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March 1, 1938.
Filed May 15, 1936
U 8 2/ @10.
Leon RPaaZ, _
Patented Mar. 1, 1938
I "2,1093%
" 2,109,750
Leon R. Paul, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to :John
J. *Daly, New York, N. Y. ' .
Application May 15, 1936,'Serial No. 79,866",
6 Claims.
The present invention relates to an improve
ment in advertising liquid dispensing devices for
bottled liquids and has for its important feature
theend of which. is covered by a pivoted, gravity
actuated closing?ap, similar to that disclosed in
my issued U. S. patent numbered 2,039,658’ of V
the provision, on a bottle stopper or cork, of an May 5, 1936. The present application is'also ?led '
advertising device, which acts as a. mechanical in continuation of my application which is de
bond for the other coacting dispensing and other . veloping into Patent Number._2,04l,724, having"
elements of the structure, thereby obtaining date of issue May 26, 1936.
. .,
economy in manufacture, the present device be
Inthe other bore I5 is mounted a ven ‘ng tube
ing of few simple parts. '
3, which extends beyond the limits of the cork
A further feature of improvement is in the pro
and capon both sidesthereof and acts to vent a 10
vision of a dual, identifying structure compris
bottle as theliquid is poured from spout 2.
ing overlaid symbol bearing elements for receiv
. The cork cap .5 as shown in the enlarged views
ing thereon advertisements, which elements are of Figs. 7 and .8 is slightly domed, has ?anged
comparatively easily destroyed and removed, and perimeter l6 and at its'mid-top section is ‘pro?
15 which when removed Without authorizatiomex
vided with two conjunctive bores l4 ‘and i5, these
pose a hidden, permanent advertising. notice, being formed in said cap by perforating the bores
which is not easily destructible, but the removal with a blunt tool thereby to formwtwdround
of which will destroy the device, its usefulness apertures of unlike diameter, commonly sur
being eliminated.
rounded by an upstanding ragged toothed ?ange
'20 The foregoing and other features of advantage l2 and IS. The larger bore l4 receives therein
will be apprehended as the herein description pro
and. ?rmly grips the pouring tube 2 in its proper
ceeds, and it will be obvious that modi?cations operative position as shown in Fig. 1, while the
may be made in the structure herein, without de
smaller bore l5 ?rmly‘ grips therein the ‘vent
parting from the spirit hereof or the scope of the tube 3 in its operative assembly also as in Fig. 1'.
appended claims.
As thus assembled,v ‘the cap 5 and its appurte- i:
In the drawing,
nant tubes 2 and3, are then laid in a mould or _ Fig. 1 is a. view in elevation of the improved die which holds the assembled tubes and cap‘in a .
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the line
30 2—-2, Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the ar
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line
3-3 of Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3 but showing
a mode of mounting a label thereon;
Fig. 5 is a view in elevation of a label holding
Fig. 6 is a transverse sectional view of Fig. 5;
Fig. 7 is an enlarged transverse section of the
cork cap, taken on the line 1-1, Fig. 8, looking
in the direction of the arrows;
Fig. 8 is a plan view of Fig. '7; and
Figs. 9 and 10 are enlarged, transverse frag
45 mental sections of the sealing disc, to disclose
modi?ed forms of attaching the labels thereto.
As in Fig. 1, the complete pouring device com
prises a cork stopper 4, capped by a metal cap 5
having an annular ?ange l6 thereon, which em
braces the top end of the cork 4.
The cork is provided with two through aper
tures, as is also the cap as at I 4, [5, Fig. 8, and
the apertures in the cap and cork are in regis
try to receive therein a liquid pouring tube 2,
55 which is bent at the top to form a turned spout,
' The die is so made ‘as'to be provided with a
mould space which surrounds the tubes above 30
the cap, the moulding portion‘of said die being so
contoured as to receive therein a melted plastic
metal, which is poured into said mould and is die
casted about said tubes and ragged ?ange I 2-I3
of. said cap. The ?nal result is as shown in Figs.
1 and 2, in which the sealing disc, generally de
noted by l, is ?rmly cast or moulded about the
tubes and cap ?ange. Inasmuch as the die metal
contracts slightly upon cooling, it thus is assem
bled in such a manner as to hold all of the assem
bled parts to itself in a ?rm embrace.
The mould of the die is provided with legends,
either to be cast in intaglio- or in relief, which may
bear the name of the advertiser or the advertiser’s’
goods on both faces of the disc, as at H], Figs. 1,
3 and 4.
The sealing disc I may also be provided with
an integral annulus 8, outstanding on both faces
of the disc, and the disc may further have an
annular recess 9 at the inner face of the base
of ?ange 8, said recess extending into the faces
of said disc, below the plane of said faces, as
shown in Figs. 3, 4, 9 and 10, thus to form an en
circling groove in which to receive the depending 55
?ange 1 of the circular label holding‘ bezel 6, Figs.
and 6.
The bezel 6, as shown in Figs. 4 and 9, is used
to embrace a paper or cellulosic label ll about its
edges and adjacent edge face, thus to hold the ex
posed label in operative display position, and cov
ering the moulded-in design It on the disc face.
3. A device including ‘in combination a bottle
stopper having mounted in edgewise relation on
the top thereof a relatively thick disc, venting
and pouring tubes passing through the stopper ~
and the disc, the pouring tube having a discharge
and above the disc, said disc having display in
dicia, permanently incorporated in its opposite
sides ; and thin destructible discs mounted on said '
After the bezel andlabel have been set in dis
play and holding position, theupper outer edge of
sides'and having like ‘indicia thereon, said thin
discs being intended not to be removed, whereby 10'
9, and thus the bezel and label are ?rmly gripped ,- lithe thin discs. be wrongly removed the indicia
10 ?ange 8 is rolled in slightly as seen clearly in Fig.
in desired display position.’
’ may still appear on the device.
4.‘ ‘A liquid dispensing device and display means
oinprisinga bottle stopper having spaced prongs
15 tioned, on the disc, and thea?ange, 8 rolled or ,rising, fromthetop thereof, a thick disc standing
In some instances, wherei'a sti?'metallic" label
.is'used, as at H, Fig. 10, the label may be pos
beaded over the edge of said label.
1. i
in 'edgewise relation on the stopper and having
the prongs fixedly engaged therein, said disc and
From the
mode of assembly
it will beisseen
the, the stopper ‘having a pair of parallel bores there
econ'omical and defeats the heretofore tendency in, one of the bores being large and both being
of users of the device from destroying the‘ ad
vertising value thereof by removing rand-‘destroy
ing the label, and thus losing 'the’iydentitye‘of
the advertiser. To remove any of the'labels-of
the present disclosure ' brings intoif-rview the
hidden, permanent advertisement moulded'in the
inwardly of the prongs; a pouring tube ‘in the 20
largegboreand having an upper discharge‘ ter
minal‘onione sidejof the "vertical central plane
of Jthedevice, and a vent tube‘ in the other ‘:bore
and‘ having a lower terminal on the opposite side
5; A‘ liquid, dispensing device and display means‘
metal of the sealing disc ‘I.
Having thus described the’ invention what is ‘comprising in combination a bottle stopper hav
ing top projections thereon, said stopper having
claimed is:
, 1. A liquid dispensing device for bottles, com;
therein a pair of apertures. which pass between
prising the combination of a'cork, 'a' ?anged cap the projections, pouring and venting tubes dis 50
on said cork, said cap and cork being apertured, posed in the apertures and having straight parts
a pouring tube and a restricted‘vent tube mounted above the projections, and a relatively thick disc
in the apertures of said cap and ‘cork; said 'cap disposed in edgewise relation on the stopper and
havingdisplayindicia on its opposite sides, said
having a ?ange about said apertures, and a' seal‘
disc beingdie cast in situ and being positioned in
ing‘ disc moulded about said tubes andsaid'sec
0nd ?ange thereby to embrace the cap and tubes embracing relation with said partsand said pros
in a unit‘asse'mbly.
w‘ I
2. A liquid dispensing device for bottles com
prising, an apertured cork andcap therefor,v a
40 pouring tube and a restricted vent‘ tube located
in said apertures, a sealing disc moulded: about
said tubes and a portion of said cap to embrace
said tubes and cap in a-unit assembly, alabel
on each face of said disc, said disc having label
45 engaging ?anges on its opposite faces to; engage
said labels in display iposition _; and advertising
symbols mouldeduponithe faces of saidgdisc, said
labels bearing advertising symbols on_th_eir;dis¢
play faces, the symbols on said disc andlabels
being of like identity.
>6.'-A liquid dispensing device for‘ bottles com
prising the combination of a capped cork, a‘.
pouring spout ‘and a restricted vent tube therein, 40
a sealing disc moulded about said spout and tube,
said disc having characters moulded on both faces
thereof,v annular ?anges on the perimeter, of
both faces, a label on each face and a label hold
ing bezel ‘engaging the edges of each label, said
annular ?anges being turned to engage the edges
of the bezel to hold said labels in display position
and to hide said characters on the face of ‘said
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