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Feb. 8, 1938.
Fi‘lred July 3, 1937
‘I _ . 24971849
" ;
" k
i. Y‘
M --j-*"~;mmsi;iemm¢1a, Brnomyn',’N.‘Yi
5: mum; ruiyrs, Hansel-151 39;.151-536 7
a "10min;
‘Thelpresentinventionrrelates-to ladies’ foundae
elasticLlThefrontpajnel l2vv ls provided with a
,"tionllfgarmentsg and, more particularly, to girdles" lower elastic insert ‘20, and'rearp'anel I8 is pro
Q provided with
innerifront-portion for 'ilattening
. v5 ; OneIobject ofit'he' invention'fis'to ‘providea
. beltedv‘g'irdl'e*which'is-specially\Padaptedifor- a.
7‘ figure which is ofnioderate; size-but yetrequires
; 'a girdle which-isi‘providedwith means vfor/flat
tfening thefabdomen‘. Forlthis purpose theigirdle;
vided lwithlanup'per. elastic insertz22'.~ Said front
and rear panels are also provided with stays 24
and 25, respectively; 1 the front stays 24 being
relatively "shortzia's'indicatedrand the rear stays
26 extending substantiallyitothe lower edge of
.therrear panelfi' ‘
In accordance‘ withthe-prese'nt invention, the
' I it‘ Lis'jpr'ovided with aniinner-beltior.‘frontiportion front panel l2 .and-one of the. side panels, here 10
constructed and'arran'ged toproduce the desired shownfasthe side panel ,I6,':are' separable for a'
portionpf'their length,-that isilalonga line ex
. Afurther object of the invention is to provide tending from the upper edge 28 of the girdle to a
' I a belted‘kg'irdle having sections which areat least point 30 located approximately two-thirds of the
distance between said upper edge of the girdle and
15 partially separable so as’ to facilitate the putting
i on‘and taking. off of the girdle,‘ and more par! the lower edge 32 of the latter. For fastening
said separable sections together a slide operated
'ticularly, to'provide a belted girdle having sep
arable sections connected together by a slide op ‘fastener 34 is provided. I The usual stringers 36
erated fastenersuch'as a “zipper” and. arranged and 38' of said fastener are attached at the ad
'20 so that the fastening. of the belt in. position draws jacent edges of panel l2 and section l6.
In accordance with the present invention, the
p‘theseparable sections of the girdle together, so
7 » j thatthe movement ofthe “zipper” to closed posi
' :"tion is facilitated.
' {A further object of the invention is to provide
7' 25V a girdle with a belted portion which has a two
my _stretch,'that is, a belt which is extensible
"@bothicircumferentially and longitudinally of ‘the
r 'The ‘above objects of the invention and'other
.objects ancillary thereto will be fully understood
elastic in a transverse direction as indicated by the
= from the following descriptionconsidered with
arrows 5B, but which preferably is non-stretch
able‘ and inelastic in a longitudinal direction.
object of the invention is gener
1:30 ally, to improvethe construction of belted girdles.
7 1A yet further
reference to the’ accompanying drawing forming
Central portion 42 is provided with reinforcing 35
" a part of the present speci?cation. ,1
Inthe drawing:
' cross strips 51 stitched thereto and to the ver
- Fig. l is a front view of the girdle illustrated in
tical reinforcing strips 49. The upper edge of
position on the wearer; '
belt 40 is provided with an elastic tape 53 and
Fig. 2 is a rear view of the girdle;
4g (Fig. '3‘is an inside view of the front of the
central panel 42 composed of suitable fabric which
is'preferably non-stretchable and inelastic in a
direction transversely of the wearer, but which 25
is elastic in a direction longitudinally of the
wearer as indicated by the arrow 44 in Fig. 3.
Said belt also comprises side panels 46 and 48
stitched to central panel 42 and reinforced at the
seams by strips or tapes 49. Said panels 46 and
48 are composed of suitable fabric which is
. girdle is provided with a belt 40 comprising a
' 55 being stretchable in a direction longitudinally
7 1 Fig. 4' is an enlarged sectional view on the line
r4"—.4 of Fig. 1.
the lower edge of said belt portion is provided
‘with a similar elastic tape 55, said tapes 53 and
'Referringnow more particularly to the draw
ing, the foundation garment vhere shown as a
girdle l0, embodying thelpresentinvention, com
prisesfs'ections secured together in‘body encircling
"relation. Said girdle includes a front panel l2 of
Belt 40 is attached to the girdle at the inner
side of front panel l2 by. stitching the side edge
of one side panel, here shown as ‘panel 46, by the
seam 52' by whichthe side panel I4 is attached to
. the front panel
I2 at one side thereof.
opposite side edge of portion 40 is provided with
'1 suitable fabric which is preferably.non-stretchable ' an inelastic fabric strip 54 carrying hooks 56 for
engagement with eyes 58 carried by an inelastic 50
‘l elastic transversely, or in a circumferential di *fabric strip 60. Said strip 60 is stitched to an
‘ rection and substantially inelastic or ofIlimited_ inelastic fabric ?ap 62 which is stitched to panel
7 50tand inelastic, sidezsec'tions l4 and 16 which are
‘elasticity in} a direction longitudinally of the
' vwearer, and a rear panell? which is composed of
' 16 adjacent the separable side edge thereof by a
‘line of stitching 64 which also passes through the
-55 suitable fabric which; is non-stretchable and in-v .fastenerstringer 38. Elastic garter tabs 65 are
attached at their ends to the bottom of belt por
tion 40 and to the bottom edge of front panel I2,
respectively. Garter tabs 69 are stitched to the
lower edge of rear panel l8.
It will be observed that when the wearer ad
justs the girdle on her body, before the fastener
34 is closed,‘the hooks on the belt are engaged
with the eyes on strip 60 which is attached to flap
B2. In this manner the front panel l2 and the
side panel [6 are drawn together and disposed
with their edges close to each other so‘that the
slider 35 of the slide fastener 34 may be operated ,
may be made. Thus, for example, while I have
described the central portion 1S2 of belt 40 as elas
tic, which is a preferred feature of the invention,
said section may be composed of inelastic fabric,
although it is preferred that the side sections 7 5
' 46 and 48 have elasticity in atransverse direction‘
as above described. Accordingly, in view of the
changes which may be made in the construction
herein shown, I do not wish to be limited precisely
thereto, except as may be required by the ap 1O
pended claim considered with‘ reference to the
prior art.
with minimum resistance to effect the closurelof : 1 .;Having thus described my invention, what I p
the slide fastener. Byvvirtue of this arrangement ‘ claim and desire to secureby Letters Patent is:
15 the necessity for‘two rows of hooks and two rows] " 1 'A foundation garment such as a girdle having 15
of eyes is eliminated as the same'set of hooks, a belt ‘on theinside thereof in position to overlie
and eyes which are used for fastenting the belt the wearer’s abdomen, said belt comprising a cen
portion of the girdle in position: also=.,.>br-ings the‘ tral- portion which is elasticvlongitudinally and
separable girdle portions close together ‘for vre-, inelastic transversely, and side portions which
lieving the strain on the slide operated fastener.
Flap 62 is of suitable thickness and is preferably
soft and padlike in order to prevent the hooks
ands eyes from causing any discomfort to the
Thus it is seen that the girdle herein shown and
described as the preferred'embodiment of the
invention is well adapted to accomplish thesev
eral objects of the latter.
It will be understood,
are elastic transversely, one of said side portions
beingattached at its outer edge to the girdle, said
side portions 'permitting'the belt to be stretched _
and thereby tensioned- when invposition on the
wearer, separable fasteners on said girdle and
onzthe outer edge/of said other side portion for 25
releasably fastening the belt inisaid position, said
girdle having separable portions adj cent said
other side edge of, thebelt in the fas ened posi
however, that the invention‘may be embodied . tion of the latter, and a‘ slide operated fastener.
30 otherwise than as here shown and that in the ' for releasablysecuringsaid separable portions 30
embodiment illustrated herein certain‘ changes
in the construction and arrangement of parts
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