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Feb. 15, 193s.
Filed March 11. 1937
Patented Feb. 15, 1938
Ray Ludke, C‘oplay, Pa.
Application March 11, 1937, Serial No. 130,386
2 Claims.
This invention relates; to improvements in tools
for use in connection with honey boxes or frames.
The principal ob-ject of the invention is the
provision of a tool adapted to perform the com
5 bined function of securing a wax foundation in a
honey box, and also of decapping the honeycomb.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
tool that can be heated so that it Will melt a
wax foundation and press it into engagement
10 with a honey box.
A further object of the invention is to provide
I5 in plug I4 and is adapted to heat the head
portion I0.
The face portion 22 of head I0 is offset at 22',
the offset portion Z2' being adapted to engage
against one side 23 of a honey box or frame 24
as shown in Figure 2 and being adapted to press
against a wax foundation 25 to simultaneously
melt the foundation 25 and press it into engage
ment with side 23, the heat being supplied the
portion 22’ by the element I9. ’I'he offset portion
22’ is approximately, in Width, half that of any
Figure 2 is a View partly in section and partly
in elevation of a part of the tool;
Figure 3 is an elevational view similar to Figure
2 showing the blade attached and in the act of
decapping, means for securing the blade being
side 23 of a honey box 24 so that the foundation
25 will be secured about midway o-f the box 24.
A blade 26 is adapted to be mounted against the
side 21 of head I0 by means of threaded bolts 28 15
which engage threaded openings 29 in the side
2l to secure the blade 26 against side 21, and is
provided with openings 30 to receive bolts 28.
The blade 26 is also provided with a cutting
edge 3l which is heated by element I9 to facili 20
tate the dec‘apping of the honeycomb 32 as shown
in' Figure 3. It is to be understood that blade
26 is not mounted upon head I0 when the tool is
shown in section, and
used to secure the foundation 25 in the frame 24.
a blade that can be secured to the tool to deoap
the honeycomb.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
15 will become apparent from the description and
drawing whereim- '
Figure 1 is a top. plan View of the tool with the
head portion shown partly in section;
'I‘he right is reserved toy make such changes and 25
modifications as will not depart from the spirit
Referring more particularly to the drawing and scope of the invention.
I claim as my invention:
wherein like reference characters designate like
1. A honeycomb tool, comprising a head por~
or corresponding parts in the different views,
tion, a handle an-d a stern adapted to be secured 30
30 I0 is the head portion of the tool, II is the
handle which is connected to the head by the l to one end of said head, said head adapted to be
heated by means mounted in the stem, the face
stem I2. The head I0 has a recess I3 intol which
a plug I 4 fits. The plugr I4 has a recess I5 into of said head portion having a shoulder facing to
ward the- free end of the head to facilitate the
which fits the end I6 of the stern I2.
positioning of said tool against a frame, and said 35
The stern I2 is hollow as seen at I ‘l to accom
Figure 4 is an `end View showing the blade at
modate the electrical wires I8 which extend from
a heating element I9, mounted in the open end E6
of stem I2, through stem I2 and handle II and
through a conduit 20 to a source of current not
shown. A switch 2I of any common structure is
tool being adapted to secure a foundation to the
2. A honeycomb tool comprising a head,v a
handle secured thereto, and means to heat said
head, said head being provided with an offset 40
contact between heating element I9 and the
portion adapted to 'be placed against the frame
to facilitate the proper positioning of founda
source of current.
tion therein.
mounted in handle II to make and break the
The heating element I9 extends into the recess
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