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“eh 15, 393%.,
. Filed June 4, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
.> H
3 I 7 'HI
33,-" |" ||
{Lilli IHI
Feb. 15, 1938.
Filed June 4, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Feb. 15, 1938
‘ Edward 'J. Gercty; Bronx, N. Y., assig'nor to The
‘ McBee Company, Athens, Ohio, a corporation
of Ohio
Application June 4, 1935, Serial No. 24,796
3 Claims.
My invention, relates to that class of ‘boards’
which are described in my copending application,
Serial No. 709,731 ?led February 5, ,1934,v now
Patent No. 2,011,625, August 20, 1935. As de
scribed in that application, automatic means are
provided for shifting the spacer which carries the
' strip of paper or a line guide such as shown in
Patent No. 1,372,360 March'22, 1921; this op
eration being brought-about by the movement of
a plate, one side of which is hinged'to the platen
and when it presses down upon the platen it
holdsthe slip of paper which is to be written
upon and which is attached to the spacer in place.v
Upon this release the spacer is automatically
15 ,
shifted one line or more as desired.
I have found ‘
in practice that if the operator turns away from
the board before completing his entry on the slip
of paper the plate is ‘automatically elevated and
this in turn ‘permits the automatic mechanism to
20 shift the line‘sp'acer.
‘The principal object of my present invention is
(Cl. >282—29)
broken away to show my improved-construction
of the pawl actuating mechanism;
Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical section through a
portion of Fig. l;
Fig. 5 is an enlarged view showing the holding
Fig. 6 is a section taken on the line 5-5 in
Fig. 7 is an enlarged detailed view of the open
ing mechanism;
Fig. 8 is a section on the line 8-8 in Fig. 7;
10 h
Fig. '9 is a plan view of the improved manner
of forming the vertical lines on the strip of paper.
Similar reference numerals refer to similar parts 15
throughout the entire description. ‘
As shown in the drawings. the platen or writing
board I may be formed of any suitable material.
I prefer the use of a light metal such as aluminum
rather than of making it of wood. or any of the 20
heavier metals. In order to facilitate the placing
an improvement on {that board‘ by providing ~ of the master sheets on the platen, I provide a
means to lock the plate in position “so, that"v i‘tlwill:
not release the strip of paper" and consequently
will prevent the operation of the automatic
mechanism unless manual released by vthe op
. '
A further object is to provide aligning means
on the plate which will have the effect of
30 straightening the strip, of paper in the event that 1
‘it has not been placed in correct position so asto
register with the lines on the master sheet on the
platen or writing board. It is sometimes found
that the vertical columns on the master sheet do
35 A not register accurately with the vertical columns
‘on the sheet carried by the line ‘spacer, ‘As ,a
consequence the entries are'not always in'line.
peripheral upwardlyextending ?ange 2 which ex
tends along the top' of the platen along one side,
a plurality of studs 3 are mounted on the platen 25
and are adapted to receive perforations formed
in the master sheet thus. serving to hold the
sheets securely in place. On one side of the writ
ing board is a slot 4 through which extends a’
pair of pins 5 and 5’. Intermediate the .pins 5
and 5' I stamp an arrow to facilitate locating
the line which is being written on when it is de
sired to changea master sheet. These pins are
adapted to_ receive a perforated strip of paper 6.
This strip of paper 6 represents an entry slip‘ 35
and is provided with a plurality of horizontal and
vertical spacers when inv position on the board ‘I
which extends over one or more master sheets 1
andcarbons 8. It will be apparent to persons
4.0 ,I' insure the ?gures appearing in the ‘ proper skilled in the art that a multiplicity of entry. slips ‘
may be used in manifold relation either with the
A further object of my invention is to improve’ wax ‘carbon spots on the back or carbon paper.
the method of shifting the pawl which is actuated v intermediate or the top sheet of the pile of sheets
by the movement of the plate.
on the platen. One may be the master sheet and .v
My means of accomplishing the foregoing ob? the ‘ under surface of the entry slip 6 may be;
j‘ects'may ‘be more'readi'ly understood by having coated with carbon. The pins 5 ‘are carried by a 45
. I have found that by providing 'a plurality of
lines on the strip of paper instead of a single line
reference to the accompanying drawings which
spacer 9 which'is preferably formed of a flat"
plate, one edge of which slides on'support' I0.
At the other side it is formed into a sleeve Il_
Fig. 1 is a plan view of my device with a'portion :7 adapted to encircle a worm l 2 which is journalled
‘thereof bro-ken away;
in the opposite sides of the board. One of the5
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary ‘bottom View of my pins 5 is ?xedly mounted on the ?at plate 9, the
device showing the-relation; between the spacing other pin 5' is mounted upon a plate ‘I3 which is"
member and the worm which operates it.
pivotally secured to the plate 9 by‘a pin or pivot are hereunto annexed and are a part of this
speci?catiomin which— ;
i Fig. 3 is a detailed View of the gear box partly
l4 and is provided with a ?nger l5 which‘ is;
adapted to extend into the groove of the worm
l2. The ?nger I5 is normally pressed into the
groove of the worm I2 by a spring I6.
A portion of the plate adjacent this pin is cut
away as clearly seen in Fig. 7, thus permitting its
movement in order to disengage the ?nger Hi
from the Worm |2 when it is desired to quickly
shift the position of the spacer from one end of
the worm I2 to the other.
Rigidly keyed to the upper end of the shaft of
the worm I2 is a pinion H, the teeth of which
are in mesh with a gear I8 which is ?xedly se-_
columns thereon will not aline with the vertical
columns on the master sheet and if this should
occur it is possible for the numerals, entered in
the space in the columns, to be out of alinement.
I overcome this by de?ning the columns on the
entry strips as clearly seen in Fig. 9 from which
it will be apparent, that for example the space
on the entry strip in the vertical column 40 will
be narrower than the space 4| in the vertical col
umn on the master sheet. This I bring about
by printing a plurality of vertical lines 42, 43 and
44. The result of this is that any irregularity in
cured to a shaft I9. Preferably mounted upon the printing is automatically overcome and cor
the hub of the gear I8 is a ratchet 20, although, rect registration is ensured. In using the board,
the operator ?rst places the entry strip 6 on the 15
15 if desired it may be secured direct to the shaft I9.
A disk 2| is loosely mounted on shaft l9. On pins 5 and 5’ and presses the plate 29 down so
one side of this disk 2| is mounted a spring that the rubber strips 33 will aline the entry strip
6 and hold it securely in place. This operation
pressed pawl 22 which swings on a pin 23 extend
ing downwardly from one side of the disk 2|. causes the plate 29 to contact the pin 28 and
move it to the bottom of the arcuate slot 21 mov 20
20 This pawl is arranged to engage the teeth of the
ratchet 20 when it moves in a counter clockwise ing the disk counter clockwise against the action
of thespring 24 thus moving the pawl 22 over
direction. The opposite side of the disk 2| is re
cessed and has a spring 24 mounted therein, one the teeth of the ratchet 23 to a position where
it will engage one of said teeth.
end of the spring being attached to the disk adja
As described in my copending application, if
25 cent its hub, the other extending outwardly and
being attached to a pin 25 mounted in one wall the operator released the plate at this point, the
of the gear box 26 which is secured to the platen spring would automatically move it upwardly and
through the medium of the gears and ratchet
I adjacent the upper endo-f the worm l2.
In the inner face of the gear box 28 I form an rotate the worm l2 and shift the position of the 30
spacer. It has been found, however, that it is
30 arcuate slot 21 through which projects a pin 23
which extends laterally from the disk 2|. This sometimes necessary for the operator to leave
brings the pin in position to be engaged by the the board before he has completed his entry on
end of a plate 29, the sides of which are hinged the strip and with that arrangement the oper
to the platen | at 3|]. This plate: is sufficiently ator would have to provide some means or some
one to hold the plate down. By means of my im 35
Wide so that it will extend over the entry slip 6.
On the bottom side of the plate 29 I form a provement the detent on the bottom of the plate
groove, the sides 3| and 32 of which are adapted will engage the hook and will hold the plate ?rmly
to engage the ends of the strip 6. Elastic and down against the entry strip until the operator
compressible cushions 33, preferably formed of manually shifts the position of the pin 31 in the
slot 38 which will have the effect of disengaging
40 rubber, are mounted in the sides of the slot ad
jacent the edges thereof, the result being that the detent from the hook 34. The board will
when the plate 29 is pressed downwardly against then automatically be elevated and through the
the platen, the rubbers 33 will operate to aline medium of the ratchet and gears the worm will
be rotated and the spacer automatically shifted
the entry strip 6 if it has not been placed in cor
to the next line.
45 rect position on the pins 5. I at ?rst tried hav
Having described my invention what I regard
ing the rubber on only one of the edges of the
slot but in practice I discovered that I could not as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is-—
1. A writing board having a platen for sup—
be sure of it operating to properly aline the en
try strip 6 unless there was a strip of rubber on porting a master sheet upon which entries are to
each edge of the channel into which the ends of be made, a spacer mounted adjacent said platen 50
and adapted for movement along one side of said
the pins 5 and 5’ extend.
platen, said spacer being provided with means for
It will be obvious from the hereinbefore con
tained description that the spring 24 operates to locking an entry strip on said master sheet, a
normally hold the pin 28 at the upper end of the movable element, means actuated by the move
arcuate slot 21. The means for normally holding ment of said element for automatically moving 55
the plate 29 pressed against the platen, so as to said spaceralong said platen a predetermined
hold the strip 6 in position, comprises a hook 34 distance after each entry is made on said master
sheet, there being a slot in the lower surface of
which is engaged by a detent 35 which is pivot
ally secured to the underside of the plate 29. said movable element into which the entry strip
holding means project, elastic and compressible 60
60 The detent 35 is normally held in the position
shown in Fig. 5, a spring 36 being provided to cushions located on the edges of said slot where
by the movement of said element into lowered
hold it in that position. A pin 31 is ?xedly se
cured in said detent adjacent one end. This pin position operates to clamp said entry strip on the
31 extends through a slot 38 formed in the plate master sheet.
2. A writing board comprising a platen for sup 65
65 29, the upper end of the pin 31, which extends
porting a master sheet upon which entries are
above the upper surface of the plate 29, is pro
to be made, a slot in said platen along one side
vided with a suitable knob 39 for convenient man
ual manipulation. So that by moving the pin
31, in this slot 38 the detent will be disengaged
70 from the hook 34 and the plate 29 will be auto-v
matically moved through the medium of the
spring 24 to its upward position as clearly seen
in Fig. 4.
In using the board there is always danger that
75 win the printing of the entry slip 6, the Vertical
thereof, a worm mounted on the inside of said
platen parallel to said slot, a plate riding on said
worm, pins carried by said plate projecting
through said slot, a plate hinged on said platen
and adapted to be pressed against said platen,
each time an entry is to be made of the said
master sheet, a slot in the lower surface of said
plate into which said pins project, elastic and.
compressible ‘cushions located on‘ the edges of
said slot and means operated by the movement
of said hinged plate for rotating the worm and
thereby imparting motion to the plate riding on
said worm.
3. A writing board comprising a platen for
supporting a master sheet upon which entries
are to be made, a slot in said platen along one
side thereof, a worm mounted on the underside
10 of said platen parallel to said slot, a plate riding
on said worm, pins carried by said plate and pro
of said hing-ed plate for rotating the worm and
thereby imparting motion to the plate riding on
said worm, said mechanism consisting of a
ratchet and paw] and cooperating gears, a gear
casing secured to the platen adjacent the upper
end of the worm, there being an arcuate slot in
the inner face of said gear casing, a disk secured
to the larger gear, a pin in said disk which ex
tends through said arcuate slot mounting the pe
riphery of said disk, a ‘circular recess in one side 10v
of said disk, a coil spring mounted therein, one
jecting through said slot,a plate hinged on said end of which is secured to the disk and the other
platen and adapted to be pressed against said ' to
the gear casing whereby the pin in said arcuate
platen each time an entry is to be made on said
15 master sheet, means operated by the movement
slot is normally held in the upper end thereof.
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