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March I, 1938.
Filed Sept. 6, 1934
BY MA. (2,“
Patented Mar. 1, 1938‘
' 2,109,497
John 1*. Marvin, Fairview Village, and Birchard
1. Matthews, Cleveland, Ohio
Application September 6, 1934, Serial No. 742,906 .
‘ 1 Claim. ’ (Cl. 126-39)
This invention relates to a complete assembly
and overhang the center header ll whereby to
for the top burners of a gas stove or a range.
conduct gas from the burners to. the constant
It is a‘primary object of the invention to obtain
a compact assembly of this kind obviating the
‘pilot 33. Each burner is provided with a small
injection orifice 34 that receives a mixture of gas _
as soon as the burner is turned on, which gas an
5 use of a front manifold and a series of gas cocks
- extending therealong. A further object is to
?ows along'the ?ash tube .to the. constant pilot
33. There it ignites and ?ashes back to ignite‘
gas issuing from the gas outlet port 35 of each
provide the burner lighter as an integral part of
the assembly rather than as an accessory to be
added thereto. It further provides for the use
10 of four top burners identical in construction so
as to be, with their Bunsen tubes, completely
interchangeable. The two gas cocks controlling
An air opening is provided in the-bottom of 10
each Bunsen tube 23, as is shown at 31 on burner'
I2. The size of this air outlet is adjusted by a
shutter plate 38 pivoted as at 39 to the bottom of
each Bunsen tube. Obviously variation in the
the top burners _are likewise interchangeable.
The ?ash tubes to the lighter are integral with
15 the Bunsen tubes of the burners. The central
pilot light is formed integrally with the header
supplying gas to the burners.
In the drawing:
size of the opening 31 varies the quantity of air - 15
to be mixed with the gas injected from the spuds.
An arouate opening 36 is provided in the end
of- each Bunsen tube, that extends around the.
bottom of‘thev same to air opening 31, as seen on
burner l2 in Fig. 1. The shutter 38 may then be
opened and the Bunsen tubes‘dropped over its
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the assembly.
Fig. 2 is a vertical section on line 2-\-2 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is an elevation of one of these burners
with its unitary ?ash tube.
' , spud,_so that the spud partially supports the
Referring to Fig. 1, III indicates a gas intake
from an outside gas supply. This intake Ill leads
2‘ to a central header H from which gas is dis
, tributed to the several_bumers“l2,_ l3, l4, and I5.
To opposite sides of this header I I are secured
gas cocks i6 and ll of the_dual type such as
are shown in our‘copending application #735,686,
so filed July 17, 1934. Valve I6‘ is secured to header
burner. After this, the shutter may be adjusted.
H by an inlet projection l8 thereon engaging
front manifold with its awkward construction.
The header ‘II is then secured by any suitablev
means to this pipe Ill. Valves l6, l1 and 26 are
with the header by such means as screw threads.
Two outlets l9 and 20 lead to spuds~2l and 22 re
The outer end of the burner may be supported
in any desired manner.
The assembly is installed as follows: Pipe III is
led in from some point, preferably the rear of
the stove, to the center of the ‘top burner section.
It will be seen that this eliminates piping around
the stove to a front manifold, and eliminates the
spectively that distribute into the Bunsen tubes then fastened to header ll . It will be seen that
thus is provided a rigid center structure. With
controls gas cook l6 and, as disclosed in the valves I6 and I1 interchangeable, each may be
installed on either side of the header. The burn
above mentioned copending application, selec
tively distributes gas to burners l2 and I 5. Gas ers are then dropped on- with the cut-outs 36
cock I‘! is in all respects identical with gas cock dropping over the spuds to support the \ZBunsen
tube ends of the burners. The outer ends thereu it and is controlled by a handle 25. To inter
change the two valves it is only necessary to turn of may be supported in any suitable way. Shut
23 of their corresponding burners. A handle 24
them over and insert one in the place of the ters 38 are adjusted to provide a suitable mixture.
other. This is of great advantage since it elim- ' The ?ash tubes fall adjacent‘ pilot opening'?.
inates the necessity of manufacturing more than “Handles 24, 25 and 28 extend to the front panel
a one type of valve for the top burners.‘ To the of‘ the stove where they form a~neat and con 45',
bottompf the header is fastened a third gas cook,
venient-control cluster. .
26 having an outlet 21 leading to the oven burner.
In operation, any burner may be turned on
This valve is controlled by handle 28.
The burners, as are shown-more particularly in
3, have a bowl 3. in communication with the
Bunsen tubes 23. The Bunsen tubes may be
by its .gascock. Gas ?ows from ori?ce‘ 34 into
the flash tube, and to constant pilot 33, where
it ignites and ?ashes back to ignite the burner. 60
It maythusv be seen that a compact; heat
brought into the remote part of the burner in , burner‘ and control assembly is provided, with a I
order to extend the length thereof to obtain a
better mixture. Flash tubes 32 are cast integral
minimum number of parts.‘ The control mecha—
.5 1y ‘with the respective burners and Bunsen tubes
It will be seen that by supporting the flash
him may be removedv as a unit.
- 2
tubes entirely on the burner such as by making
a projecting spud, and burner means re
the‘two integral, a rigid structure is provided .ing
movablymounted in said spud, said burner means
that assures alignment of the tubes. It further comprising a Bunsen tube having means in its
eliminates the various supporting elements for outer end adapted to tit over said spud, said last
separate ?ash tubes, and consequently provides a
cheaper and simpler device. Also the necessity of
the several operations of making separate flash
named means being constituted by an aperture
extending entirely through the side wall of such
outer end of said tube to approximately the
tubes is done away with.
medial longitudinal line therethrough and a piv
It is within the’scope of this invention to pro
oted plate secured to said tube to enclose said
10 vide means on the burners to‘completely sup
at the side 0! the tube, said pivoted
port the dash tubes. For example, there may ‘aperture
plate being movable to uncover said aperture
.be provided a structure such as is shown with" whereby to permit the disengagement of said
the tube cut oil’ at‘ the end of the Bunsen tube, and
a sheet metal or like tube inserted into the end of Bunsen tube from said spud‘by a direct lateral
15' the cast tube to extend therefrom ‘to the pilot. movement relatively to the axis of said spud.
What is claimed is:
In a burner assembly, a supply device includ
BIRCHARD L. m'rrrmws.
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