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arch l, i938.,
~ R` sADWiTH
Filed oct. 4, 1955
Patented Mar. 1, 1938
Ryan Sadwith, Newark, N. J.v
Application October 4, 1935, Serial No. 43,640
2 Claims. (Cl. 137-68)
This invention relates to- a control unit for the
burning of liquid fuel.
Because of the fire hazard, easier ñlling of the
main supply tanks, greater storage possibilities
5 and for other reasons it is desirable whenever liq
uid fuel is used to store the same outside of the
As the consumption of fuel varies
some means of regulating and controlling the
flow of the liquid fuel is essential. To prevent
10 flooding in case of theY extinguishment of a
burner, the control should automatically shut
01T the supply and the control should be of such
a nature as to require manual resetting after
automatic shut off. The latter is valuable pro
15 tection against fire as it calls the operators at
tention to the fact that repairs are required or
supply. The additional space in casing I takes
care of the flow back of the fuel from the burners
in case of extinguishment of the burners when
the gravity method of feed is not used. The
normal operation requires only the use of the Qi
auxiliary fuel supply in casing I, valve 8 and iioat
9 to maintain a proper supply of liquid fuel. In
the event of accident or for any other cause,
should the flow be maintained so that the supply
rises beyond its predetermined level, then the 10
safety device operates. The latter consists of an
auxiliary chamber I0 with an additional `float II
therein. An overflow opening I2 from casing I
into chamber Ill is provided. The flowing of
liquid fuel through opening I2 into chamber Ill, 15
causes float I I to rise causing it to rock lever I3
that the furnace needs looking after. '
thereby moving trip link I4 from under weighted
One of the objects of this invention is to pro
vide a liquid fuel control unit for the burning of
valve shut off arm I5. Weight I6 rocks arm I5
20 liquid fuel that will automatically maintain a
Valve I8. Between valve I8 and chamber I0 and
proper amount of flow of fuel regardless of the
variation of the required supply by the burners.
A further object of the invention is to prevent
the flow of liquid fuel in the event of the burner
25 or burners ceasing to function to prevent flood
ing of the furnace. .
A still further object of the invention isto re
duce ñre hazards by maintaining only a rela
tively small auxiliary supply of liquid fuel in an
30 enclosed container adjacent the furnace and
providing means for automatically shutting off
of the supply of liquid fuel in case of break down
of the control, flooding of the burners or other
accident with the necessity of manual reopening
35 of the supply line to again recommence opera
vReferring to the drawing:
Figure 1 is a side view partly in elevation of
a device embodying the principles of my inven
40 tion.
Figure 2 is a plan View of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a detail view of Figure 1 along the
line 3, 3, looking'in the direction of the arrows.
Figure 4 is a detail sectional view o-f Figure 1
along the line ll, II, looking in the direction of the
In carrying out my invention, I pro-pose to pro
vide a container or casing l.
Within container
I are tubular screens 2, 3, having burner inlets
50 4 and 5 inserted in said screens.
provided for casing I.
A cover 6 is
The fuel supply line 'I
terminates within casing I and has a valve 8
that is controlled by float 9. The fuel level is pre
determined so that when the float 9 rises above
55 the predetermined level it shuts off the fuel
abo-ut pivot I 6' moving valve stem I'l to close
supported by the walls of chamber I0, is a brack
et having set screw 20. Screw 2l! is adjustable so
that when the counterweighted arm I5 is re
leased, screw 20 operates as a stop to prevent
the arm from dropping to jar the valve on its
seat. Of course, the adjustment is >such as to
permit the valve to seat properly with elimina
tion of any jar.
The shutting of Valve I8 corn
pletely shuts off the supply. It should be noted
that the mechanism of valve I8 is not in any 30
way interconnected or a part of the mechanism
of valve 8.
Being both independent anything
happening to one will not affect the other ex
cept that when Valve I8 is closed no supply of
fuel will reach valve 8. In order to recommence
operations, arm I5 must be manually raised and
link I4 set to support arm I5. Of course, charn
ber I0 is ñrst drained through drain valve I9.
There is the positive requirement of attention by
an attendant before the apparatus can function.
It is, therefore, seen that I provide a control
device whereby a continuous flow of liquid fuel
can be had for asperating nozzles or other type
of burners and that the fuel may be maintained
within limits at an approximately predetermined 45
level regardless of the fuel consumption and one
whereby the fuel is controlled by one mechanism
and in the case of failure of the control an in
dependent safety mechanismshuts off the supply
of fuel. The control unit may be located against
the furnace to secure preheating if desired. The
continuous flow thereinto of cool fuel oil will
prevent the liquid fuel from reaching the flash
point. The small amount of liquid in the con
trol unit is an added safety feature.
The simplicity of construction of my device
permits of cheap cost of manufacture and cheap
maintenance costs.
Various modiñcations may be made and still
fall Within the scope of my invention.
What I claim is:
1. A fuel oil control unit comprising an elon
gated tank, a partition dividing said tank into-y
compartments, the partition being of lesser
10 height than the side Walls of the tank to serve
as an over-flow spillway between said compart
ments, a fuel supply conduit projecting into said
tank for discharge into one of said compart
ments, means Within said one compartment and
15 mounted on the discharge end of the conduit to
control the How of fuel therefrom, a cut-off valve
in said supply conduit exteriorly of said tank, a
trip means to control the closing of said valve,
and auxiliary means Within the other of said
20 compartments to control the operation of said
trip means.
2. A fuel oil control unit comprising an elon
gated tank, a transverse partition dividing said
tank into compartments having different capaci
ties, the partition being of lesser height than
the side Walls of the tank to serve as an over
flow spillway from the compartment of greatest
capacity, a fuel supply conduit projecting into
the latter compartment, means Within said latter
compartment and pìvotally mounted on the sup
ply conduit to control the flow of fuel there 10
from, a cut-01T valve in said supply conduit ex
teriorly of said tank, a trip means to control
the closing of said cut-off valve, auxiliary means
Within the other of said compartments, and a 15
pivot mounting for said auxiliary means extend
ing outwardly through a side Wall of the tank
to actuate said trip means.
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