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Feb. 15, 1938.
Filed Nov. 14, 195e
if' ‘è
' L
L am W0/ 46e '
Patented Feb. 15, 1938
Leta Wallace, Kansas City, Mo.
Application November 14, 1936, Serial No. 110,883
2 Claims.
(Cl. 155-182)
My invention relates to an adjustable cushion
fortable and resilient or yielding seat. Each of
the leaves 3 is made the form of the ñnish'ed
seat and may be of any suitable material, as, for
example, pressed wood libres or the like. In
and more particularly to an adjustable cushion
to be used. in connection with piano seats.
Piano benches or seats are designed primarily
for adults and are always too low for children
sov that resort is usually had to telephone direc
tories, sofa pillows, and the like, as cushions to
raise the child to proper position. 'I'he di?îculty
is that these makeshifts seldom are of the right
10 height so that the child is seldom placed in the
proper position for playing. The awkwardness
of sitting upon an improvised seat induces nerv
ous fatigue and minimizes the child’s ability to
concentrate on the matter in hand.
practice, I have used leaves made of “celotex”,
which is the trade ‘name for a synthetic board
like material made of pulped wood fibres pressed
into shape.
one-half to three-fourths of an inch will suffice, 10
and in practice six leaves or inserts are all that
need be used. In order that the cushion present
a neat appearance, as shown in Fig. 1, I provide
an insert member 5, the center of which is cut
away, as can readily be seen by reference to Fig
The old
15 piano stool with its adjustable seat is a thing of
the past, and inasmuch as it was an unstable
and unsatisfactory seat, it has been largely re
placed by piano benches in connection with
which the instant cushion is adapted to» be used.
One object of my invention is to provide an
adjustable cushion adapted to properly position
children at the piano.
Another object of my invention is to provide
an adjustable cushion for use by children of
various ages and for use by -growing children.
Other and further objects of my invention will
appear from the following description.
In the accompanying drawing, which forms a
part of the instant specification and whi-ch is
30 to be read in conjunction therewith and in which
like reference numerals are used to indicate like
parts in the various views;
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a cushion con
taining one embodiment of my invention, with
parts broken away.
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the cushion
shown in Fig. l with the parts in position for the
insertion or removal of a leaf.
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line
40 3_3 of Fig. 1.
In general, my invention contemplates the pro
Each of the leaves may be of any
suitable thickness. In general, thicknesses from
ures l and 3. The hollow portion formed by the
insert above and the insert below the member 5
forms a chamber for the reception of the seam
5 and the draw string 2.
After the desired number of inserts have been
placed in the bag or cover l, the draw string is 20
pulled tight and is wrapped circumferentially
around the cover and pulled tight so as to draw
the excess material inwardly into the space
formed by the member 5, it being understood that 25
the draw string 2 is made of unusual length to
permit it to be wrapped several times around
the circumference of the cushion. When the
draw string has been wrapped tightly, the seam
6 and the string will lie in the hollow space 30
formed by the member 5, as will be clearly seen
by reference to Fig. 3. In this manner, the cush
ion will present a ñat and neat appearance, as
shown in Fig. l.
The operation of the article will be clearly
understood from the
description. 35
When the child is small a maximum number of
inserts or leaves 3 will be inserted, with the top
leaf 4 made of resilient material uppermost. As
the child grows, the height of the cushion may
be reduced by simply removing inserts or leaves 40
vision of a cover of flexible material, such as v 3.
fabric, leather, imitation leather, or the like,
into which a plurality of leaves or inserts may
be placed or removed to obtain cushions of vari
ous heights.
More particularly, referring now to the draw
ing, a flexible cover l made of fabric, leather,
imitation leather, or the like, is formed by sewing
the fabric into the shape of a bag or sack, the
mouth of which is adapted to be closed by a draw
string 2. Into the cover member is adapted to
be inserted a plurality of leaves or inserts 3, the
upper one of which 4 is made of sponge rubber,
v55 felted material, or the like, to provide a com
It will be seen that I have accomplished the
objects of my invention and have provided an ad
justable cushion for use with piano benches, or
the like, enabling children to use seats designed
primarily for adults.
It will be understood that certain features and
sub-combinations are of utility and may be em
ployed without reference to other features and
sub-combinations. This is contemplated by and 50
is within the scope of my claims. It is further
obvious that various changes may be made in
details within the scope of my claims without de
parting from the spirit of my invention. It is,
therefore, to be understood that my invention 55
is not to be limited to the specific details shown
and described.
I claim:
l. A cushion comprising in combination a
flexible cover member in the form of a sack hav
5 ing an open end, a plurality of plates each of less
area and height than the sack, said plates set
within said sack above one another loosely in
substantial alignment and adapted to be selec
tively removed therefrom to reduce the height
10 of the cushion, securing means for said sack in
cluding means for closing said open end and an
elongated flexible member positioned circumfer-Z
entially around the cushion intermediate the
upper and lower faces thereof adaptedto draw
in surplus material of said cover member between
adjacent plates.
2. A cushion as in claim 1 in which one of said
plates is formed with a central opening, said
elongated flexible member being adapted to draw
in surplus material between adjacent plates and
into said opening.
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