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Patented Mar. l, 1938
UNITED STAT'ES_ PATENT oFF?c?; -' -' _ ~
Leon Saives, Billancou?'t, -Francej'assignor to
_ Louis Renault, Blllancourt, France
Application September 9, 1936, Serial No. 100954
France July 16', 1036
__1Claim. (crees-is›
The method of 'working is as _followsz in the
The present invention relates to improvements
in gas case-hardening i'urnaces.
?rst place _the?ow ot cementing gas in 1 is ad
justed to suit requirements. By reason of the ro
An object of the invention resides in the pro
vislon of means for ensuring rapid di?usion of
tation of the tan 3 the gas'is animatedby'an in
5 the freshgases entering the furnace by' whirling
tense gyratorymovement; By 'application of the
the gases into the mu?le chamber of 'the i'urnace.
theorem of kinetic moment, and 'since thegyrat
.ing gas is con?ned in the cone 4, _the moment oi
_the quantity of movement is constant, and the
Another object of the invention is to provide
means onthe outside of the iurnace which will
force fresh gases into the mu?le, chamber in such
speed of rotation of a molecule of gas _is inversely _
proportional to its distance from_ the_ axis of the 10
10 a manner that the added gases are more thdr
oughly mixed with the gases already i?í the fur
As, the gasdescends in the cone 4 its speed
nace to thus obtain substantially the same tem
perature and* chemical composition throughout 'of rotation increases andbecomes very' great in .
the iurnace,
In order to `allow of ready comprehension of
the invention, it. will be -more particularly de
*the connecting piece 41.,
i' Upon entering the mu?le 5,~the gas gives rise 1.',
to a vortex with 'vertical axis which ?lls the..
whole section of the, mome. `Moreover, in the
axis of this cyclone there is produced a vacuum
in which:
The single ?gure is a transverse section of 'a which sucks up the .gas from below to above
20 mu?le furnace furnished with a device for the“ ' along the axis while the gas whirls in descending 20
scribed with reference to the attached drawing.
_diffusion of fresh gas.
near the walls of themu?le.
The improvement relates to the gas inlets
and has for ei?ect the rendering certain of :the
di?usion of the fresh gas by energetic stirring
25 inside the furnace.
This device assures uniform distribution of the
chemical composition and of _the temperature.
The characteristic of this device resides in the
fact that no stirring fan is introduced into the
30 iurnace because the oonstruction ot such fans is
complicated and the working detective; especially
at high temperatures_when_ case-hardening with
› The drawing shows one example of construc
The cementing gas arrives at l into the cham
This *energetic stirring assured the ho?'nogeneity .
of distribution of the temperature 'and of the
chemical composition; even in the vicinity 'oi the
gas inlet connectiom_
. -
_ There is thus avoided the dissociation or en
ergetic cracking to which the_ new cementing ga's
would give rise if- it were not ?rst diluted in' a
great mass oi' gas already in equilibrium with the
It thus results that the c?menting?is much' V
more constant and. more regular.
Owing to the arrangement oi' the stirring Ian
`3 which is_ outside to! theíurnace and remains
cool, 'its construction is easy and its working cer- 35
ber 2 which provides a housing for a centrifugal tain. The therm'al e?lçiency 'is excellent.
Finally, the cementing is very regular andre
'ran 3. The fan has a radial projecting action'
but there is no rà'dial o'utlet in the cha?nber 2 tains all its e?icacy in the concave parts and
40 and the gas can escape only by way of an axial
cone 4 terminated by a connecting piece 41 open
bores of the objects treated.` I
5. The gas by action of the fan receives a gyra
In a gas_ case-hardening furnacei >a muille
chamber, means for introducing cementing gas
tory movement but the speed of motion? in the
into the' mu?le chamber comprisinga centrifugal .
ing at a suitable place into the cementing mume
45 direction of the axis of- the fan.'is not substan
tially increased. The shaft 6 ot the fan' which
leaves the chamber 2 through a stumng box 'l '
is guided in bearings 8 and 9 and driven by amo
tor -Il by means of a ?exible coupling l?. The
-5o cementing muille i is housed inthe inside' of a
„ iurnace represented by its refractory iining fl!
` and insulatingylining ll.
fan having a, gas supply communicating there- j 45
with, means for' rotating the Ian, a housing'for
the fan having a downwardly extending cone- i
shaped portion with the apex thereof communi
cating with said muille chamber, whereby'the gas ~ '
is moved into the chan?ber by whirling the mole
cules of the same in the cone-shaped housingand
The mume rests on` _ in such a'revolving condition is mixed with the
roller-s ll allowing its !ree expans?on; _The ob
;leci-.s to be case-hardened IS are put on tables
55 I! which 'are pushed end to end into the mume i.
- gases in tlie mume chamber.
ison serves; `
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