the pivots
86 and 81 to descend to the lowermost wall of
slots 85'a and 8511 respectively. Thereupon the
legs are folded inwardly.
Fingers 86 and 9| are
manually made to engage end rails 51 and 58
respectively of the truck frame to maintain the
latter in upright position.
It is to be clearly understood that minor 25
changes and variations in the structure of the
several parts, in the material and integration
thereof and in the combinations and subcombi
nations thereof may all be resorted to without
departing from the spirit of the invention and 30
Without departing from the scope of the append
ed claim.
I claim:
In a convertible couch, a stationary frame
having a bed spring surface, end pieces to sup
port the said stationary frame, a second frame
having another bed spring surface, foldable up
rights connected to the said second frame and
capable when extended of independently sup
porting the second frame horizontally at a 40
height substantially the same as that of the ?rst
mentioned bed spring surface, pivotal securing
spectively from the time that legs 68" and 19" ‘ means between the stationary and second frames
touch the ground until all the legs and the con
comprising two elongated, vertically disposed
necting cross pieces therewith touch the floor channel members open at the top and closed on
at once at which time the level of the truck frame
the bottom, each being oppositely af?xed to the
is the same as the level of the single bed afforded
said end pieces rearwardly of and extending
by the stationary frame. Thus‘ a double bed belowrthe stationary frame, projections extend
comprised of two single beds pivoted together ing from the second frame and being mounted
results. By raising the pivots 86 and 81 out of in the said channel members for rotation, re
the open tops of slots 85'a and 85a respectively, moval and vertical displacement whereby the, 50
50 the truck frame can be drawn more closely to
second frame when in upright position is spaced
the stationary frame and held in position by from the rear of the stationary frame and ex
means of hooks '94 and 95 engaging with ori?ces
tends below the level of the stationary frame,
66 and 61 respectively. On the other hand, the supporting means projecting upwardly from the
truck frame instead of being drawn more close
forward longitudinal edge of the second frame,
ly to the stationary frame may be distantly re
duplicate loose mattresses supported on the said
moved therefrom and serve as an independent
stationary and second frames, the said loose
and single bed. Casters 98 ease the facility of mattress against the second frame when the
movement of the truck frame.
Mattresses 41 and 96 are each removable from
60 the springs of the stationary and the movable
frames so that the same may be reversed and re
moved for the usual reasons. The ordinary ex
pedients of keeping the said mattresses in place
latter is" in upright position being held in upright 60
position by means of the above-mentioned sup
porting means and the rear longitudinal ‘edge of
the loose mattress for the stationary frame.
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