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Feb. 8; 1938.
^ 2,107,733 l
Filed July 7. 1932
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Feb. 8_, 1938. _
Garn msnm MACHINE
Filed Jul_y_7, 1932
4 Sheets-Sheet 3
Feb. 8, 1938.
Filed Juvlyf‘ï, >1952 /
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l{Sheets-Sheet 4
retenes Feb. s, lisse4
_ ‘2,107,733
f aromas Í
Gam rssrnvoaílicnmn
H. llemmchicago, lll., alaignor, by meme
assignments, to U s _L Battery Corporation,
' Niagara Falls, N. Y., a corporation of New
Appunti@ .my 7, rss2,
9 Clalml.
No. 021,205
(ci. 22H9) `
This'invention'relates to a grid pasting >ma
tension .Il with which the sides Il are provided
chine andmore particularly to a machine for
applying the paste to storage battery plates or
(see Fig. 4). Each side plate I8 is preferably
provided with outwardly turned flanges I 8*. A
bed I1 is secured to and supported by the upper
flanges It* of the side plates I8. Longitudinal
One of the objects of the invention is to pro
vide an improved machine of-sturdy and simpli _ beams 20 which are carried by the standards I0
fled construction for applying -paste rapidly and» at a point near- their base, may be employed- to
firmly to the gridsa?dgiving the grids or plates support a motor 2i.
a finished appearance. Other specific objects
With the construction illustrated, the bed ` I‘I, _
advantages, such as .providing improvedy sides I8 andthe apparatus carried thereby may 10
means for wiping the grids, improved means for be bodily shifted, without'moving the standards
conveying away the nnished grids, etc., will ap
It, for adjusting the tension of the belt con
' ~pearas the specification proceeds;
veyor B. _As will be seen more clearly from Figs.
The invention is fully described in the follow
3 and 4, the rear portions ofthe sides I6 _are
ing specification and »shown in the accompany
supported by they shiftable collars Il while the
ing drawings,- in 'which-«-
, - -
_ forward ends-of the sides rest slidably on the "
Flg."l is a side view in elevation of apparatus
' ' embodying my' invention; Fig. 2, a plan view of
the apparatus; Fig. 3, an` enlarged broken sec
crossábeams :I4 carried by the collar Il and on'
vthecross-.beam Il. Thus by moving the collars
I2, the apparatus carried by the bed and sides
tional view, the section being taken as indicated " can beI advanced .or- moved rearwardly on the
at line 1 of Fig._2; Fig. 4, a plan .sectional view.
the’section being taken as indicated at line 4 of
‘ Fig. l; Fig. 5, a broken transverse sectional view,
thevsection being taken as indicated at line l of
25 Fig. 1'; Fig. 6, .a broken sectional view, the sec
lsupporting structure. To facilitate the shifting
0f collars Il, I prefer to thread the tubular beam,
II at II‘ and to secure on opposite sides of each
collar Il the adjustable threaded members I8'. «
Each, of the members Ill is provided with shaft
_ tion beingtaken as indicated at line 8.0i Fig., holes Ilh into which a shaft o_r rod may be ex
, l: Fig. '7,l'a front view in elevation; Fig, 8, a ì tended to facilitate the turning of the members.
¿broken transverse sectional view,_the section' be-_
The vconveyor apparatus B may be also of any
ing taken- as indicated at linel I of Fig. 8; Fig.
9, a broken plan view of a 'portion of the grid to
which paste has/been applied;` Fig. -«1_0, a sec-_
tional view,~the section being takenl as indicated
- at line -'III of Fig. 9; and Fig. 11„a side .detail
view of chain apparatus
for- conveying away-the'
finished plates.
-_Broad1y, the-apîíarstus includes, ss illustrated, -
suitable construction. In the illustration given,
a shaft 22 is journaled in the sides I8 at the 30
.Torward'end ofthe frame and carries a drum 23.
Similarly, a shaft 24 is Journaled in the hollow
cross-ìbeam I2`at the rear of the apparatus and
carries a large drum 25. Drums 23 and 25 carry
the 4endless -conveyor belt2i. In order to drive
shaft 24, there is fixed to one end thereof a large
gear 21 which mesheswith a pinion 28 carried
3 ,a supporting frame' A, conveyor’apparatus- B, a
hopper for paste C, paste-feeding 'and packing' by intermediate gear 2s. The gear 29 is in turn' v
mechanism D, and grid-feeding mechanism E.
Y driven by pinion 30 on >the shaft 3| of sprocket
The frame A may be of any’k suitable construc
wheel v32. The wheel l2 is connected by vchain
tion. l.In the illustration> given," the vertical' „to the sprocket- 34 which is fixed to the drive
standards III support longitudinal tubular beams
y _I'I which are .transverselyïjoined at their rear
'_Ihe hopper C. which‘may be constructed in
ends by a tubular cross-beam I2." Near their i'or-~
anysuitable shape or form, rests upon and is
.Ward ends, thev beams .Il are'provlded with còl- i' secured to the sides' I C. „ As shown more clearly ' 45
lars I3 'that have integrally formed therewith a in -li‘fig. 3, aportion of thephopper is cut away on
' . T-shaped cross-beam I4. `A similar cross-beam. i its _rear side, asindlcated a`t l! so as to leave an
`II is supportedby the front- standards I0. 0n ~. aperture along the’bottom portion of the -rear
each side of the machine isa relatively Vwide side wall. The bottom of the hopper is supported by
frame or plate I6, the forward end portion of " the sides'it «a‘short distance above the belt 2l
which rests upon the cross-beams I4- and .Ill so as‘tcjpermit’the grids “to be marriedv along
'l‘herear end portions ofthe side plates are.sup-' ¿che bottom nde _of _the hopper. on tlie‘rront
ported by the collars I8. Each'of thebeams. II " side _of hopper C is a"verticalvly adjustable plate
. is provided ne'ar its` rear portion with'- a collar.“
C'-.which extends above the ‘belt 26. >and which
Awhich is recessed to receive a short Integral exé" i vallo'rlrs
the bottom-most grid to pass into the
, 2
hopper. 'I‘he plate C’ is conñnedbetween angle
For feeding the grids into th‘e hopper C, I prefer
irons Cz which also serve ias lateral guides for~
to employ a pressure roller 14 which holds the
the grids.
grids firmly against 'the belt 26 and guides them
below the front hopper wall. The pressure roller
` The ~_grid-feeding and packing mechanism D isv
' preferably so arranged as to feed the paste con
` 14 has its free ends rotatably mounted in the
stantly down- to the moving grids, while at the
same time packing the paste firmly and thor
’ oughly into the vinterstices of the grid.
bosses 15 (Fig. 6) which are slidably carried by
ñxed shafts 16. A spring 11'carried by shaft 16
urges the bosses'15 downwardly. The pressure
roller 14 is preferably provided with raised in
In the
illustration given, journaledwithin the hopper
10 C at an intermediate height is a shaft 31 which f tegral collars 18 which are provided with a super
carries the blade' 38. The shaft 31 is provided ficial roughened surface or knurling. In order to
at its outer end with a sprocket wheel 39 driven _avoid injury to the cross bars of the grid, the
by chain 40.
The chain 40 engages a sprocket
carried by the shaft of motor 2|.
collars 18 are preferably disposed, as shown inFig. 6, with the wide collar traveling over the
Ifdesired, an
15 idle sprocket wheel 4| carried by adjustable
centralportion 'of the pair of grids while the 15
-narrowend collars travel along the outer sides
bracket 42 may be employed to place the de
sired tension upon> chain 40. The shaft 31 alsocarries a pinion 43 which meshes with .the large ,
gear 44 on shaft 45. Shaft 45 extends into- the
20 hopper C and carries a blade member 46. - To the
adjustable platen 19 which is supported by a pair 20
rear of the blade-equipped paste-feeding mem
of spaced c__ross strips 88 and 8|. The ends of the
ber 46 is a rotatably mounted tamping or pack
cross strips 89 and 8| are adjustably supported
ing roller 41 journaled upon shaft 48.` The shaft by screws 62 which threadedly engage bosses
48 carries upon its end extending outside of the carried by the side walls I6. With this arrange
hopper C a gear 49 which is driven, through in « ment, the ends of the platen 13 may be tilted in 25
termediate gear 58, by the pinion 5|- carried by either direction as desired. The platen 18 ter
shaft 45.
' minates just short of the buiiimg roll 52.
Disposed in the rear end of the hopper C and
To support the belt 56 immediately below the
behind the 'roll 41 is a buñing roll 52 >which'is bumng roll 52, I prefer to employ a large yield
fixed to shaft 53. The roll 52 ,is preferably formed ably mounted roll 83. As shown more clearly in
from metal and is employed to engage the upper Figs. 1 and 3, each end of shaft 84 upon which roll
surfacesof the grids as they are advanced by belt - 83 is carried, is journaled in a sliding block 85.
26 so as to pack the paste firmly into the grids The block is `yieldably supported by the spring
and to finish or polish the upper >surface there
86 withinthe guides 81. As illustrated, the rolls
of. Shaft 53, which carries the roll 52, extends ' 52 and 83 are in true vertical alignment.
outside of the hopper C and carries at its end a
After the> grids have passed through hopper
sprocket wheel 54. ` Sprocket wheel 54 is con. _ C, I prefer to subject them to the operation of
nected by means of chain 55 to a sprocket 55a improved wiper apparatus. As illustrated more
carried by the shaft 31. Preferably the sprocket clearly in Figs. 1- and 2, a rotatable member 88
53 is of smaller diameter -than the sprocket 54 is journaled in brackets 89 supported by bed |1 40
so as to cause relatively rapid rotation of the roll -_ and carries _by means of collar clamps 98 a frame
52. Secured to the rear wall of the hopper C is a member 9|. Clamped to the frame 9| is a ñexi
scraper or doctor knife 56 which engages the for
ble wiping element 92l which may be of any suit
ward portion of roll 52 and serves to remove the able material such as, for example, rubber. The
paste which would otherwise collect upon the sur
wiping element 92 is supported obliquely with re 45
face ofthe roll.
'I'he grid-feeding mechanism E may be vof any
effective form for -feeding the grid plates to the
conveyor belt 26.
In the >illustration given, a
50 rear platform -51 is secured to the sides I6 of the
frame and provides'a support for the grids and
for the feeding mechanism. 'I‘he grid plates 36,
formed in pairs, and having at their forward
of the grids.
To support 'the belt 26 as it travels under the
open end of the hopper C, I prefer to employ an
_ spect to the belt |6‘by reason of the spacing of
the bracket members on bed „|1, one bracket'
member being supported on one side of the bed
well in advance ofthe bracket member on the
opposite side of the bed. Rigidly secured to the 50
middle collar 98 is a shaft 93 upon which is slid
ably mounted a weight 94 which may be releas
ably secured in position by the screw 95.'A
ends- the laterally projecting ears or extensions '
In order to convey away the finished grids, I
36B, are stacked upon the platform to the rear - employ any suitable conveyor apparatus as, for 55
of_ the. hopper C. A reciprocating plate 58 is example, the _chain conveyors 96,‘ which are `
guided between spaced strips 59and 60 so as to shown in> part in Figs. 1, 2 and 11. Such appa
‘force the grids, one at a time, upon the moving ratus is of weil known construction and need
conveyor 26. Any suitable means for reciprocat
not be described in detail. Supported on each
tration given, a chain 6| driven- by sprocket 621 on side of' the bed. |1 and curved downwardly to
shaft 45 drives a sprocket wheel -63 on shaft 64. _ ward the chains 96 are tracks or guide members The shaft 64 is rotatably mounted in the platformy 91-which are adapted to receive .the lateral pro
extension 51 yand is equipped at an intermediate jections or ears '36°i 'of the grids. The tracks 91
point .with a sprocket 65. The chain 66 connects which support the lateral extensions 36“ permit
sprocket 65 to a sprocket 61 which is'flxed to a the main body .of the grids to swing to a vertical
position 'upon the chains _96. ' To prevent the
shaft 68 mounted in the forward part of exten
60 ing the plate 58 may be employed. In the illus
" . sion 51. The shaft .68 is equipped at either 'end grids from striking together as they swing down
. with an eccentric 69'connected by arm 10 to- a >~ wardly- to vertical position, I prefer to employ a
70 depending Abracket 1|. Each of the brackets 1|
. extends through slots 12 in the plate 68 which
curved spring member 98 `which is supported by 70
a cross strip 9.9. At intervals along the chain 96
~ _permit reciprocation of the- driven plate 58. «f A ' are provided'lugs 985 which engage the ears 36*
lvertical wall 13 is secured to the platform, 61,
as shown in> Figs. 1 and 3, to provide a compart
ment vfor the stack of grids 36.
òf grids 3_6 and. positively carry themforward.
_The grids 36,-as illustrated more clearly in Figs. -` '
9 and 1o, are provided with the relatively heavy
j aiovfrsa-
- yhorilsontal beams or crossstrips il” and with
. the somewhat thin vertical rods 36°.
, _
l 3
all times upon a number ot the rather heavy
_ cross strips vor beams 3l”. kAt the same time, this
order to hold the grids 30. in .accurate posi
‘arrangement prevents the wiper member from
tion upon the` belt 20, I prefer to“ draw a web of ‘ digging into the body of the grid and removing
:5 paper across the top portion- oi.' the belt as it passes
more of the paste at one point that. at another.
beneath .thev hopper C ’ and over the bed. ' Forl
'I'he adjustable wiper straightens or ilattens any
this purpose, a- roll-oi paper ill may be sup
ported onl shaft ill which is journaled in ilanges grid which may be bent and insures a uniform
III! carried bythe standards 10.'. The paper may .
,The grids after passing the "wiper are con
be'fed up _throughtheguide `roller -Il! over the
‘ 10
veyed by'belt 26 to the inclined tracks 91 where
_î roll M_ .and Malong. the ~ top portion of the ~belt.'_ the'grids are separated from the paperl web. 10'
At the endo! theJourney oi' theY grids. when they
The’tracks 8_1 engage the lateral projections or
ears ll‘ 'of the grids and support the projections
while the main body oi’ the grids swings to a ver
'allowed to --ifall to the yiloor where it may be tical position sliding on~to the chain conveyor 96.
removed. Preferably, the paper roll is supported - A' curved buffer spring or strip 981s supported by - 15
‘between metal strips ill. >In order to place the the ~cross. piece I9 so as to prevent clashing of the
>desired amount'ot friction upon the paper roll grids as they swing to vertical position. The
s_o Vfas to cause litto feed smoothly _and without curved member ll engages the'central portion
`Ytoo rapid unrolling, I prefer to lemploy friction o!
the grids and allows them to move gently to
screws i“ which 'are supported in spaced order vertical position. 'I‘he Vfinished -grids are con 20
„by the ilanges _ll2 and which engage the -disks >veyed away by the chains 9| to a desired point
where they are removed. With the apparatus de
scribed, the work trame which supports the pack
'of the apparatus, ythe grids.A 'ing ¿apparatus \etc.,~may be .shifted upon the 25 pairs -with the lateral projections. 36* supporting structure without moving the stand
. lextending outwardly, are placed in a stack'at the ` ardsV Il. vBy turning the members il‘, the collar
Il upon `each of the beams il may be shifted
‘ " _forward end of the machine vand within the .wall
> are removed from -thebelt 26 .to the l'chain con
' veyor apparatus Il, .the paper-waste `may 4be
.13. :The reciprocating ieedplate "engages the Íforwardly or back_wardly. At the same. time, the
bottom-most gridv and feeds it forwardly to the ’ sides` I6 and bed i1 are moved with the collar 30
. pressure roll 14. 'I‘he roll 1_4 ,guides the-grid '|8,1the front portion o! vthe sides i6 sliding upon
‘ .below the Yforward wall oi'
vthe hopper _C. "Within »y the ~supporting cross-beams il and Il. By this
' vthe-hopper C, the agitating'or-feeder-bl'ades 38 mechanism,` the vtension of the conveyor belt 26
_* and It, which rotate in the direction indicated ~ may be readily adjusted.
i'eed the vpaste-’downwardly into f. The foregoing- detailed description has been 35
contact with the_incoming grid.' The rollJlir .given for clearness of understanding only, `and
no unnecessary limitßtions should be understood
which rotates counterclockwise, as' ‘indicated by' -_.therefrom,
but> the appended claims should be
`the arrow, ¿presses _the
iirmly intothe in- '
_terstices ofi the grid. The builer roll Il, which . ' construed _as ¿broadly as permissible, in view of
is rotated rapidly in the opposite~ direction, that the prior art. ‘
-is, in a clockwise directie . 'also serves to pack-_.:
I claim:
.'the'paate into the'grid while, -atthe same time, - . _’1. In a grid pasting machine, a frame, a. hopper
_,-it'polishes and finishes the'top sidethereot. «In . forñpaste mounted'on said trame,4 belt means
the paste-packing operation, the VtiltableV platen ‘ tor/advancing grids through the hopper, packing
.mechanism in'said hopper, and a tilted adjust-_ 45
¿1l may be used lit)> advantage .to fhold' the grid
.ni-mi, mamme withy the >packingfrml vu. r
prefer-to` tilt the rear end oi' the platen-'19
'slightly upwardly.l 'I'he slight downwardcup
ping o_f the-gridserves to onset the up-,cupping
~ produced by _the-bailar roll l2, with the result
that the 'grid leaves the
hopper in. substantially '
able platen supported-below'said belt and below
l said hopper.
.2. In a grid >pasting machine, a frame, a hopper
mounted on said -i‘rame, said hopper
being open at fits' bottom_side, belt means for
advancing grids through the hopper, a packing
ïiiat condition. >'ll’he yieldable roll Il, serves to,` roller rotatably mounted in said hopper, a bumng v
¿prevent injury to the apparatus as when t'wo roller also rotatably journaled behind said pack
ing roller, and a tiltable plate adjustably mounted
.1 sa grids in superposed relation should be brought- - below
said belt and below said hopper.’
accident in contact with the rapidly moving
3. In apparatus of the „character set forth.
-roll I2. In such‘event, the yieldable »roll permits
. the grids to pass through. At the same time, the ` supporting standards, longitudinal .beams car
ried thereby, a cross-beam carried by `>said lon
beams, a work frame having one end
belt ze' `Justbemw the ron _sz and provides' the;
by lsaid- cross-beam, adjust
uniform degree .of 11p-cunning desired.- The con >slidably-suppoi'ted
able collars slidably engaging` said >longitudinal
veyor belt 2l carries the 'grids 36 in spaced rela
` tion below the wiper member l2. By. employ- » beams and supporting the other end or said
ing a ilexible member together with a weighted frame, a drum’ rotatably mounted in said work
-or adjustable means for exerting pressure there.-' trame, a second ldrum'rotatably _carried by a pair
of said standards, an endless belt carried by said 65
_on','the operator is able to remove from the grids drums,
and an open-bottomed paste hopper sup
roll ‘Il maintains an even pressure against the
_the desired amount 'oi' paste and to place them
in substantially iinished condition. The adjust
able weight M »may be'shitted'to Vthe pointde
70 aired and there .locked in -position by screw _I_l.
The angular_ arrangement oi the' .wiper mem-___V
'ber-permits the desiredmnount- of pressureto
be exerted --without at fthe same time breaking
~ - the'
somewhat :neue vertical «una w.
15 angular position vor the wiper causes _it‘ to
ported 'over said belt „in close proximity tosaid
belt so that the belt serves as a bottom closurefor the hopper.
' 4. 'In- a grid pasting machine, supporting 70
standards. ßdilustable beams carried thereby, a
slida'ble work-frame supported on said beams, a
.drum rotatably'mounted in said work-trame, a
at second drum rotatably-carried by a'palr oi'said 7.5
’ aromas
for advancing lgrids ~through _the hopper, a tilted
plate adjustably mounted below said belt .and be
means- for supporting said hopper above >said low said-hopper, a` packing rolll a'nd a polishing »
means for adjusting said slidable frame longi
tudinally, an open-bottomed paste hopper, and
belt so that the beltv serves as a bottom closurefor the hopper.
roll mounted in `said hopper so that on'e end of
said- plate lies- substantially between, said> rolls.
8. In a grid pasting machine, a frame, an open# ,
5. In a grid pastingmachine, a frame, a hopper
for paste mounted on said frame, an endless belt y bottomed paste hopper carried by` said -frame, a'
-for advancing grids through the' hopper, rotata
pair of drums rotatably mounted at oppositefend
portions of vsaid frame, an endless belt» carried
by said 'drums and closing thevbottom of said
hind said packing means, and a tiltable plate ‘paste hopper, and a tiltable plate adjustably'
adjustably mounted below said belt and -below_ mounted below said belt'and below said hopper.
9.'In a grid pasting machine, a Iframe, an f
said hopper.
ble feeder means and packing means in said
hopper, a driven roller rotatablyv journaled be
» 6. In a grid pasting machine, a trame, a hopper y -open-bottomed hopper for paste mounted on said
for paste mounted on said frame, van endless - frame, av pair of drums rotatably mounted at
belt for advancingvgrids through the hopper, al opposite end’ portions ofv said frarne„an endless
driven roll mounted in the hopper for packing belt carried by sai‘d drums and closing the lower
paste into the grids, and a tilted platen -supported end of said hopper, adjustable means for tighten
below saidbelt and hav'ing‘one'end extending be - ing said belt, and an adjustable platen supported
`low said packing: roll.
7. In a grid pasting. machine, a frame, a hopper
- for paste mounted on said frame, an endless belt l
by said frame below said belt and‘extendingsub 20
stantially .across the bottom of said hopper.
» `
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