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‘March 1, 1938. '
Filled Aug. 25, 1954
2 Sheets-Sheet l
1/11/22 A?o/wgy
a M,
Mach 1, 1938-,
Filed Aug. 25, 1934
v 2 Sheeté-Sheet 2
" ~ 2,110,020
, t ‘ Patented Mar. 1,
moomo'rlvn STRUCTURE
Harrison Hoblitleile, Wynnewood, Pa., asaignor
~to'General Steel Castings Corporation, Granite
City, Ill.,a corporation of Delaware I
Application August 25, 1934, Serial no, 741,366
(01. 105-2).
This invention relates to‘ railway rolling stock
and consists particularly ‘in novel streamlined
‘ construction of railway steam locomotives.
Applicant's co-pending application Serial No‘.
5 727.112. ?led May 23,‘1934,’ illustrates stream
lined construction‘ of a locomotive body generally,
and the main object of the present invention is
to facilitate the streamlining of the forward
portion of a locomotive particularly where a cou
10 pler and draw bar are provided for occasional
In the accompanying drawings illustrating the
Figure .1 is a side elevation of'the forward por
tion of .a locomotive embodyingthe invention.
bracket 28. Extending between the lower ex
tremities of arms 26 and the lugs 21 at the ends
of lower member [5 of the pilot, and between the
brackets 28 and recesses He at the ends of the
pilot beam are the structural members 28 and GI
29 suitably shaped for supporting adjacent parts
of the streamline casing.
Also secured to the pilot beam‘ I! by means of
the bolts 30 extending through slots 30a is a
bracket, generallyindicated at 3i, and ‘having
forwardly projecting arms 32 including the bear
lugs 33 and 34. Pivoted to the bearings 33 by
means of the pin 35 is the swinging coupler 36
having a counterbalance extension 31 at the rear
end thereof arranged to engage a stop 38 on the
Figure 2 is a front view of the locomotive un- - underside of the front deck structure to limit the
derframing drawn to an enlarged scale, the end
of the frame proper being shown at the right
hand side of the figure and the pilot being shown
‘ ‘20 at the left hand'side of the ?gure.
‘ ~ complete the front streamlining‘ when the cou
Figure 3 is a top view of the structure indicated
in Figure 2 and‘is taken approximately on the
0 line 3-4 of Figure 2.
- 1
‘Figure 4 is a side view of the structure shown
"in Figures 2 and 3.
‘ ‘At the front end of the underframe casting is
the deck plate 1 terminating in a pilot beam I!
to which is secured the pilot I3 by means of the
bolts Ila. The pilot includes forwardly tapering
30 or streamlined transverse members l4 and I5
connected by ties Hi. Secured to the bottom
transverse member I5 is a plate 11 having a re-'
inforcement I8 at its lower edge. Member l‘l
‘forms the lower edge of the pilot and has slots
2| ‘receiving the‘bolts 20 whereby this member
may be vertically adjusted to maintain the same
at a uniform distance above the rails regardless
of variations in the thicknessjof tl'ti’e wheel tires
due to turning or renewing 'thereof. ,Members
40 l4 and II are also arranged for attachment of
the front streamline casing l9, thiscasing being
conveniently welded or bolted to its supporting
members. The member I1 is located on the
outside of the front casing.
The pilot beam I! to which the pilot is secured
has rearwardly divergingendportions 22 alined
with the upper member l4 of the pilot, which por
tions are also arranged for mounting the stream
lined tront casing. Projecting above the front
50 deck ‘I on each side are the brackets 23 for mount
ing various pumps, and these brackets are con
nected by a curved member 24 which supports
the front casing l9 above the pilot and the pilot
downward swinging of the coupler. A door 39
hinged to the front casing I9 may be swung
downwardly over the coupler opening therein to
Projecting from each- steam cylinder 4 is‘ .
55 the casing mounting arm or bracket 25 and the
pler is in the lowered inoperative position illus
trated in dotted lines in Figure 3 and also in
_ Figure 4.
A pin 40 is detachably seated in the
bearings 34 at the front ends of arms 32 for se
curing the coupler in the raised or’ operative po
sition. The coupler bracket is vertically adJust-‘
able independently of the pilot by means of bolts
30 and slots 30a.
Various features of the structures described in
themselves do not constitute the present inven
tion and these maybe altered as desired and also
various inventive features may be modified as
will occur to those skilled in the art, and the ex
clusive use of all such modi?cations as come
within the scope of the appended claims is con 35
I claim:
1. In locomotive end structure, an end mem
her, a pilot immovably secured thereto, stream
line casing carried by said pilot, a coupler mount 40
ed on said member and movable independently of
said pilot‘ and casing from a projected position
in which it extends outwardly of the normal con
tour 01’ said casing to a retracted position within
the normal contourv of said casing.
2. In a locomotive front end structure, a‘pilot,
a coupler constructed and arranged to project
outwardly from said pilot or to be recessed there
in, and streamlined casing for the front of the
locomotive constructed and arranged for said
coupler to project forwardly, thereof when ex
tended or to enclose said coupler when the latter I
is retracted.
3. In a locomotive front end structure, a pilot,
a. casing having a rounded nose for streamlining
the trout end oi the locomotive, there boin: an
' oypenin: in said nose and a movable member for
smoothly closing said opening, and. a coupler
, mounted on said pilot to be projected through
said opening or to be moved to a retracted posi
tion wherein said member may be moved to close
said opening and overlie said coupler.
4. Railway vehicle end construction including a
mbstantially continuous streamlined wall de
pending tea level in cloee proximity to the rails
and having an aperture tor receivin: a member
ior connectina the vehicle with'an adjacent ve
hicle, and supplementary wall-iorminz means for.
closing said aperture and continuing the streame
lining arrangement 0! said. wall when said mem
nsruuaon 1103mm;
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