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Patented Feb. s, 1938
AClarence vA. Best, New Albany, Ind. y
Application January 10, 1936, Serial No. 58,445
(o1. 155-117)
2 Claims.
‘ `My invention relates to improvements in fold
ing chairs of the type known as lawn chairs.
The main object'of my invention is to provide
a` chair of this kind in a simple, inexpensive,
durable and convenient form.
Another object is to provide a chair employ
ing a minimum of parts comprising a back, arm
rests pivoted at one end to the back at each side,
legs pivotally mounted midway of their ends on
the back, means for readily and adjustably con~
'necting the free ends of ther arm rests and the
intended upper ends of the legs, a seat pivotally
mounted at its rear edge to the back, and seat
supporting legs pivotally mounted beneath the
15 free edge of the seat.
Another object is to provide a chair of this
, kindincluding a writing desk or leaf hinged to
_ onearm rest, a magazine rack behind the said
back and receptacles for an ash tray and other
2 O smokers’ articles on one arm rest.
A further object is to provide a chair of this
kindhaving novel and handy means for rmount
ing and supporting a lawn or vbeach umbrella
over the chair.
With these and other objects in view therin
vention resides in the novel construction and
arrangement of parts as hereinafter fully set
forth and claimed, reference being had to the-
accompanying drawing wherein:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved
chair ready for use.
Figure 2 is a fragmental enlarged side eleva
Figure 3 is an enlarged edge view of the writ
ing desk vor leaf and the adjacent arm rest and
Figure 4 is a fragmental perspective view of
the chair back viewing the same from the rear
v and showing the magazine rack thereon.
Figure 5 is an enlarged iragmental perspec
40 tive View of one leg showing the locking pin
` Figure 6 is an enlarged perspective view of
the leg lock.
In carrying out my invention I providev a back
45 shown generally at 1 comprising spaced parallel
sides 8 joined by cross pieces or bars 9 which in
turn are spanned by slats or strips I0 arranged
in any suitable pattern and parallel with the
sides 8. These slats I0 extend the lengthr of
the kback 1 terminating at their lower ends some
distance above the lower ends of the side 8 as
vshown and the upper and lower cross bars 9
are fitted in recesses at II into the rear edges
of the sides 8 while the center bar 9 lies flat on
these edges thus giving a bowed shape to the
back as formed by the slats.
Legs I2 are pivotally mounted intermediate
their ends by bolts I3 on the sides 8 of the back
1 some distance below the slats I0 and may be
folded when not in use flat alongside the sides 8.
Arm rests I4 are pivoted at their ends by bolts
i5 to the `sides 8 above the legs I2 and in such
position that they may also fold up alongside
these sides while clearing the legs I2 in their 10
folded positions. The legs I2 carry headed lock
ing pins I6 on their upper ends and at spaced
points below and near the free ends of each arm
rest I4 locking means are provided each com
prising an L-shaped bracket I1 screw fastened 15
to the arm rest and having a downwardly open
ing notch I8 adapted to receive the pin I8 on
the leg. Thus by entering the pins I6 inthe
notches I8 the legs I2 may be secured in a po
sition forming “crosses” with the sides 8 of the
back 1 to support the back in a rearwardly in
clining position as shown. By changing the pins
I6 from the brackets I1 nearest the outer ends
Aof they arm rests I4 to the brackets inwardly
thereof the pivotal points I3 of the legs are ele
vated toa higher vpoint and the inclination of
the back 1 reduced in well known manner. To
lock the pins I6 in the proper notches IB each
bracket I1 has a lock lever I9 pivoted at 20
above the notches I8 and having a laterally open
ing notch 2| near its free end adapted to also
engage the pin and prevent pulling the bracket
from the same as will be understood. rI‘hese
levers I9 have ears 22 extended outward from
their free ends as a convenience in swinging them 03 5
into or out of engagement with the locking pins.
The arm rests I4 when locked to the legs I2 are
supported in substantially horizontal position
while acting at the same time as supports for the
A seat 23 of rectangular form is provided and
comprises spaced and parallel side bars 24 se
cured together by spaced cross slats 25 as shown
and this seat is hinged to the back 1 at one
edge by pivotally mounting the ends of the side
bars 24 inside the sides 8 on the leg mounting
bolts I3. Thus the seat when not in use may
be folded up flat against the back 1. Seat sup
porting legs 26 are pivoted at their upper ends
by bolts 21 within the outer ends of the side
bars 24 and these legs may then fold back flat
alongside these side bars when the seat is folded.
The legs 28 are joined by a cross bar 28 and
when opened to support the seat 23 as shown
are held in vertical position by articulated arms 55
52e pivotally mounted at their ends 30 to the
side bars 24 and the legs and joined centrally
by a rule joint 3| in well known manner.
From the foregoing itwill be evident that the
chair may be folded Very compactly when, not in
use and when opened will provide a comfortable
and sturdy chair. The “six point” bearing by
the sides 8, legs I2 and legs 26 especially con
duces to a strong and rigid support for the chair.
`One arm rest I4 has recesses 32 to receive
cigarettes, matches and ash trays and the like. A
writing desk or leaf 33 is also hinged by one
edge at 34 to the inner edge 35 of this arm rest
and when swung upward to a horizontal position
15 serves as a convenient plane surface for writing
and like operations. A support arm 36 is pivot
ally mounted at 3l to one leaf of a strap hinge 33
mounted below the leaf 33 near its outer edge and
when the leaf is raised the lower end of the arm
20 36 drops into an eye 39 on the adjacent leg I2
rigidly supporting the leaf. When not in use
the arm 36 is swung on the pivot 3l tolle flat
against the leaf and the leaf is dropped down
inside the arm rest I4.
A magazine rack is provided on the back l by
a strip 40 secured along the center cross bar 9
and a loop 4I secured to the upper cross bar 9 as
shown in Figure 4. A spring clip 42 is secured
to one arm rest I4 near its pivot I5 and has
spring set normally converging ’outwardly pro
jecting jaws 43. In Vertical alignment below jaws
43 an eye 44 is screwed into the inner side of the
leg I2 near its lower end. A lawn or beach um,
brella (not shown) may have its staff dropped
35 through the eye 44 and slipped between the jaws.
43 to support the umbrella over the chair.
_ While I have herein set forth a certain preferred
embodiment of my invention, it is understood that
I may Vary from the same in minor structural
40 details, so as best to construct a practical device
for the purpose intended, not departing from the
spirit of the invention, and within the scope of the
appended claims.
I claim':
1. In a foldable chair combination, a ybackY
having a pair offorwardly extended legs at the
sides thereof, a pair of rearwardly extended legs
medially pivoted by pivot pins to the outer sides of
the forwardly extended legs, a seat pivotally con
nected at its'rear portion to the inner sides of
the forwardly extendedV legs by means: of the
pivot pins connecting the legs of the assembly,
the seat being foldable upwardly against the
back, supports foldably connected with the for
ward end of the seat for maintaining the seat in
horizontal position when opened, arms pivoted
at their rear ends to the outer sides of the back
and adjustably connected at their forward ends
with the upper ends of the rearwardly extended
legs, a writing leaf hinged to the inside edge of
one of the arms and arranged for opening hori
zontally inward over the seat for use, and for
folding downward into the space between the
adjacent outer side of the seat and the inner side '
of the adjacent rearwardly extended leg, out of
the yway to allow the seat to pass upwardly for 20
folding against the back, and means for holding
the writing leaf in horizontal position.
2. In a foldable seat combination including a
back having a pair of forwardly extended legs at
the sides thereof and a pair of rearwardly ex
tended legs medially pivoted to the forwardly eX~
tended legs at the outer sides thereof, a seat
pivotally connected at its rear‘portion to the
inner sides of the forwardly extended legs; means
to support the seat in horizontal position, the 30
seat being foldable upwardly against the back, and
side arms pivoted at their rear ends to the outer
sides of the back andradjustably connected at
their forward ends with the upper ends of the
rearwardly extended legs, a writing leaf hinged to
the inner edge of one of the arms and arranged
for opening horizontally inward over the seat for
userand for folding downwardly into the space
formed between the adjacent outer side of the
seat and the adjacent inner side of the rear- '
wardly extended legs and thus out of the way 40
to allow the seat to fold upwardly against the
back, 'and means for holding the writing leaf in
horizontal position.
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