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1‘, 1938.
Filed May 2, 1936
9 Agar/2Z5? Uarawah
Patented Mar. 1, 1938
Ashley Carawan, Chicago, Ill.
, Application May 2, 1936, Serial No. 77,619
4 vClaims. (Cl. 132-12)
My invention relates to the art of hair dress
ing, and has among its objects and advantages
the provision of improved dye applying facilities.
Preparatory to wrapping the cotton about the
prong 20, the prong may be pivoted to a position
substantially at right angles to the comb, which
With a comb of conventional design.
A further object is to provide an improved dye
dish designed to facilitate handling of the dye,
10, and in which the dish is further designed to co
operate with my speci?c swab mount.
In the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a top plan view of a comb embodying
my invention;
Fig. 2 is a side view;
Fig. 3 is a sectional view along the line 3-3
of Fig. 2;
Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a dye dish;
Fig. 5 is a sectional view along the line 5—5
20 of Fig, 4; and
5. 6 is a sectional view along the line 6—6 of
facilitates wrapping of the cotton. After the cot
ton has been wrapped on the prong, the latter 5
may be pivoted to the position of Fig. 2, at which
time the dye swab is ready for use. I curve the
lip at 48 concentrically about the pin 32 to per
mit pivotal movement of the prong 20).
In use, the dye swab is dipped in dye. With the gr).
dye swab properly saturated, the hair may be
combed and separated, and the dye applied to the
The comb proper provides a grip for‘ ma
nipulating the dye swab. The small diameter of
the dye swab permits the dye to be effectively 15
applied close to the roots of the hair.
I prefer to make the prong 20 slightly oval
shape in cross-section, as indicated in Fig. 3.
The oval shape provides a narrow pressure area
longitudinally of the prong in addition to per- 20
mitting the use of sufficient material to give the
In the embodiment selected to illustrate my
invention, I make use of a comb Ill including
25 the usual back l2, a group of coarse teeth 14,
and a group of ?ne teeth l6. To the back I?
I connect a swab mount l8 in the nature of a
prong 20, normally lying in substantially par
allel relation with the edge 22 of the back I2.
One end of the prong 20 includes a lip 24
positioned within a recess 26 in the back I2. The
back is enlarged at 28 to accommodate the recess
mounting of the cotton, and the prong 20 is so
constructed as to permit the comb to be used in 25
the usual way.
In the application of dye to the hair, it is
necessary that the dye
amount of dye.
carried to. permit the proper amount to be ap- 30
plied to the hair, but the dye should not run
freely when the dye swab is pressed against the
hair and worked close to the scalp. Many dyes
are expensive and care must be exercised to pre
vent waste.
The ends of the pin 32 may be riveted at 34 to
prevent longitudinal displacement of the pin.
The lip 24 ?ts snugly between the walls 30 and
4,0 the riveted pin 32 holds the walls in frictional
relation with the lip so as to prevent accidental
shifting of the prong 20 aboutits axis. One
edge of the lip 24 comprises a straight reach 38
which bears against the bottom 40 of the recess
.5 26 to limit the rotary movement of the prong 28
mount. In Fig. 4, the tray 50 comprises side walls
52 and end walls 54 and a bottom 56. The bot
tom 56 is raised to provide a ?oor 58 provided 40
with a groove 60 of gentle curvature. The groove
62 comprises a container for dye, and one of the 45
walls 52 may be provided with graduations 64
in the direction of the comb, and the prong will
be effectively restrained from pivotal movement.
0 In operation, I mount a dye swab 42 upon the
prong 20. The swab may comprise cotton
Wrapped around the prong. I provide the prong
2D with a plurality of grooves running in crossed
spiral relation about the prong. The grooved
1 surface provides good anchorage for the dye swab.
indicating the amount of dye contained therein.
After the cotton 42 has been wound on the
prong 20, the cotton is dipped in the dye in the
compartment 62. Excess dye in the cotton is 50
removed by placing the dye swab against the sur
face of the groove 60. The prong 20 is positioned
in parallel relation with the groove and may be
rolled about its longitudinal axis for squeezing
out the necessary amount of dye. Excess dye 55
squeezed from the cotton flows back to the com
partment 62 because of the angularity of the
groove. The dye spilt on the floor 58 will blow
irato the groove 60 and back to the compartment
6 .
I elevate the floor 58 to- such a degree that
" the wall 54 associated therewith clears the back
of the comb so as not to obstruct manipulation
of the prong 20 within the groove 60. The walls
of the tray surrounding the floor 58 extend above
10 the floor to- prevent dye from spilling overvthe
The tray 50 may be provided with legs 68 of soft
material to prevent scratching of the surface
15 on which the tray is placed. Each of the walls 52
may be depressed at 66 to provide an effective
grasp on the tray for moving purposes.
Without further elaboration, the foregoing will
' so fully explain my invention that others may,
20 by applying current knowledge, readily adapt the
same for use under various conditions of service.
I claim:
1. The combination of a dye tray having an
elevated surface, a comb having a dye swab mount
25 connected therewith, a. dye swab mounted on the
swab mount, said swab mount being normally po
sitioned substantially in parallel relation with the
longitudinal axis of the comb and being spaced
suf?ciently far from one edge of the comb to
30 permit the dye swab to be dipped in the tray,
said swab mount being so positioned with re
spect to the comb as to permit the dye swab to
be rolled on the raised surface with the comb
positioned substantially in parallel relation with
the bottom of the tray.
2. A hair dye applying device comprising a
comb including a back provided with teeth, a dye
swab supporting prong having one end pivotally
connected with the back of the comb, said prong
normally lying in spaced and parallel relation 10
with the back.
3. A hair dye applying device comprising a
comb including a back having a recess, a dye
swab supporting prong having an offset end, said
o?set end lying within said recess, means for piv 15
otally connecting the offset end with the back
of the comb, said prong normally lying in parallel,
spaced relation with the back of the comb.
44. A hair dye applying device comprising a
comb having a back provided with teeth, a dye
swab supporting prong having one end pivot
ally connected with said back, said prong being
movable about its axis away from said back to
facilitate attachment of the dye swab, and means
co-operable on the comb back and the prong, to 25
prevent relative pivotal movement in the oppo
site direction beyond a predetermined degree ~lor
supporting the prong in spaced relation with said
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