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Feb. s, 193s.
Filed Aug. s, 1956 '
Patented Feb. â, 1938
artrosi ~
untreu stares
PATENT orties 'Y
Mmmm staremo .HANDLE .
Joseph Ford, Trenton, N. J.
application somt s, 193s, serial No. 94,097
s om (or. re-»i'zsi
This invention relates to an audible dgnaling
handle ior portable drinking vessels, and has for
its object to provide, in a' manner as hereinafter
set forth, a handle of such class so constructed
whereby the user ‘of 4the yessel may readily at
tract the attention of an attendant when occasion
A further object of the invention is to provide,
in a manner as hereinafter set iorth. a handlev
10 designed- primarily for use in connection with
drinking vessels and with the handle including an
upstanding hand gripping 'part so constructed to
enable _the user of the vessel to conveniently sig
nal antattendant for the purpose of having the
15 vessel replenished or for any other reason desired.
A further object of the invention is to provide,
in a manner as hereinaiter set forth, a handle
for drinking vessels having arranged therein,
the components of an audible signal enahlihg the
user of the vessel to conveniently signal to direct
the attention of an attendant or a waiter.
` Further objects oi' the invention are to provide,
in a manner as hereinafter set forth, an audible
signaling handle for drinking vessels which is
25 simple in its construction and arrangement,
strong, durable, compact thoroughly emcient in
use, readily set up, not marrlng the appearance
lation thereto is the handle i in accordance with
this _invention The handle 2 comprises a one
piece'body formed of an outer straight vertical
portion 3 and a pair of spaced parallel horizon
tally disposed top and bottom portions 3B, 3b re» 5
spectively angularly disposed with respect to and
having'their outer ends merging into the upper
and lower ends of the portion 3. The inner ends
of the portions 32, 3b merge into the outer pe
riphery of the container part. The latter may _be m
of any desired shape, and preferably will be cast
orlmouldedV from glass, porcelain, metal or the
like. The handle preferably will be of the same
material as body i.
Opening through the upper end of the vertical , is
portion 3 of the handle is a short bore il having
the wall 5 thereof extending in parallel relation
to the outer face of the portion 3 of the handle.
The remaining Wall portion of the bore It, indi
cated at 6, is curved and downwardly tapering. ,20
The wallt merges into the wall portion t which
(so-operates with the wall t to provide a restric
tion ‘i opening through a shoulder 't which forms
the upper wall of an opening t in the outer face of
the portion 3. The opening t is provided with 25
an inwardly and upwardly inclined hottomwall
it which is substantially in alignment with the
rear edge of the restriction l. The shoulder 8
To the above ends essentially the invention oon-k - extends across the restriction ‘l and terminates
sists of such parts and such combination oi parts between the restriction and the inner faceof the
which fall within the scope of the invention as handle portion 3. Extending from the shoulder
ii to the bottom of the handle portion 3 is a cylinf.
of the vessel, and inexpensive to manufacture.
The adaptation of the invention is shown. hy
way of example, as extended laterally from und
integral with the container portion oi a mug.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is a vertical section through a mug
embodying one form ofthe invention,
Figure 2 is a fragmentary top plan thereof,
Figure 3 is a fragmentary perspective view oi
the handle.
drical bore Il having its front 'wall in alignment
with the wall 5 of the bore él. At the point
of mergence between the bore il and opening 9 a 3.
pointed projection i2 is formed which is located
heneath the restriction l and provides an ob
struction for air which is forced into the 4bore d
and through the restriction.
lin the form shown in Figure 4 the straight 40
portion it of the handle is provided with
Figure t is a fragmentary vertical sectionl em# vertical
a cylindrical here it extending throughout the
hodying a modiñed iormoi the invention,
5 isin aconnection
the form
view shown
in Figure d, _
Figure 6 is a view similar to rigore il showing a
further modified form of the invention, and
Figure 'l'.is an enlarged fragmentary section
50 showing the construction of the insert employed
in the form shown in Figure d.
Referring te the drawing in detail, the nu!
length or such portion and opening through the .
top and bottom thereof. Preferably a lip «it is l
provided in encircling relation to the upper end ¿5
of the bore it. ,The outer lace of Vthe portion
lil is provided with an opening it similar to the
opening il heretofore described. Adapted t9 he
inserted into the loore tél so that its lower face is
substantially hush with the upper wall of the 50
opening it is an insert il which is substantially
cylindrical in ‘forni with one face it cut away to
vprovide a restricted passage i9 adjacent the
:neral l indicates the open top container part oi a
mug or the like. Integral with ,the container ' opening it. The bore it and opening it form a
55 part as Well as arranged in laterally disposed re
pointed projection 2t similarl to the projection 55
I2 heretofore described, which is located directly
beneath the restricted passage I9 and provides an
obstruction for air which is forced into the bore
I5 and through the passage i9.
In the form of the invention shown in Figure
6 the straight handle portion 2l is provided with
a cylindrical bore 22 opening through thelower
face of the portion'âi and terminating in spaced
relation to the upper face of the: handle. portion.
10 Opening through the upper -face of the portion>
`2| is a downwardly tapered bore 23 which pro
vides a restricted opening 2l into the upper end
of the bore 2t’. The upper end of the bore 22,
circumierentialiy of the restricted opening 2l
15 provides a shouider 2E disposed transversely of
the handle portion 2i. Adapted to be inserted
into the bore 22 so as_to abut against the shoulder
25 is an insert 26 which provides an obstruction
to air which enters through the bore 23 and
passes through the restricted opening 2l.
The insert 26 preferably will be substantially
in the form of an inverted cup 21 having mounted
therein a rotatable element 25 comprising a plu
rality of vanes which is mounted to rotate in a
transverse plane with respect to the handle por
tion. Disposed beneath the rotatable element 2'8
is a rotatable element 29 formed with spaced
convex top and bottom walls and having opposite
edge portions thereof mounted in sockets 30
formed in the member 21 to rotate in a longitu
dinal plane with respect to the handle portion.
Preferably a lip 3| will be provided at the top of ,
the handle portion 2| which is similar to the lip
l5 heretofore described.
In the use of a mug handle embodying this in->
vention, air is forced into the bores l. il or 23,
such as by placing the lips around the upper
ends of the bores and blowingA therein. Due to
the restrictions in spaced relation to the upper
40 ends of such bores. and to the obstructions dis
manner such as by placing the ñnger thereover.
In like manner the insert 26 may be inserted .into
the bore il and employed in connection with the
'handle shown in -Figure 1. When the insert 28
is so used, the opening 9 preferably will be tem
porarily closed in the same manner as suggested
for the closing of the opening I6.
The portions 3, I3, 20 constitute hand-grip
parts. The portions 3*, 3b constitute combined
» attaching and spaced parts and are employed 10
for spacedly connecting a hand-grip part to a
receptacle, such by way of example as the body
of a mug as shown.
The forms of the invention herein illustrated
and described `are intended to portray practical
embodiments thereof, vand it 'is to be understood
that changes and variations may be made which
fall within the scope of the invention as claimed.
1. A Whistle drinking mug comprisinga liquid
holding body, a hollow tubular whistle adapted
to make an audible signal upon- the introduction
of a blast of air into the hollow tube, and means
holding said whistle lin spaced relation to said
liquid holding body whereby said whistle provides 25
a grip handle for the mug.
2. A whistle drinking mug comprising a liquid
holding body, a hollow tubular whistle adapted
to make an audible signal upon the introduction
of a blast of air into the hollov.` tube, means hold 30
ing said whistle in spaced relation to said liquid
holding body whereby said whistle provides a
grip handle for the mug. and- a portion of,said
whistle and a portion of said spacing means com
binedly forming a. mouth piece for said whistle. 35
3. A whistle grip handle fo'r receptacles com
prising a hollowtubular whistle stem, ymeans co
operating with said stem to provide an audible
signal upon theintroduction of a blast of fluid
into said stem, means for spacedly securing the 40
posed beneath the restrictionsga whistling noise whistle stem to a receptacle wherebyto provide a
results from the passage of the air from the grip handle for the receptacle. and a portion of
said stem and of said last named means com
y If desired an insert su'ch as 20 may be employed> bindely forming a mouth piece for the whistle.
in lieu of the insert l1, and in such use the open
ing I6 may be temporarily closed in any suitable
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