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' Feb, 15, 1938. ' ‘
M. N.
Filed ‘June 8, 1955
Patented Feb. 15, 1938
v 2,108,494
Mortimer Nathaniel Lansing, New York, N. Y.
Application June 8, 1935, Serial No. 25,597
1 Claim.
‘This invention relates to bookmarks. It is an
object of thisinvention to provide a new and
improved bookmark which will be retained in
place with the minimum of eifort on the part of
the reader. It is a further object to provide a
bookmark which will facilitate ?nding the place
after the book is closed. It is a further object to
provide a bookmark which will be neat in ap
pearance and which, if desired, may be used to
10 indicate not only the page but the line at which
the reading is to be recommenced. »It is a fur
ther object to provide a bookmark which will not
easily fall out of the book while it is being car
ried and which will be adjustable to conform to
15 different sizes of books. It is a further object
to provide a bookmark by which one or more lines
may be indicated to designate the point at which
the reading is to be commenced or ended. It is
a further object to provide a bookmark which
20 may be utilized as a removable index tab for
either temporary or permanent use.
The invention accordingly comprises an arti
cle of manufacture possessing the features, prop
erties, and the relation of elements which will be
exempli?ed in the article hereinafter described
and the scope of the application of which will
be indicated in the claim.
Figure I is a perspective view showing a book
with a bookmark in place.
Figure 2 is a View of a slightly modi?ed form
of mark.
Figure 3 is a side elevation of the construction
shown in Figure 2.
Figure 4 is a further modi?cation.
Figure 5 is a-section on the line 5-5 of Fig
ure 2.
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary enlarged perspective
view of a portion of Fig. 1.
In the drawing, .the numeral Ill represents a
40 book lying open to expose leaves I 2.
The bookmark in the form illustrated in Figure
1 comprises a body portion composed of a pair
of members l3 and M, which telescopically en
gage each other, each being provided with a right
— angle extension l5 and I6, adapted to engage the
edges of leaves l2. While two telescoping mem
bers are illustrated in Fig. 1 of the drawing the
number may be varied and three are illustrated
in Fig. 4 of the drawing. In each form of the
invention the two end members are each formed
at its extremity to provide a smooth uninter~
rupted surface portion and a flat extension l5
or Iii projecting from the respective end of the
body portion at right angles thereto.
In operation, the bookmark may be placed on
(Cl. 116-119)
the leaf extended to greater length than the
length of the leaves and then quickly telescoped
to cause the edges l5 and Hi to engage ?rmly
against the edges of the leaves to hold the book
mark in place.
This construction has distinct advantages over
the book shaped members adapted to engage
around the ends of a number of leaves because
if said book shaped members were employed, a
reader would have to select a certain number of 10
leaves to place within the hook corresponding to
the spaced distance between the hook members,
thus causing delay and inconvenience which
would be apt to cause the bookmark to be dis
carded without being used and possible damage 15
to the pages.
With the bookmark herein illustrated, however,
it is only necessary to lay the bookmark upon
the leaves and then draw the parts together
without the necessity of selecting any particular 20
group of leaves.
For some purposes I prefer to slidingly attach
upon the bookmark a relatively long marker ele
ment or a member ll extending from the body
portion at right angles thereto outward past the
edges of the leaves to provide a projecting tab
l8, which may carry suitable index space as
shown at I9, if desired. To achieve this result
the end of the tab may be folded back upon it
self to provide a compartment to receive a suit
able card carrying the index designation. This
folded back portion being attached along its
top and bottom edges and being free upon its in
ner edge to permit the insertion of the designa
tion, and it may also be provided with an opening
in its outer edge so that the point of a pencil
or other instrument may be inserted to remove
the card, when desired.
This member I‘! may itself be slidably mounted
upon the member l4 so that its vertical position 40
may be changed at will and for this purpose the
marker element for member I’! has a portion
slidably embracing and frictionally ?tting said
body portion.
With this form of construction
it is possible to use this bookmark as a temporary
index tag when referring to different parts of
a book during the study thereof without in any
manner mutilating the leaves of the book.
The form of the invention disclosed in Figure
2 is generally similar to that shown in Figure 1,
except that in this form a slider 20 is provided
upon the member [4 which may carry an index
2|, to indicate the line at which reading is to
be recommenced.
A practical form of making this construction 55
is shown in Figure 5, in which it is seen that the
member 20 encircles the member l4, which in
turn encircles the member l3.
In the construction of Figure 4, three telescopic
members are provided, 22, 23 and 24, and mem
bers 25 and 26 similar to the member 20 may be
provided upon the member 23.
By the provision of these three slidable ele
ments, greater ?exibility is obtained in the posi
10 tion of the sliding members 25 and 26, without
their needing to slide them off of the member
23, at the same time a greater degree of exten
sion is obtained.
Since certain changes may be made in carry
15 ing out the above method without departing from
the scope of the invention, it is intended that
all matter contained in the above description
shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a
limiting sense.
It is also to be understood that the following
claim is intended to cover all of the generic and
speci?c features of the invention herein de
scribed, and all statements of the scope of the
invention which, as a matter of language, might
be said to fall therebetween.
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
A ?at bookmark comprising a body portion
having a plurality of telescoping members each
of su?icient ?atness to lie between the pages of
a book when the latter is closed, without mate
riallyincreasing its thickness or harming its bind
ing, said members being frictionally held in any
adjusted position relative to each other, the end
portions of said body having projections extend
ing at right angles to the body portion lightly
to engage the leaves of a book to hold the marker
in place, and a flat marker embracing said body
portion and movable thereon from substantially
one end to the other and frictionally held in any
adjusted position, said marker having an ex
tended portion adapted to extend beyond the
edges of the leaves of a book and carrying a
pocket to receive a card.
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