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Filed Dec. 27, 1934
~ ... .- ,1xk:.u,?kyui
Patented ‘- Feb. 15, 1938
Kihachi Kato, Tokyo, Japan, assignm- of seven
tenths to Gonsahuro Ishibashi, Tokyo, Japan
Application December 27, 1934; Serial No. 759,334
In Japan December 27, 1933
1 Claim.
((3. 181-649)
The present invention relates to an improved
mu?ier which is designedto receive. the discharge
gases from internal combustion engines and the
like and to discharge them noiselessly, the muffler
5 comprising an’ elongated hollow cylindrical mem
‘ber with a corrugated helical plate therein.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a section through a muffler con
structed in accordance with the principles of the
Figure 2 is a back view of this muffler;
Figure 3 is a section alongthe line A_—B of
The principal object of my invention is to pro ‘ Figure
1; and
vide a corrugated helical plate which produces
Figure 51 shows the muiller in- a front view.
an interference with high sound waves to ex-'
The drawing shows a central pipe i connected
10 tinguish the noise of high frequency sound by
to the exhaust pipe of the engine. A corrugated
its unevenness of corrugations, and which re
duces the pressure of the exhaust gas by its ' helical plate 2 is inserted in the plate. I, said
consisting of a central shaft 3 around which
whirling motion to extinguish the noise of low aplate
corrugated iron band or plate is wound. The
frequency sound, and, O?ering minimum resist
corrugations on. this band are concentrated at
15 ance to the passage of exhaust gas, ‘avoids the
the central portions thereof, the peripheral por
accumulation of back pressure in ‘the mufller,
which causes a serious loss of power.
tions being substantially smooth._ A chamber.
8 surrounds the central pipe I and is provided
A further object of the invention is to pro
with several holes 1 which are situated at the
vide an apparatus in which the parts thereof. are
front side 'of the chamber.-, The gas passes
closely assembled and combined, thereby taking
V20 up
a minimum amount of space and rendering
through these holes from the chamber 6 to an
outer chamber 8 which concentrically surrounds
the device especially applicable for operation in
connection with automobiles.
A still further object of the invention is to
25 provide a corrugated helical plate which is easily
taken out from the cylindrical hollow chamber
for removing all foreign matter from said chain
ber and corrugated spiral plate.‘
In prior art engines, loud explosions take place
30 when the exhaust valve is opened directly to the
atmosphere, the reason being that the pressure
in the cylinder is much higher than atmospheric
the middle chamber 5. The device is also pro— ‘
vided with a cover 4 which closes the outlet of
the central pipe I and which carries one- end of
the central shaft 3. The cover 4 is provided with
several long channels 5-used for breaking up the
gas as it flows into the air.
The exhaust gas coming from the exhaust pipe
enters the central pipe I and is caused to carry
out a revolving motion in the passages formed
by the corrugated helical plate 2.
pressure and that therefore a sudden discharge ,
from one to the other will produce a loud re
35 port. The more suddenly this charge takes place
and the greater the difference in pressure, the
more violent is the explosion.
In accordance with the present invention,
means are provided to decrease the pressure and
40 to cause the exhaust gas to ?ow uniformly be
‘The outer
diameters of the helical plate decrease con
tinuously on the front side to reduce the impact
pressure to which the plate is subjected.
The revolving gas in the central pipe reaches
the partition 8 and flows through comparatively N 5
. large holes l0 into the middle compartment 8.
The gas expands in this compartment and flows
through the forward end of the device, passing
through the holes ‘i into the outer chamber '8,
fore it escapes into the atmosphere. The con
The gas ?owing rearward in the outer chamber
struction and arrangement of the various parts 8 passes through several holes ll back into the
central pipe I, which contains ‘a ‘second cor
of the apparatus will be brought out more in de
rugated helical plate or band 2'. Finally, the
V45 tail in the description to follow, which, for a clear gas is discharged into the atmosphere through
understanding of the invention, should be con
sidered in connection with the accompanying the channel holes 5.
The exhaust gas having a high pressure at
drawing forming a part thereof, and wherein are
the entrance to this muiiier will strike the cor
disclosed, for the purpose of illustration, con
50 venient and satisfactory embodiments of the in _ rugated helical plate 2, but this impact pres
vention. It is to be noted in this connection sure will be reduced greatly due to the fact that 50
the plate is small in diameter at the point of
that minor changes in the construction and ar
rangement of the parts may be made without entry and is inclined to the direction of ?ow of
departing from the spirit of the invention or the the gas. Consequently,‘ the back pressure of the
exhaust gas will be greatly reduced. In the
55 principle of operation of the various parts.
course of the backward flow of the gas, it car 55
ries out a whirling or revolving motion and
theory, therefore, according to the invention the
noise may be extinguished without increasing
thereby its revolving inertia is increased, so that
the high pressure gas will be mixed substan
the back pressure of the exhaust gas.
tially uniformly with the low pressure gas, the
pressure of which approximates that of the at
mosphere. Thus, the high frequency sound
waves comprising 3000 to 10,000 cycles per second
I claim:
An exhaust mu?ier comprising an elongated 5
cylindrical tube, a rod in said elongated tube, a
helical plate, around said rotatable rod, said.
helical plate being centrally corrugated adjacent
and which emanate from the exhaust manifold said rod and having a substantially smooth pe
are reduced by their impact against the corruga
riphery, whereby the high frequency sound waves 10
mix with the low ; emanating from the exhaust manifold are re»
tions of the helical band and
10 frequency waves comprising 50 to 440 cycles
duced and the noise extinguished.
per second, which emanate from the outlet of the
muf?er, the reduciton resulting in substantial ex“ -
tinction of the noise. Contrary to the general
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