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Feb. l5, 1938.
Filed Aug
Patented> Feb; 15, 1938
' 2,108,556
William G._Hardt, Chicago, Ill.
Application August 31, 1937, Serial No.i16v1,818
2 Claims.
‘I'his invention relates to an improved air hu
midiiier for a combustion engine.
One of the main objects of this- invention is to
provide an improved humidifier for moistening
` 5 the air as it passes fromthe air cleaner into the
' _I intake of the carburetor of an automobile engine.
Another object of this inventionvisv to provide
such a humidifier whichis' simple and inexpen
sive in construction, so that it can be produced
very economically and at the same time will be
durable and reliable in use.
A further object of this invention is to pro~
vide suchr a. humidifier which can be readily
regulated to> admit a larger or smaller quan
tity of liquid to the air as it is drawn into the
These and various other objects ’and advan
tages are attained with this invention, as will
become apparent from the following description,
20 taken _ in connection with the accompanying
drawing wherein the invention is shown in its
preferred form; it being understood that various`
other arrangements and forms of construction
may be adopted in carrying out the objects and
25 purposes of this invention.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is an elevational view, illustrating dia
grammatically my invention as applied to the
connecting conduit between the air cleaner and
the carburetor of a well known automobile, with
the regulating valve controllable from the auto
mobile dash.
(Cl.` 261--100)
necting portion between the air cleaner II and
the carburetor I2, being preferably secured with
in a neck I3 of cleaner Il, as by means I0', and ,
seated on the upper end of the intake tube I4
of carburetor I2, whereon said neck is mounted.
lA shortplpe or nipple I5 extends from the con
tainer thru a suitable opening in neck I3; and
a. _fluid tank I6, provided with a gauge Il, is con
nected by a conduit I8 with said pipe I5. A
regulating valve I9 is provided on ‘said conduit, 10
being preferably threaded to the end of the con
duit and the pipe I5, and it is adapted to'be con
:trolled from the automobile dash 20 by means
of a rod 2| extending from the dash to a handle
I9',on valve I9.
The container Ill is preferably arranged in the
shape of an annular tube or tubular member, of
copper, which has a slit 22 provided annularly
around its upper part. An'absorptive or per
meable member 23 is mounted 4across the con
tainer, and it is preferably in the form of a dia-l
phragm or sheet of fabric, of linen or else wool, Y'
stretched across the container and having its end
part 'inserted' inslit 22 to be immersed in the
liquid container. The inner end part of member
23 may be enlarged, as by securing a rod-like
element 24 in the end hem of said member, to
prevent withdrawal of the end part thru _the slit.
Securing means is further provided to hold the
fabric member 23 in the slit, it also permits the
passage of the liquid therethru from the con- .
tainer,«and this is preferably in the form of a
Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of tlie humidifier semi-cylindrical band 25 of rubber forced into>
mounted in position in the air passage between the slit at the inward' side of said member 23,
the air cleaner and the carburetor.
_ and a dat rubber band 26 forced into the slit 35
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the humidifier.
at the outward side of said member 23. These
Fig. 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view 'rubber bands hold the fabric member 23 firmly
thereof, taken on line 4_4 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 5 is a plan view of the fabric diaphragm.
’I‘he humidifier or air moistening `device dis
closed in this application is more particularly
` adapted for use on an automobile engine, and is
\ especially arranged to be applied to the connect
. ing conduit between the air cleaner and the car
45 buretor of the automobile, so as to supply a small
- in position in the slit, and by their smooth sur
faces also serve to facilitate the smooth flow of
the liquid, such as water, thru the end part of
the -fabric diaphragm, between said bands posi
tioned in the slit, out of the container, 'and into ‘
the main intermediate part which is stretched
’ across the air intake channel leading to the car
buretor; and furthermore, it serves to prevent „
'quantity of moisture to the air as it is drawn' the liquid from splashing out of the container.
from theair cleaner into the carburetor.
It will ‘
_ _function automatically thru the ,suction of the
engine, and will vary in the quantity of mois
- 50' ture drawn up and supplied to the air in han
mony with the quantity of air drawn into the
In the drawing the invention is illustrated in
its preferred form of construction comprising a
55 liquid container II)- which is mounted in the con
It is apparent from the above disclosure that
this humidiñer is simple and economical in con
struction, and canbe mounted in an out-of-the
Way position in the connection between the car 50
buretor and the air cleaner, and that it can be
easily regulated by the control valve to admit
the exact quantity of liquid desired to .the air
iiowing to the carburetor, whereby to produce the
most eilicient result.
This invention not only 55
produces a saving in fuel, but it also brings about
an exceptionally smooth running of the engine.
'l claim:
1. A humidifier for a carburetor having an air
'cleaîier on its air intake end, said humidiñer con
sisting of an endless tubular liquid container
having a continuous slit annularly around its
upper portion and being mountable in the con
necting portion between said cleaner and car
10 buretor, means for conducting liquid to said con
tainer, a fabric diaphragm stretched across said
container and having its end part inserted thru
said slit, to conduct liquid from the container,
and band means Wherewith said fabric is secured
15 in the slit.
2. In an automobile having a carburetor with
an air intake tube also an air cleaner with a
discharge'tube mounted on the carburetor tube,
a humidifier comprising a slitted annular tubular
container mounted in said connected tubes and
having liquid intake means extending beyond said
connected tubes, fabric sheet means stretched
across the space in the container and tubes and
having its end part extending thru the slit into
the container to takemp liquid therefrom, and
smooth surfaced band means on the opposite
sides of the sheet means positioned in the slit,
to secure the sheet means therein and to permit
lthe passing of the liquid from the container thru
said end part in the slit and into said sheet means.
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