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Feb. 8',‘ 1938.
Filed April 3, 1937
w 10
'Patented Feb. s, 1938
Albert T. Sebek, Chicago, Ill.
Application April 3, 1937; ‘Serial. No. 134,830.
5 Claims. (01. v41-40‘),
QThis invention pertains to- ornaments, and or body portion 22 which flows from the general
particularly an’ ornament designed as an acces
oval contour of‘ the central body portion and '
sory for automobile equipment.
which may haveits innermost surface 23 slightly
i it Among its'important objects the invention in
1 eludes the provision of a body of ornamental out
line having a recess adapted to ?t upon an oval
dished or curved to ?t closely against the com
plementary curvature of the underlying surface ,
portion of ' a handle member 8.
[A further object is the provision of a device;
Between the rearwardly extending vane 22 and
the side arms I6, the body portion of the central
body member I2 is cut away along a curved line,
lO’of the class described in which the recessed body
as indicated’ - at 24, and similarly the bottom
‘ portionhas a pair of oppositely disposed exten
portion of the ornament between these arms
Ibis cut away along an arcuate path, as indicated
extension of an ornamental handlestructureused
' on a well known make of car.
sion's; having registered openings through-which
at'26, the purpose of these cut-away portions be
. 'an'attaching ‘member'or pin is extended to hold
l?jyrthea ornament on the mounting" member or
ing particularly set forth hereinafter.
The mounting member 8, seen‘ especially in 1T5‘
'Still another object is the'provision of a device
of the class describedin which the recessed part
handle which at the present time is standard
of the ornament body is dimensioned to ?t freely
but snugly upon the mounting member or handle,’
automobile, and'which is attached to the radia
. 20 which construction, together with the pin means
abovementioned, provides a substantial yet sim
V ple support for the ornament.
Figs. 1, 2, and 5, is preferably an ornamental
equipment on at least one well known make of
tor peak portion of ‘ a hood and supplants the
heretofore common radiator cap of ornamental 20
design; and in addition to serving the utilitarian
'Still another object of the invention is the
function of a handle for raising and lowering the
~ . provision of a device of the class described in . hood, the member 8 additionally serves as an or
251. which the ornament body is designed with its sev
eral structural characteristics'above mentioned
: and its overall contour. adapted to supplement the
design contour of the mounting: body or handle
with which it is associated.
Othernovel aspects and objects'of construc
tion will 'appearas the following detailed descrip-'
,tion proceeds in view of the ‘drawing, in which ~
‘Fig. 1 is a top plan view of the ornament
I fmounted upon a standard handle;
As seen in the ?gures particularly referred to 25
above, this member 8 is an elongated structure
which tapers into a tail portion 9 of no particular
consequence in the present case other than the
fact that this formation blends into the overall
artistic con?guration of the handle structure it-' 30
self and the combination of the handle and the
ornament. In addition, the handle member 8 has
looking in the direction of lines 3—3 of Fig. 2;
a substantially solid oval nose portion or exten
sion II (Fig. 5) from a lowermost portion of
which depends a mounting stud or extension I3
threaded to receive a mounting bolt I5.
It will be understood that the handle 8 may
be variously designed from an artistic stand
4o " Fig.4 is a front elevation of the device of Fig.
point, while including in each of these designs the
'3', and. is taken along lines‘ 4-4 thereof; while
peculiar oval extension or nose formation I I, and
this latter fact is of importance in conjunction
with the device of my invention, in that said de
vice is, peculiarly arranged and designed for sup
porting cooperation with an ornamental device
of the character pointed out.
'Fig; 2is a side elevation of the combined or
wnament and handle, and is taken in the direction
of‘ lines 2-2 of Fig. 1;
, Fig. 3 is aoforeshortened bottom plan view
Fig. 5 is'an enlarged fragmentary vertical sec
! tion through the handle and ornament, and
vjtaken along lines ‘5—5 of Fig. 4.
I451 The device of the present invention includes
' ‘an ornament body In having a. central body por
; 'tion I2 from which extend opposite winged por
_- tions I74 symbolizing in con?guration, for exam
l~ 8. '7 ple, the ?gure of a ?ying ?sh or the like.
The central body portion I2 includes, as seen
. particularly in‘Fig. 27, a pair of rearwardly ex
‘ To this end the'central body portion I2 is re
cessed or hollowed to provide a socket generally
indicated at IT in Fig. 5, and which receives the
nose’ portion II of the handle 8, it being ob
served that the extreme outermost end II’ of
the nose ?ts snugly against the bottommost
:tending arms I6, each provided with registering
{apertures I8 for the reception of a mounting pin " (outer) part of the socket I1 and cooperably
7. >o'r memberv 20. Disposed above the arms I6 and , with the vane portion 22, and the arcuated bottom
‘55", between; the same'is a rearwardly pointing vane
portion 26 provides a bearing engagement with
l8 and the handle member 8, a substantially rigid
and pin means extended through said ornament
body and said mounting member at a point spaced
substantially away from the bottom of said re
structure results.
the handle member 8 so that when the stay pin
20 is inserted through the registered openings
The simplicity of the foregoing construction,
‘and particularly the arrangement which includes
the socket I‘! receivable on the extended part of
stantially elongated oval longitudinal cross-sec
the handle 8 and the single stay pin 20, makes
tion, a mounting member, having an elongated
oval extension ?tted into said socket, and means
the device very useful as an accessory, since only
10 one hole need be provided or drilled in the handle
2. An ornament including a member having a
hollow body portion providing a socket of sub
attaching said hollow body portion to said mount
portion in order to mount the ornament, yet the
ing member in assembled relation at a point
resulting ornament unit is extremely rugged and
will resist; ordinary attempts to remove the orna
spaced substantially away from the bottom of said
ment part of the combination.
As has been pointed out previously in describ
ing the particular handle structure 8 employed
3. An ornamental device in the form of a han
dle member having a substantially bullet shaped 15
extension and an ornament body having a socket
formation conforming substantially to the out
for illustrative purposes herein, the artistic de
sign of the ornament H3 is not restricted to the
particular form shown, for instance, in Fig. 1, but
line of said extension and ?tted over the same,
together with pin means extended through said
20 may be varied through a wide range of orna
ornament and said handle member at a point 20'
mental designs such as will occur to those skilled
in the arts, so that it is not intended that the
invention be restricted to any of the particulars
recited herein, but is to include all modi?ca
25 tions of the particularly described device and all
adaptations of the same fairly coming within
the scope of the appended claims, and Which par
adjacent thejuncture of said handle and the
edge or rim portions of said socket.
4. An ornament body having a recessed part
providing a socket of greater depth than width
and ?tted closely upon an oval receiving body,
said ornament being attached to a said body by
pin means extended through the latter and said
ticularly may include an ornament body having ' ornament at a point closer to the marginal rim
a substantially oval socket therein for the recep
extremity of said socket than to the bottom of
30 tion of a substantially oval body extension of a
the same.
mounting member, and pin means adjoining the
5. An ornament having an elongated recess
juncture of the ornament and the mounting and ?tted upon a mounting member having a
member at a point spaced substantially away part extended into said recess and against the
from the bottom of the recess.
bottom of the same, and means securing said
Having thus described my invention, what I ornament and said mounting member in assem 35
claim as new and desire to protect by Letters bled relation and including a securing member
Patent is:
extended through said mounting member and
1. An ornament body having a recessed portion said ornament at a point near the open end of
providing a socket for the reception of a sub
said recess.
410 stantially oval extension of a mounting member,
. a mounting member extended into said socket,
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