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March 1, 1938.
J; v. MANN >
Filed May 16, 1935
I ‘
- '
Patented Mar. 1, 1938
, nonams
John V. Mann, Elmira, N. Y., assignor to Eclipse
Textile Devices, Inc., Elmira, N. Y., a corpora
tion of New York
Application May 16, 1935, Serial No. 21,857
2 Claims.
The present invention relates to an automatic
tension device for bobbins and more particularly
an automatically variable retarding device for
bobbin holders used in spinning frames and the
5 like.
In the various operations of manufacture and
handling yarn or other textile material in which
the material is handled in package form, it is de
sirable that the tension on such material be ac
,0 curately controllable at all times, and that a high
degree of uniformity of tension be obtainable re
gardless of the diameter or weight of the package.
Moreover, whereas a low tension is desirable as
permitting the use of less twist and a correspond
l5 ing increase of draft, without danger of breakage,
on the other hand it is necessary to avoid over
running of the package so as to produce slack.
This overrunning of the package may occur in
case of breakage, and in some installations by vi
bration of the frame, also by the use of air blasts
to clean the machines.
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide a novel retarding device for packages of yarn
or other wound textile material which is e?ective
and reliable in operation and simple and econom
ical in construction.
It is another object to provide such a device
which is automatically variable in its eifect in
accordance with the diameter of the package.
It is a further object to provide such a device
which is readily adjustable and adaptable to var
ious types of installations and conditions.
versal movement, the bobbin holder 3 being at
tached rigidly to the creel board 2 by means of
a bolt 5 traversing an opening in the creel board
and secured thereto by means of a nut i. It will
be understood that tightening the nut 6 clamps 6
the creel board 2 between the nut 6 and the dust
cap ‘I of the bobbin holder.‘
According to the present invention, a weighted
retarding membenin the form of a smooth bar I
of suitable material such as steel which is pref- i0
erably provided with a polished coating such as
chrome or cadmium plate, is arranged to bear
frictionally on the periphery of the yarn package
I. For this purpose the bar 8 is pivotally con
nected, at one end as indicated at 9 to a mounting 16
member II in the form of a wire which is bent
upon itself so as to embrace the bolt 5 of the bob‘
bin holder, and is provided with inturned ends l2
pivotally engaging an opening l3 in the end of
the bar 8 (Fig. 2).
‘ 20
The mounting member II is clamped between
the dust cap ‘I of the bobbin holder and. the creel
board, a suitable washer l4 being preferably inter
posed adjacent the creel board; and provision for
longitudinal adjustment of the retarding mem- 25
her 8 is made by forming the mounting member
H as an elongated loop which, when the nut 6 is
loosened, permits the pivot 9 of the retarding
member to be moved toward or away from the
vertical axis of the yarn package.
During the unreeling operation, it is well known
that in some installations the tension on the yarn
a package, or may be arranged to gradually vary
such tension in any desired manner.
Further objects and advantages will be ap
is considerably less when the yarn package is full
than when the bobbin is nearly empty‘, since the
radius from the surface to the axis of the full 3;,
yarn package is greater and the draft of the yarn
consequently has a greater leverage to turn the
bobbin. This is true even though there is some
of the invention;
effect is also observable with respect to disturb
It is a further object to provide such a ‘device
which may be arranged to provide substantial
35 uniformity of tension throughout the unreeling of
parent from the following description taken in what more friction in the bobbin holder due to
‘0 connection with the accompanying drawing in ' the weight of the full package, especially where 40
anti-friction bobbin holders are used in which the
Fig. 1 is a side view of a preferred embodiment friction is at all times quite low. An analogous
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the sameon a reduced
45 scale; and
Fig. 3 is a side view on a further reduced scale
of the device applied to a conventional skewer
mounted bobbin.
Referring ?rst to Fig. 1 of the drawing, there
50 is illustrated a portion of a package I of yarn or
roving which is pendulously supported from a
creel board 2 by means of an anti-friction bobbin
holder 3 of a well-known commercial type.
In this installation the bobbin 4 is supported by
55 the bobbin holder 3 with freedom for limited uni
ances caused by air blasts used for cleaning pur
poses, which disturbances will obviously be great- 45
er as regards undesired rotation of the yarn pack
ages when the packages are full. It is desirable,
therefore, that a retarding means be provided
which produces a comparatively large braking
eifect on a full package, which braking effect di- 50
minishes progressively as the diameter of the
package diminishes.
In operation, the above-described structure
accomplishes this desired function in an effec
tive manner. Since the retarding element ,8 55
bears on the periphery of the yarn package, its
effectiveness is obviously greatest when the pack
age is full, and least when the package is ex
hausted as illustrated in dotted lines in Fig. 1.
Moreover, it will be readily apparent that the
relative braking effect exerted by the retarding
.member on packages of varying sizes may be
easily and positively controlled by moving the
bearing thimble and the creel board so as to sup
port the retarding member 8 in the desired position.‘
Although but one form of the present inven
tion has been shown and described in detail, it
will be understood that other forms are possible
and that changes may be made in the design and '
proportions of the parts and in their means of
pivot 9 of the retarding member toward or away
The pivot 9 may
attachment and application without departing
also be moved vertically by bending the support
ing element ll if desired, whereby practically
any desired variation in braking e?fect may be
secured. Thus, moving the pivot 8 toward the
‘claims appended hereto.
10 from the axis of the package.
axis of the yarn package or lowering the pivot
decreases the variation in braking eifect while
moving the pivot outward, or raising it will in
crease the variation in braking e?ect.
It will be appreciated that the retarding ele
ment 8, due to its suitable curvature, does not
interfere in any way with the mounting or dis
mounting of the yarn packages on the bobbin
holder, and that the weight of the retarding
member 8 is selected or adjusted to produce the
desired e?'ect in each type of installation in which
it is adopted.
Fig. 3 illustrates the invention as used in con
nection with an ordinary skewer-mounted yarn
package l5. In, this case the bobbin I6 is mount
30 ed on a skewer I'I which rests at its lower end in
a suitable bearing I! on the lower creel board,
and is guided at its upper end by a bearing
thimble I! mounted in the upper creel board 2|.
The bearing thimble I9 is attached to the creel
board by suitable means such as screws 22, and
the mounting member H is clamped between the
from the spirit of the invention as de?ned in the 1
What is claimed is:
1. In a spinning frame, a creel board, a bobbin
for a yarn package, a vertical pivotal support
therefor including a bearing member ?xed to the
creel board above the bobbin, a brake member in
the form of a bar adapted to bear on the sur
face of the yarn package, and a hinge member
for the brake clamped by said bearing to the
creel board.
2. In a spinning frame, a creel board, a bobbin
for a yarn package, a vertical pivotal support
therefor including a bearing member ?xed to the
creel board above the bobbin, a brake member
in the form of a bar adapted to bear on the sur
face of the yarn package, and a hinge member
for the brake clamped by said bearing to the
creel board, said hinge member having an elon
gated opening therein to receive the bearing
whereby the pivot for the brake may be moved
laterally to vary the relative braking effect with
yarn packages of different sizes, and thus com
pensate for variations of friction in the pivotal
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