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Feb. 22, 1938.
w. s. WRIGHT
Filed Feb. 4, 1932
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
ff}. M15975;
’ _
‘Feb. 22, 1938.
w. s. WRIGHT
Filed Feb. 4, 1952
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Feb} 22, 1938
William S. Wright, Newark, Ohio, assignor to
Bendix Products Corporation, South Bend,
Ind., a corporation of Indiana
Application February 4, 1932, Serial No. 590,945
5 Claims. (01. 192—-.0l)
This invention relates to an automatic clutch
Referring to the drawings in detail, the refer
control device, the primary object of the inven- ~ence character 5 designates the carburetor form
tion being to provide means for automatically ing a part of a motor vehicle construction.
operating the clutch to hold the clutch released,
The usual intake manifoldii connects with the
5 when the accelerator is in retracted position.
carburetor 5, and is supplied with the usual -5 d
An important object- of the invention is the throttle which is controlled by the throttle rod
provision of a device of this character so constructed that it may be readily and easily in-
stalled on motor vehicles, eliminating the neces10 sity of making extensive alterations in the usual
motor vehicle construction.
extends, permitting of slight lost motion between 10
the throttle rod 1 and throttle arm H. The slot
Another object of the invention is to provide
or elongated opening 9 may be of various lengths
means whereby the suction of the engine may be
or eliminated entirely so that there may be no
utilized for operating the clutch, thereby reliev15 ing the operator of the exertion and strain incident to the shifting of gears in starting or stop}
1 or accelerator. This throttle rod 1 isformed
with a head 8 which may have an elongated open
ing '9 into which the pin 10 of the throttle arm H
ping a motor vehicle.
Still another object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described herein
20 which 15 free from Climatic Conditions in that its
principal operating elements cannot be affected
by cold or freezing temperatures.
A Still further Object of the invention is the
provision of means whereby the Controlling
25 mechanism may be manually operated to the end
that the Clutch may be operatedby the device, in
Starting the Vehicle_ With the foregoing and other objects in view,
which will appear as the description proceeds, the
no invention resides in the combination and ar-
lost motion in order to compensate for the vari
ous degrees of openings of different clutches or 15
for the di?erent sizes of pipe ‘used between the
manifold and the clutch motor element.
Supported under the ?oor board l2 of they ve
hicle, is a pivoted arm l3, that connects with the
I3 being connected with the accelerator pedal l6,
with the result that movement of the accelerator
pedal will result in a relative movement of the
arm l3, rod 1, and throttle arm, to control the
speed of the motor,
N) Gil
The reference character I‘! designates a pipe
that connects with the intake manifold 6 at a
point directly above the carburetor 5, and as
shown, this pipe extends rearwardly where it is
Secured to the dash board |3 of the vehicle’ one 30
1' angeelent of parts and m_ the details _of con‘
end of the pipe being in communication with the
structlon hereinafter described and claimed, it
being understood that changes in the precise em-.
compartment '9 of the diaphragm housing It
The diaphragm, which is‘ indicated by the ref
bodiment of the invention herein disclosed, may'
throttle rod 1 at l4,'the opposite end of the arm 20
erence character 2|’ closes one side of tr“ hous_
- v
3;) be made within the .scope of what is claimed,
mg, and, as shown, is provided with a pin 22 that
without departing from the Spmt of the mven'
has pivotal connection with the arm 23 at 24 so
. _
that movement of the diaphragm
2| will
gefemtllgl to th? drawmiséi
s an e.eva ona'
ew 0. a con 1:01 de'
40 vice constructed in accordance with the lnven-
tion, and illustrating the device as installed on
9. motor vehicle.
in a relative movement of the arm 23, for pur
poses to be hereinafter more fully described.
A su
rung bracket 24, connects with the 40
dashbogff '8 of the vehicle and provides a sup
' .
Figure 2 is a front elevational view of the
£3011?” the dlatlgugg? housmg and diaphragm’
diaiphragm forming a part of the control mech-
ofl‘nlliglioiwg'mend :f the arm 23 curves inwardly
Figure 31s a sectional view taken on line 3-3 ‘ where it is pmvided w‘th an opening through
of Figure v.2.
which the rod 25 extends,'the rod having pivotal
Figure 4 is a View illustrating the normal posh
tions of the valves and throttle rod when the de50 vice is_in~operation._
Figure 5 is a view illustrating the positions of
-the valves and throttle rod, while the device is
shut o?" and not in operation.
‘ -
connection with the clutch pedal 26, at 21.
It is understcod that the clutch Pedal 25' or
operating'member, is connected to the clutch, 50
not Shown in the drawings, by a Shaft and Opel‘
Ming mechanism 80 that any movement of the
clutch pedal, or operating member, will transmit
Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on line 8-8 l movement to Open or close the clutch
55 of Figure 5.
The arm 23 is pivotally mounted on the bracket 55
24' vat 23', so that the am my work freely there
A nut, indicated at 33, is positioned on one end
of the rod 33, and a?ords means‘ for adjusting
the rod 23
diaphragm 2i inwardly, causing the arm 23 to
move the‘ clutch pedal and clutch connected
therewith, to its retracted or'inoperative posi
th respect to the arm 33. _
As the throttle rod is moved to increase the G1
Thus it
be seen that, due to this construc
speed of the motor, the valve 33 is turrfed to a
tion, the clutch pedal may be operated without , position as shown by Figure 5, whereupon the
transmitting‘ movement to the arm 33,- it being connection between the diaphragm and the mani
understood that the rod 33 will move through
fold is closed and 'air is admitted to the dia
phragm, which releasesv the, tension on the arm 10
Secured-to the throttle rod 1 to mbve there‘ ' 33, and the clutch springs thereupon close the‘
with,~'is a plate 23 that depends from the rod, ‘clutch to its operative position, and ‘move the
and, as shown, this plate 23 is provided with an arm 33 and the diaphragm to their original posi
10 the opening in the arm 33.
elongated opening 33, into which one end of the
15 rod 3| extends.
This rod 3i extends forwardly
where it connects with the valve arm 32 of the
three way valve 33 so that when the rod 3|
is operated, the valve 33 will operate to either_
establish communication between the intake
20 manifold 6 and compartment is of the diaphragm
It follows that when pressure on the acceler
letter pedal is relieved,‘ the valve 33 moves to a ,
housing, to operate the diaphragm 3|, or, moved
position as shown by Figure ,4 causing a suction
to be created in the pipe I7, which operates the
diaphragm to move the clutch to its inopera
tive or retracted position, allowing the'motor 20
vehicle to glide along under its own momentum,
to ‘a position as shown by Figure 5, where the
commonly knownas free wheeling. ‘ ‘
communication is cut o?’,~and the vacuum in the
pipe and diaphragm’ housing is relieved ,by the
45 before stated, the control valve 36 must be
moved to a position as shown by F'igure4 in order
25 air passing into the pipe through the opening 33. - for-the device to operate automatically, and that 25
A coiledspring indicated at 35 connects with
by moving the valve 36 to theposition as shown
the plate 29 and rod 3i, so that the spring '33
by Figure 5 the automatic clutch operating
normally acts to urge ‘the valveto a position as
mechanism may be thrown out of use,
shown by Figure 5 of the drawings.
Having thus described the invention what is
As theaccelerator rod 1 is moved to open the \
throttle, the rod 3 i will be moved‘simultane
1.’ The combination in an automobile engine
ously by reason of the spring connection 35 to having an intake manifold, an accelerator con
‘close the valve 33, due to lost motion in the slot
9, the throttle arm I I will not move to open until
35 the valve 33 is closed or partially closed, thereby
permitting the clutch to move to its active posi
tion before the engine is spe'eded.
When the accelerator rod moves in the oppo
site direction to retard the speed of the engine,
trolled throttle valve connected to said mani
fold, and a clutch operating member, of a clutch
control means comprising a ?exible diaphragm 35.
open tothe atmosphere on one side and closed to
the atmosphere on the opposite side'and con
‘ nected to the clutch operating member, a pipe
coniiecting the closed side of the diaphragm to
the throttle is closed in advance of the valve 33, the manifold, two valves located in the pipe 40
‘which does not move until the end of the slot , and adapted to control said clutch control means,
engages the end of the rod 3| that extends ‘one of said valves being actuated by the accel
through the slot.
erator to establish communication between the
A three way valve 33 is also disposed in the manifold and the closed side of the diaphragm
'45 pipe line H, the arm." thereof ‘being pivotally when the accelerator is in retracted position,‘
connected with the control rod 33 that extends andvto close this communication and establish
through the instrument board in easy access to open communication between the closed side'of
the operator of the vehicle.
the diaphragm and ‘the atmosphere when the
Connected with the rod 33, is a rod'33 which accelerator is advanced, the other valve being
50 has pivotal connection with the pedal 40, to manually operated to open communication 50
the end that by operating either the pedal 33 through said pipe when in one position and to v
or pulling the rod 33, the automatic clutch con
close this communication and open communica
trol device may be thrownv out of operation‘. at tion between the atmosphere andthe closed side
of the diaphragm when in another ‘position,- ,
This valve 33 is formed with a lateral opening means for actuating the valve, whichris operated ll ‘to allow air to enter the pipe between the by the accelerator in advance of the opening of
valve 36 and diaphragm housing, to dissipate the . the throttle valve, and for closing the throttle
vacuum therein.
valve in advance of the actuation of this valve.
_ The three-way valve 33, acts as a control valve
for manual operation, and is shown in Figure 5
as in its venting position, relieving the vacuum
in the diaphragm compartment I! of the di
aphragm housing 20, and permitting the clutch
to move to its active or clutched position regard
65 less of the position of the valve 33. The use of
the valve 36 is exceptionally important, since the
operator of a vehicle equipped with a three-way
- valve of this character, may have complete con
2. The combination in an automobile engine
having an intake manifold, an accelerator con-1 60
trolled throttle valve and a clutch operating
member, of a clutch control. means operated by
the suction within the intake manifold and con
nected to said clutch operating member, a pipe
connecting the intake manifold with the clutch
control means to‘ subject such means to the suc
tion in the manifold, two valves located in said
pipe, one of said, valvesbeing actuated by the
trol of the vehicle at all times, and may utilize’ accelerator to open communication through said‘
70 the operation of the pistons working in their pipe when in one position, and to close this comcylinders, in braking the vehicle, when moving munication and vent the portion of said pipe to
In the operation of the device, assuming that
the motor is~idling,it will be seen that a vacuum
75 is created in the diaphragm housing, moving the
the atmosphere which is between the valve and
the clutch control means when in another posi
tion, the other valve being manually controlled
but performing the same function, and means 75
for actuating the valve which is operated by the
‘accelerator in advance of the opening of the
throttle valve and for closing the throttle valve
in advance of the actuation of this valve.
3. The combination-in an automobile engine
having an intake manifold, an accelerator oper
ated throttle valve, a clutch operatlngmember,
a pneumatic motor connected to said clutch op
celerator, said mechanism comprising a control
valve, and linkage interconnecting said valve,
throttle and accelerator, said linkage including
va link interconnecting the throttle and acceler-'
ator, and a second link interconnecting the valve
and aforementioned link, the connection between
said links including a spring and a lost motion
5. In an automotive vehicle provided with a
erating member, a pipe connecting the intake
10 manifold with the pneumatic motor to subject ' clutch pedal and a dashboard, the latter com
said motor to the action of the vacuum within prising a part of the driver's compartment,
the intake manifold, a valve in said pipe also power means for operating the clutch, said
operated by the accelerator for control of the means including a diaphragm motor vertically
pneumatic motor, means for operating this valve mounted on the outside of said dashboard, a.
15 in advance of the opening of the throttle valve, curved lever member connected at one of its 15
and means for closing the throttle valve in _ad _ ends with said clutch pedal, and a connecting rod
interconnecting the other end of said lever mem- '
vance of the opening of this valve.
her with the diaphragm of said motor.
4. Clutch control mechanism for an automo
tive vehicle provided with a throttle and an ac
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