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March 1, 1938.
March 25. 193s
_Ig fz
i ff? ff? '
Patented Mar. 1, 1938
Eugene C. Ferris, Harvard, Ill., assignor to Star
line Inc., Harvard, Ill., a corporation ofv Illi
Application March 25, 1936A, Serial No. 70,727
3 Claims. (Cl. 1,5-236)
An object of this invention is to» provide an ef
a central member I4 to which is secured a socket
ficient and inexpensive scraper for use in clean
ing the side walls of gutters of cattle barns and or the like I5 as by riveting, spot-welding, braz
the like. These gutters are located at the rear ing, or the like, and a handle I6 is secured there
in which is preferably placed at an angle to the f
of the cow stalls and have flat bottoms and par
allel vertical walls. It is comparatively easy toI central member. Lateral extending members Il 5
I3 are made of spring material and are adjust
clean the bottom of the gutter with a shovel, but
it is not so easy to clean the side walls of the ably secured tothe central member as by means
of bolts I9 which extend through holes in one
gutter. The result is that a hard deposit accu
mulates on the side walls of the gutter which is of these members and through horizontal slots 20
difficult to remove. The statutory requirements in the other, and are secured thereto by means 10
of wing nuts 2| or the like. These laterally
are making it more and more imperative to- more
thoroughly clean all parts of the cow stall. This extending members are preferably provided with
invention is provided to- overcome this difliculty. spaced slots 22 at their outer edges so as to pro
vide a series of scraper fingers 23. The members
This and other objects, as will hereinafter ap
pear, are accomplished by this invention which I1, I8 are also preferably made as high as the 15
is fully described in the following specification higher vertical walls I3c so that either side of the
and shown in the accompanying drawing, in scraper may be used to scrape either wall.
In use the scraper is placed in the gutter to
Figure l is a perspective view of a gutter be cleaned and the side scrapers adjusted by
means of wing nuts 2| so as to- substantially 20
shown partially in cross section with one embodi
ñt in the gutter as illustrated, the scraper rest
ment of the gutter scraper placed therein in op
ing upon the bottom of the gutter. The operator
erative position;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged horizontal section on the then grasps the handle I6 and movesl the scraper
forward and backward thereby breaking loose
broken line 2--2 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a modified form
of scraper;
Fig. 4 is a section on the broken line 4-4 of
Fig. 3 ;
Fig. 5 is a front elevation of still another mod
ii'led form of the scraper;
Fig. 6 is a section on the broken line 6--6 of
Fig. 5; and
Fig. 7 is a perspective view of a modified form
of scraper.
The embodiment shown in Fig. 1 comprises a
cow stall having a floor I0 which may be di
vided up into cow stalls by means of partitions
Il, the top of which is shown broken away. At
40 the rear of the coW stalls is a runway I2, pref
from the sides of the gutter any accumulated 25
matter and thoroughly cleaning these sides.
This will usually be done after the gutter has ñrst
been roughly cleaned by means of a fork or
In Figs. 3 and 4 is shown a modified form of 30
the scraper in which the central portion || 4 is
similarly provided with a handle H6, and has
laterally extending members ||'I, ||8 which are
provided with rivets ||9 which are loosely fitted
at each side in slots |20. These lateral members 35
are provided with upstruck ears Illa, ||8a hav
ing openings through which pass- rods |24. A
compression spring |25 surrounds each of these
rods and serves toI press the lateral members out
wardly. 'I'hus as this scraper is moved backward 40
erably at a lower level than that of the cow stalls,
and separated therefrom by a gutter I3 which
has a bottom -|3a and side walls |3b, |30. 'I'hese
and forward in the gutter, its laterally extend
ing fingers |23 are forced into contact with the
side Walls are preferably vertical, parallel and
'I'he stall
material deposited thereupon.
45 equidistantly spaced from each other.
runway and gutter are preferably made of con
As previously stated, it is comparatively easy
to clean the bottom of the gutter but much of
the material in the gutter clings to the side
walls and is removed therefrom with difûculty.
This material in time becomes very hard. 'I'he
three forms of Scrapers herein illustrated are
adapted to remove it.
'I'he scraper shown in Figs. 1 and 2 comprises
sides of the gutter and serve to scrape free any
In Figs. 5 and 6 is shown still another modifi- 45
cation of the invention having a central mem
ber 2 I4 provided with a handle 2|6 and to which
are hingedly mounted lateral members 2|'|, 2|8.
These are preferably provided at their side edges
with lingers 223. The member 2|4 has a U
shaped member 226 secured thereto as by means 50
of rivets or spot-welding. Rods 221, 228 pass
through openings in opposite sides of the mem
ber 226 so as to be guided therein and are hinged
ly connected at their outer ends to ears 229, 230 55
respectively Which are carried by the lateral
members 2l1, 2I8. The rod 221 is threaded and
has a nut 23| screwed therein so as to serve as a
stop to limit the outward movement of its mem
ber 2I1. A spring 232 presses against the nut 23|
and urges it toward its outermost position in ccn
tact with the member 22B. The rod 228 is sim
ilarly provided with a nut and spring.
‘ Thus it will be seen in the embodiment shown
in Figs. 5 and 6 the scraper members are hinged
ly and yieldingly mounted on the central member,
and are provided with means for adjusting the
scraper members to different widths of the gut
I claimì
1. A gutter ‘scraping device comprising a cen
tral body member of a less length than the space
between the gutter walls, means supporting said
body in scraping contact with the bottom of said
gutter and at substantially right angles to the side
Walls thereof, including a rigid, elongated handle,
and relatively rigid side wall scraping elements
adjustably mounted on opposite sides of said
central member to engage the opposite side walls 10
of said gutter.
2. A scraping device for the spaced side walls of
an open top gutter comprising a substantially
rigid central member having a non-yielding
scraping edge adapted to rest upon the bottom
of the gutter, an elongated handle rigidly secured
In Fig. 7 is shown a modified form of scraper
having a body 3I4 and a handle 3I6. Scraper to said central member at an acute angle so as to
disks 3 I 1 are each provided with shafts 3 I 8 which extend abcve'the gutter walls While supporting
are journaled in suitable bearings in the body vthe central member in a substantially vertical
and are slidable endwise therein, and have scrap ' plane between said Walls, and said central mem
ber having a relatively yieldable side Wall scrap
20 er wires or fingers 3I9 adapted to engage the side
Walls of the gutter as shown. A spring 320 ñts ing portion adjustably connected to said central
over reduced portions of the shafts and bears at member to extend in substantially the plane of
each end on each shaft and is adapted to yield
the supporting edge thereof and engage the op
ingly press the brushes outwardly into Contact
with the gutter side walls. Thus, as the scraper
posite'side Walls of the gutter.
is moved back and forth, the brushes slide or ro
tate over the side walls of the gutter and serve
to clean these Walls of materials deposited there
gated rigid handle, a substantially rectangular
center plate having an elongated scraping edge,
said plate being rigidly connected to one end of
said handle so as to extend at an acute angle
In some cases, the gutter, instead of being level
onY the bottom, slopes toward the stall floor, as
shown in Fig. '1. The scrapers adapt themselves
to this condition.
While I have shown and described but aY few
embodiments of my invention, it is to be under
stood that it is capable of many modifications.
Changes, therefore, in the construction and ar
rangement may be made Which do not depart
from the spirit and scope of the invention as dis
40 closed in the appended claims.
3. A gutter scraping tool comprising an elon
thereto when supported thereby on said edge in a
vertical position on the bottom of said gutter,
and other scraper plates adjustably connected
to opposite side edge portions of said center plate,
said other scraper plates having relatively yield 35
able outer scraping edge portions supported in
substantially the plane of the lower supporting
edge portion of said central plate and in engage
ment with the opposite side Walls of the gutter.y
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