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Feb. l5, :1938.
L. w. srMlsTER
Filed March 14, 1936
_. _. _ `
_ _L._
Patented Feb.` 15, 193g
Louis W. Simister, Astoria, N. Y.
Application March 14, 1936, Serial No. 68,808
1 Claim. (Cl. 36-11)
This invention relates to foot wear and par-
ticularly to that variety of light shoes and slip`pers known as moccasins.
rower portion are two sets of openings 33-34.
An ornament, as the bow blank 35, seen in
An object of the invention is to provide a
5 comfortable moccasin, consisting of few and simple parts so designed and constructed that these
parts may- be assembled from proper blanks, by
any person without previous experience.
A further feature is in the provision of a moc-
10 casin that may be made in various sizes.
Another purpose is »to produce av moccasin of
attractive 4appearance from blanks precut, entirely without stitching, nailing or otherwise securing the parts in predetermined position exUI cept for the lacing means employed.
These advantageous objects are attained by
the novel design, construction and combination
` of parts hereinafter described and illustrated in
the annexed drawing, constituting an essential
20, component of this disclosure, and in which:Figure 1 >is a plan -view of a blank forming the
main body of a moccasin made in accordance
with the invention.
the shape of a truncated cone and in its nar- o
plan in Figure 4, is adapted to be disposed under
the loop 30, the ends of the bow blank being 5
fancifully formed,\as at 36.
In assembling> these several parts, a common
ilat shoe lace 38, or its equivalent, is employed
as a securing means.
'I'he blank I5 is maneuvered to present up- 10
standing edges I5', the bend occurring inside the
line oi' apertures I8; the side folds I‘I are turned
downwardly, and the rear of the moccasin
formed by bending the blank so that its straight
-rear edges are approximately in contact.
The counter 32 is formed` to extend at its
narrow end into the pocket formed by bending
the blank device while the wider, upper end 32’
is turned down over the adjacent end edges I5’
of the main blank, and the tab 2| is folded there- 20
over; the counter may, if preferred, be secured in
place by any suitable adhesives.
The upper 21 is assembled and the lacing 38.
Figure 2 is a similar view of the blank conzsstituting the upper.
Figure 3 is alike view of the heel counter. Y
Figure 4 is a plan view‘of the blank from which
the ornamental bow is formed.
Figure 5 is ‘a perspective view of the moccasin
‘30 as fully assembled.
Figure 6 is a. longitudinal sectional view taken
on line 6-6 oi Figure 5: and
beginning at the back, is threaded through the
apertures 2i', then through the openings 33-34 25
continuing towards the front through apertures
I6 and I8, then through the openings I6 and 2B
in the upper, around the toe and back on the
opposite side in similar sequence.
From the foregoing, it» will be understood that 30
the material is of a flexible nature. that the
several perforations in the adjoining parts must
Figure 7 is afragmentary perspective view of
the heel portion of the moccasin prior to final
35 assembly.
Referring in greater detail to the drawing, the
view shown in. Figure 1 includes a central, sole
portion I5 extending from toe to heel, this element being demarcated by a marginal row of
match, and that a single, fastening member
alone is used in seeming and maintaining the
moccasin in condition to impart comfort to the 35
wearer, and 'present a comely appearance.
Although the foregoing is descriptive of the
preferred embodiment of the invention, it will
be apparent that minor changes may be made in
40 narrow slot-like apertures I 6.
The rear portion of this blank has its lateral
its construction without the exercise of inven- 40
tion or conflicting with the scope of the claim
edges extended to form reverse folds Il at the
heel, these folds having similar apertures I8,
and their extreme outer edges are preferably
45-fancifu1ly formed as at I9.
hereto appended.
' n
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed as new and desired to secure by Letters
Patent, is:
Centrally 0fv the rear DOI'I‘fiOn 0f the blank are
A moccasin comprising a main blank having
spaced Cuts 20 having between them e» tab 2l
a semloval front, a rectangular rear portion
feldable upwardly at the ends of the cuts.
and a substantially straight rear edge, said blank
The mOCeaSin upper. indicated in Figure 2. iS having a single row of marginal perforations, a
50 generally oval in plan. its real' portion 25 hav-l counterblank having al row of perforations cor- 50
ing scalloped edges. 26. The forward part 21 of
the blank is provided with a marginal row _of
responding to the perforations in said. main
blank, an upper blank plurally perforated mar»-
radially disposed elongated perforations 2B, and
ginally in conformity with the perforations in
Centrally. at its upper end, e pair of slots 29
i 55 are formed. producing between them a loop '30. ‘
In Figure 3 1S Seen 8 6011111181" 01' StifIening
shank at the heel, the blank I2 being generally
the main blank, and a unitary lace passing
through all the mentioned perforations and tied 55
at the back, wheíeby the moccasin iscomple‘te.
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