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March 1, 1938.
Filed Jan. 50,1956
Patented Mar. 1, 1938
Alfred E. Escher, Milwaukee, Wis.
Application January 30, 1936, Serial No. 61,600
3 Claims.
My invention relates to skater’s shoes and
more particularly to a type of foot covering com
monly referred to as an overshoe.
The object of my invention is to provide a cov
5- ering for a skater’s shoe, having a skate attached,
to assist in keeping the skater’s foot warm.
Another object of my invention is to provide
such a device that may be applied or removed
with but very little di?lculty.
Still another object of my invention is to so
construct the skater’s overshoe that it will fit
snugly around the skate shoe and the posts of
the skate attached to the sole 01' said shoe, thus
preventing snow or the like from entering.
These and further objects of my invention will
become more apparent to persons familiar with
the art of skating, as the description proceeds,
and can be better understood by referring to
the drawing which forms a part of the speci?ca
20 tion.
In the drawing
Fig. 1 illustrates the device as applied over a
skate shoe, having a skate attached.
(01. 36-71)
is covered completely. The slit sole I2 is sepa
rated so as to ?t around the posts I‘, H’ and H"
of the skate thus aifording a complete coverage
for the skate shoe.
In Figure 3 is shown a modi?ed construction
of the overshoe incorporating strap members I!
for closing the back of the upper as well as hold
ing the two halves of the sole together. These
straps It! may be fastened by buckles or clasps
20 or any other manner for convenient manipu 10
lation by the user.
It is obvious that one of the principal objec
tions to skating as'a sport, is the fact that the
skater’s feet become cold and damp due to the
snow or the like contacting the skater’s shoe, 15
which is usually made of a soft pliable leather.
My device eliminates and overcomes these objec
tions inasmuch as it covers the front of the shoe
entirely and due to the ?exible edges also covers
the openingaor slits in the soles to prevent th
cold and dampness from entering.
The invention is susceptible to various changes
in its form and minor details of construction, and
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a similar device ‘ the right is herein reserved to make such changes
illustrating the manner used in sealing a. slit in as properly fall within the scope of the appended
25 the sole about the posts of the skate and also claims.
Having thus described my invention what I
showing a talon fastener in the rear of the over
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent in
the United States, is:
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of an overshoe ap
1. An overshoe for a shoe having a skate at 30
plied over a skater’s shoe equipped with straps
tached to the sole of said shoe, said overshoe
and clasps instead of talon fasteners.
Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view of a section of having a closing means at the back, and a sole at
-. the overshoe illustrating the ?exible feather edge tached to the upper of said overshoe, said sole be
ing slit longitudinally centrally and provided
with ?exible depending edges at said slit, said
Fig. 5 is a plan view of the sole construction edges being fastenable one to the other by straps
to permit closing the slit to cause the sole to
portraying the manner in which the sole is sep
arated into two sections, the two edges at the partially envelope the posts of said skate.
2. An overshoe for a shoe having a skate at?v
separation being provided with ?exible or feath
tached to the sole of said shoe._ comprising an 40
er edges.
Similar characters of reference indicate corre- ' upper for entirely enveloping the upper of said
sponding parts throughout the several views and shoe and a sole attached to said upper, said sole
being slit longitudinally centrally, ‘said slit be
referring now to the same, [0 represents an over
shoe comprising an upper, open at the back, ing provided with apertures to accommodate the
posts of said skate, and being equipped with ?ex
4 a equipped with a slide fastener II and a sole I! ible resilient depending edges to envelope the
provided with a slit l6 widening out at points l3,
II’ and I!" to accommodate posts I‘, 14' and posts of said skate.
3. An overshoe for a shoe having a skate at
II” supporting a skate runner ii. The depend
ing edges of the sole l2 at the slit it are provided tached to the sole of said shoe, comprising an
with ?exible ?anges or feather edges l'l adapted upper entirely enveloping the upper of said shoe,
to fit the contour of the .skate posts ll, l4’ and said overshoe being closed at the back by means
_ ll" due to the ?exible nature, thereby preventing of a vertically disposed slide fastener, and a sole
slit:l in the sole to contact the posts of the skate,
the‘ snow or the like from entering the over-v
The entire overshoe I0 is placed over a skate
shoe indicated as It. This shoe ll has the skate
attached to its sole and the overshoe I0 is placed
over the shoe so that the lacing of the shoe I I
attached to said upper, said sole being slit longi- 4
tudinaily centrally and provided with ?exible
resilient depending edges in said slit to cause
the sole to partially envelope the posts of said
ALFRED I. M80818.
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