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Feb; s, 1938.
Filed Feb. 19, 1957
2 Sheets-Sheet l
In venior
Feb. 8, 1938.
> Filed Feb. 19, ‘1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
' 9
w?? \
oteuted Feb. 8, 1938
‘ l mu";
_ Leopard Taylor, Port, (Phlo.
Application Feb
lug 3931i, her-loll No. mom
.3 Elolme. (Ell. Win55)
of pairs 0! metelllc stmps
The present lnventlon relates to new ‘and use-‘ through the meoll
ful improvements in dem forming attachments or here H3. The memo ll ore rigidly secured he
tween the pairs of ‘bore lit, as at M, curl sold
pelrs of hots straddle the llster he
622 cl ore
plvotolly connected thereto, he at no. Moon
for listers of the tractor attached type and has
for its primary object to provide, in a. manner co
5 hereinafter set forth, a devlce of this character
which is adopted, to form spaced dams lo the
on the free rear code of the has M ore
- o. 1
it which carry treheversely arranged, lncllnedl
furrows or ditches left by the llster shovels or’
plows thereby preventing excessive washing army
[scraping elect or elements ll.
of the sell by ram.
are adjustable‘ oh the he
ll to pet theln=
cllootlom of the eorooer rlieoe ll to he verjleo es Ml
Another very lmportant object of the lnventlo
is to provide on attachment of the aforemen
tloned character embodying novel means for com
heating the o‘o'm forming members to the wheels
of the tractor for periodical actuation thereby.
p4 (A
Other objects of the invention ore to provlcle e
dam forming attachment of the chorocter oe
or; to
'I‘he heomo M ore oohoeeted to the
s ‘l lo o
manner to he rolserl thereby through the merit
of chemo £6‘, The ouole of pull of the chemo MB
on the
ll lo mod to locllltote the hit- M
lng of sold heomo through the med!
of: rotle it
which ore securerl hettveeu the pairs of here 633,,
as at
The chaos, 98 are secured to the rear»
sorlhecl which will‘he comparatively simple lo
construction, strong, stumble, highly e?cient and
reliable in use, compact, llght in weight and
wor?ly eotl uovyorclly extending‘ redo Ml hv sulta
which may he manufactured at low cost.
All of the foregoing ororl still further objects
oble moons, such he ocljuetohle nuts 26. Sultohle u
oprlhos 22‘? extend forwardly from the arms to
the tractor ll to prevent too errors from heioo
pulled reorweruly he the evelht ot the chemo Ell >
and advohteges of the invention “will become up“
parent from o study of the following soecl?co=
tlon, toheo. in connection with the occomoo? e
N) OI drawings wherein like characters of relerence
when‘ the lleter cool the ott
ore mlseol. -
It to thought that’
ooerotlou ol’ the lovem 25
deslgnote oorrespoorllug ports throughout the ‘tlon. vrlll he‘reov eoooreut from o cool-‘Mere,w
tl'on or” the loreoolho. memento ll follow the
severe-l views, and wherelu:—
Figure 1 is o view to side elevetlon, showing llster plows ?t’; cool oororse up
‘the lnvehtloh.
Figure 2 loo View lureor elevotloo of ‘the per-
tions of the ooerotlhg mechanism which are
mounterl oh the troctor.
Figure 3 is to vertical eectlou view, telreu suhe
stentlelly on the hue
of the. 1.
lo a. view in horizontal section, token
suhstohtlolly on the line
oi‘ Flo. l. ‘
Figure I;
e. detotl view in persoectlve of one
of the trim.
Referring’ now to the drawings in detail, it wlll
be seen thot the embodiment of the invention
which hos been illustrated comprises heirs of
hearings tvhlch are rlgluly secured in ony sult
of sell in the furrow or oltchee left hv select plows.
With each revolutlou of the troetor wheels 63 the 30
trips 9 ego the levers ll cod
no the arms “[1
forwardly lo o mormer to hit the he
M ->
through the medium ot the
as th, thus ecu“
gauging the
all from the turrowo or
ditches and ‘mom; the oooulotlcoe or out
'tvhlch hove been scrooecl. up hr sold elements ll
he sold furrows or oltcheo to o men-her to form
demo at spaced potato. 0t course, after the trips
9 loose out of eugee'ement with the levers the
elements; l‘l rot
loo orelvltv to the furrows or low
ditches. As hereluhetore started, the lncliootlou
of the element-e ll moo he edlueted as desired
through the medlum of the otllhlo mounted
vehtionol tractor l3 between the reor wheels 13 of shohhe to. The ueuol ouheoller auto 2% are left
selcl troctor and the dl?erentlol housing 5. Jour ‘on the lleter for euc'ooemeut heheoth the pairs to’
terl hero ll for lifting the beams
helerl m the hearings t are oholto t the loner eucle of olvotolly
olole manner on the rear exile housing 2 of o con
of which termioote in ulreten?lno Mm ‘E.
their outer curls, the shefto tl termlhete in one-Pu“
ler levers ll which exteool adjacent the wheels t.
Trips Q oremouuteo on the wheels ‘l for oncoge
ment with the levers ll, mid trlpe
by suitable belts or clamps m.
ll when the ‘hem lt ere lifted.
it is hellev
t the mono advantages of o
. dam formlog otteceot constructed in occorol- 7
once tvlththe present luventloh will he readily '
l3 secured‘ understood
The reference numeral ll designates be
which are plvotollv connected to the llster boom
‘ 22 for em moment to o. vertlcal
o1 oltho
a. preferred emhoent
of the device lo as illustrated and dmcrlhed, lt
ls to he
wow that changes in the dot
of construction the to the comblnotlon one or"
rangt of ports
he reoorted-to which will to‘
fall within the scope of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:—
1. A dam forming attachment for wheeled
llsters comprising a beam pivotally connected to
the lister for swinging movement in a vertical
plane, a scraping element mounted on said beam
and adapted to travel in the ditch made by the
lister plow, and means operatively connecting the
beam to one of the wheels of the lister for period
10 ically "lifting said element out of the ditch, said
means including a shaft rotatably mounted on
the lister,'an arm projecting from said shaft, a
mounted on the second named beam, altr'ans
verse, inclined scraping disc mounted on said _
shank and adapted to travel in the ditch left by
the lister plow, a trip mounted on said one wheel
of the lister and engageable with the lever for
‘swinging the arm forwardly, and a chain con
necting the arm to the second named beam for
periodically lifting the scraping element out of
the ditch.
3. A dam forming , attachment for wheeled
listers comprising a pair of bars pivotally con
nected to the lister beam on opposite sides thereof
?exible member connecting the beam to-said arm, - for-swinging movement in a vertical plane, a
a lever projecting from the shaft, and a trip on
15 said one wheel engageable with the lever for actu
ating the ‘shaft and the arm-in a direction to lift
the beam.
_2. A dam forming attachment for wheeled
listers comprising, a pair‘ of transversely aligned
beam rigidly secured between said bars, a scrap
ing element mounted on the second named beam
and adapted to travel in the ditch left by the
llster plow, a rod secured between the bars and
extending upwardly and rearwardiy therefrom,
an arm mounted for swinging movement on the
20 bearings mounted on the rear axle housing of the . tractor, a chain connecting the second named
lister adjacent one of the rear wheels, a shaft beam to said arm for lifting the scraping element
journaled in said bearings, an arm on the inner out of the ditch, said chain being secured, at an
end of said shaft, a lever on the outer end of intermediate point, to the rod for forming an
the shaft, a pair of bars pivotally secured to the angle in said chain, and means operatively con
lister beam on opposite sides thereof for swing necting the arm to one of the wheels of the trac
ing movement in a vertical plane, a beam rigidly
secured between said bars, a shank adlustably
tor for periodic actuation thereby.
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