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Feb. 22, 1938.
_ 2,109,267
Filed Feb. 25, 1937
Patented Feb. 22, 193s
2,109,267 p
4 Claims.
The present invention relates to combined
cribs and wardrobes and has for its main object
the provision of a crib of Vthe type having ver
tically slidable sides 'with a wardrobe positioned
i below the plane of the mattress.
A still further object of the present invention
- is the provision of a combined crib and ward
slats -I1 are affixed and upon which mattress
YIII lis supported. Said rails I5 and slats I1 are
positioned at substantially central portions of
posts `I Il.
Panel I5 constitutes a movable side for the' crib
and the same is adapted forvertical sliding
movement being guided in that movement by _
of rods I9 ailixed to the oppositely dis-_Yrobe to constitute a single piece of furniture. In means
posed faces of- one pair of posts l0, and said rods
small: apartments it is usually necessary to pro
the endsl of hori 10
l)V vide for an infant both a crib and a separate lare adapted to pass through
It is to be understood.
wardrobe or dresser wherein infants' clothes may
be kept. The single piece of furniture contem `that if preferable side, panel I4 may likewise be
upon similar rods I 9 and be made to'
plated by the present invention will add to the arranged.
slidevertically, and without interference from
economy of space.
A still further object of the present invention the wardrobe hereinafter described.
. It ìsto be- understood that the vertically slid
is the provision of a wardrobe in combination Ving
side panel I5 may be provided with usual
'with a crib of the type wherein one side is ver
means, not shown in the drawing, for retaining
tìcally- slldable, and in which wardrobe means the same in a raised position shown on Figs. 1
are provided whereby the sides may be vertically
4.A v
moved without interference from the wardrobe. and
A still further object of the present invention
II) is provided>
is the provision of aA combined furniture piece, invention, each end pair of posts
onpthe same plane
including a-crib and wardrobe, with one or more lwith braces 20 which remain Spaced from each
lsides of the crib_ slidable in vertical direction, with the longitudinal rail II.
z5 with the wardrobe provided with a suitable pocket of said braces 20 and inv-parallel relation there
are bars 2L- eachof which rigidly connects
to receive 'therewithin a side ofthe crib when with
with rail II rearwardly of the crib andwith rail
the same is lowered.
With the above general objects in view and 22 forwardly of the crib. For strengthening _the
others that will appear as the invention is better
understood, the same consists in the novel 4con
struction, combination and arrangement of
parts hereinafter more fully‘ described, illus
construction, each of said bars 2l is further con
nected to its adjacent brace 20 by means of ‘an
plurality of connecting arms 23.
VSaid bars 2|,A rail 22 and armsv 23 constitute a
~.trated in the accompanying drawing and pointed -support vfor the wardrobe which is adapted to
rest thereupon and to slide thereover, said ward
out in the appended claims.
A. x
including bottom wall 24,~ side walls 25 and
In the drawing forming a .part of this appli
cation, and in which like designating characters 25 and end walls 21 and 28. Obviously, if pref- '
refer to corresponding parts throughout the erable, said bars 2I, rail 22 and arms 23 may be
several views;
Fig. 1 is a. perspective view of the combined
crib and wardrobe;
substituted by a single board attached in any
suitable manner to posts I0 and which may con-_
' stitute supporting means for the wardrobe. The
Fig. 2 is a transverse cross-sectiqnal view . means for supporting said wardrobe shown is for
throughthe device, along line 4_4 `of Fig. 1,
showing one side of the crib lowered;
Fig. 3 is a- cross-sectional view on a horizontal
45 plane, on line _3-3 of Fig. 1; and
Fig. 4 is a transverse cross-sectional view, on
illustration merely.
It is emphasized that the wardrobe terminates
short-of the two pairs of oppositely disposed end
posts I0 to provide clearance for rods I9, as is
clearly illustrated on Fig. 3. 'Similarly the side
walls V25 and 26 of the wardrobe lterminate on
.a plane of the inner faces of the two oppositely
disposed pairs of side posts so that the front wall
26 of the wardrobe would not interfere with the 50
vertical movement of side panel I5 and the rear
wall 25 thereof would not interfere with side
line l-lof Fig. 1 showing the sides of the crib
in raised position.
Referring to the'present invention in detail ,
is shown therein a. combined crib and ward
robe, including four conventional corner posts
I0. Said posts I0 are connected by longitudinal
made mov'- ,
rail II, end panels I2 and I3, and side panels I4 panel Il if the latter is preferred to be
seen on Figs.
and I5. The end panels I2 and I3 include at able on verticalplane, as clearly
55 their lower ends transverse rails I5 to which bed 2, 3 and.V 4.
The wardrobe is further provided at one side
thereof with a false side wall or panel 29 which is
aillxed to vthe wardrobe proper by means of a
spacing bar 20 which is in any suitable manner
ailixed to the front side wall 29 of the wardrobe
and is disposed with relation thereto substan
tially on the plane of bottom wall’2l. Panel 29
is aillxed to said spacing bar 30 substantially at
the lower portion of the former. Said spacing
Y10 bar 90 terminates with the two ends of the ward
robe so as not. to interfere with rods I9. Panel
29, however, extends beyond the terminals of the
wardrobe and is as long as the crib, 4the outer
end faces of said panel 29 remaining on the plane
of the end faces of the adjacent faces of posts
I0 as seen on Figs. l and 3. The upper edge of
' said panel 29 extends slightly above the upper
end of the wardrobe proper and is substantially
on the plane with the lower bar of side panel I5,
20 while the lower edge of said panel 29 extends be
low bottom wall 24 so as to conceal rail 22 when
the wardrobe is in a closed position with refer
ence to the crib, as seen clearly on Figs. 2 and 4.
From the hereinabove description it will be
lv Ul seen that the front wall 29 of the wardrobe, pan
el 29 and spacing bar 20 define and provide a
pocket within which the adjacent front sliding
side panel I5 is adapted to ilt when the same is
lowered, the position illustrated on Fig. 2. When
30 in that position the lowermost horizontal bar of
said side sliding panel I5 rests upon said spacing
bar 30. When said sliding front side panel I5 is
in that position, of course, the wardrobe could
not be opened. When the same is raised, how
ever, to ythe position illustrated in Fig. 4 the
wardrobe may be'caused to be moved outwardly
in‘order to have access thereto, and a pair of
hand pieces 3I provide means whereby the ward
robe may be manually slided upon its support
and outwardly of the crib.
If desired walls or panels may be provided
within each pair of end posts IIJ and above
braces 20 to conceal connecting arms 23 and the
ends of the wardrobe. Also, if desired, guiding
means may be provided in the support for the
wardrobe whereby the latter may be prevented
from shifting longitudinally oi the crib. These
of course are mere details which are entirely op
As seen from the drawing the wardrobe is
spaced away from the ñoor to provide access to
the floor below the wardrobe for the purpose of
sweeping. It is understood that I do not desire
to be limited to the particular type of the crib
illustrated in the drawing as obviously all types
of cribs may be employed for use with the par
ticular wardrobe herein shown.
While there is described herein a preferred em
bodiment of the present invention, it is neverthe
less to be understood that minor changes may be
made therein without departing from the spirit
and scope of the invention as claimed. .
What I claim as new is:
1. 4In combination with a crib of the type hav
ing a vertically slidable side. a wardrobe in
cluding a front wall, means in said crib for sup
porting said wardrobe and upon which the latter
is adapted for sliding- movement i'or opening or
closing the same with relation to the crib, a pan
el in parallel relation with said wall, and connect
ing means between said wardrobe and said panel.
said wall and said panel providing a pocket with
in which said sliding side when lowered is adapt
ed tov ilt when said wardrobe remains in a closed
position relative to the crib.
2. In combination with a crib of the type hav
ing a vertically slidable side, a wardrobe posi
tioned below the bed plane oi' the crib and sup
ported therebelow for sliding movement for open
ing or closing the same, and a panel aiiixed to
the wardrobe and 'in a spaced 4relation therewith
to define a pocket, said pocket being in alignment
with said sliding side to receive the same there
within when the same is lowered when the ward
robe remains in a closed position. -
3. 'I‘he combination with a crib including i’ourV
corner posts, rods on a pair of side posts, and a
side panel mounted upon said rods for vertical
sliding movement, of a wardrobe supported below
the bed plane of the crib for sliding movement
for closing or opening the same, said wardrobe
being shorter than the length oi' the crib for pro
viding clearance spaces between the ends thereof
and the adjacent pairs of end posts for accommo
dating said rods, and a panel ail‘lxed to said ward
robe and' in a spaced relation therewith, said
panel being longer than the wardrobe in order
that the same may overlap the adjacent faces of
the adjacent pair of side posts when the ward
robe is in closed position with respect to the crib,
said panel in conjunction with the wardrobe de
fining a pocket within which the side panel of
the crib is adapted to i'lt when the same is in a .
lowered position upon said rods and when the
wardrobe is in a closed position.
4. In- combination with a crib of the type hav
ing a vertically slidable side, a wardrobe posi
tioned below the bed plane of the crib and sup
ported therebelow for sliding movement for open
ing or closing the same, and a compartment in
said wardrobe remaining inthe path of move
ment of said vertically slidable side when said
wardrobe is closed for receiving said vertically
slidable side when the same is lowered when the
wardrobe remains in a closed position.
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