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March 8, 1938.
2,110,120 ,
Filed June l5, 1954
Hlßer? P ,Ba/l. v
Patented Mar.
ADJUSTABLE swims:- Fon
Albert P. Ball, Detroit, Mich., -assignor to'Briggs
Company, Detroit, Mich., a
corporation -ol' Michigan
« _ Application June 15, 1924, Serial No. '130,"124V
4 clams.- (crass-_91)
This invention relates to glare shields or sun Ä pillarsi'll and II forming‘the marginal sides of
visors for vehicles, particularly automobile bodies, a windshield opening within which'is mounted
and an object of the invention is to provide an» a windshield glass I2. _The forward end of the
improved shield or visor and adjustable means for -roof of the body is indicated at' I3. The front
5 mounting the same'above the windshield of an end assembly also comprisesvan interior upper 5
automobile body whereby> adjustment of the de- _ transverse header panel I4 which connects the
vice into various desired positions may be readily upper ends of the pillars I0 and II. This header
. _
panel is in the form of a metal stamping cov
vA further object of the inventionis to provide ~ ered with trim fabric I5 and comprises prefer
and easily accomplished.
0 an improved visor or glare shield assembly of
relativelysimple construction wherein the shield
_ably an inclined vertically extending side or wall 10
Ila terminating at its lower edge in a forwardly
. proper is plvotally mounted within the upper ` extending horizontal ‘iiange Hb. The front “end
margin of the windshield opening for horizontal of this ñange is turned or bent upwardly at llc
swinging movement at substantially the eye level ' and in practice is confined by the forward down
wardly curved or sloping portionrof the front 15
15 of the driver or' front seatv` occupant of the auto
mobile vwhile at the same time being arranged to .transverse roof panel' which terminates at the
. be turned, when not in use, into an out of the upper edge of the windshield. The ñange Il_b
way position ñush with the sloping header panel forms the upper transverse reveal of the wind#
shield opening in' rear Aof the windshield glass I2.
of the windshield.
In the present instance the reveal‘- flange Mb 20
zo' Other objects of this invention will appear in.`
_ " the following .description and appended claims, is perforated to provide a circular hole or aper
referencebeing had to the accompanying draw-_ ture I6 through which is inserted a thlmble-like
ing f01fm1ng a part _of this speciñcation wherein
like reference characters designate correspond
bearing member I1 adapted to project into the
space Within the hollow header of the windshield.
V.The member I1 comprlsesa tapered body or
_ Fig. l is a fragmentary front elevation of the/d shank I8 terminating at its lower edge in an 25
25 ing Pêrts in the several views.
~ ~
front end of an automobile body taken from the> out-turned annular flange I9 abutting the -lower _
-inside of the body.
Fig. 2 is _an enlarged fragmentaryview, in ele#
o vation, illustrating a portionof the header panel
and a’shield mounted thereon,-parts being shown
inI section.
Fig. 3 is a> fragmentary horizontal section
takensubstantially through lines 3-3 of Fig. 2
35 in the direction of the arrows.
Fig. 4 is a _detail section taken through lines
4_4 of Fig. 2 in the direction of the arrows.
Fig. 5' istl detail -section taken through lines
5-5 of Flg. 1 in the direction ofthe arrows.
'Before explaining in detail the present inven
tion it-is to be understood that the invention is
not limited in'its application to’the details of
construction and 'arrangement of parts' illus
trated in the "accompanying drawing, since the
45 invention is capable' of> other embodiments and
of being practiced o_r carried out- in various ways.
Also 4it is to be understood that the phraseology
or terminology employed >herein is for the pur
pose of description and notfòf limitations,`a1îd it
50 is not intendedvto- limit the invention claimed
herein beyond the requirements ofthe prior art.
In-the drawing there is illustrated, by way of
example, one embodiment of the invention as
applied to an automobile body. The body com
55A prises a front end assembly including upright
_ face of the reveal flange I4b and preferablyV spot '
welded thereto. The upper end of the member l
f8 forms a head 20. The body I8 is hollow aîni 3o
has downwardly tapered _ inner walls 2l thus-
forming a tapered socket to receive the corre
spondingly tapered portion 23 of a plug 22 adapt
ed to rotate within the socket.
‘ '
The tapered face of the member 23 is wedged
within tlie tapered bore 2l of the socket by
means of >an adjustable spring plunger compris- l
ing an adjusting screw 24 having a reduced.
threaded'upper end 2.5_adapted to be screwed into
a vertically tapped hole in`~ the head 20. A coil 40
spring 26 embracesíthe ‘lower portion off the screw
shank `within a counterbore in the part 22 and
is confined under compression between the head
21 of the screw and the upper end of the counter'- . '
The plug 22 is preferably integral with a lat
erally and »rearwardly 'extending arm 28 and
forms a vertical offset of said arm. In the posi
tion shown in Figs. 1 and 5, or in full lines in the
>remaining ñgures, the arml28 terminates at its 50
re'ar end slightly in rear of the bend or edge 29V
in the header panel I4 (see Fig. 5), at which
point it is bent transversely at 28a to provide an
extended portion parallel with and proximate to;v
the edge 29:9-
' 't
_ :J
Mounted to turn on the arm 28 >is a glare shield
1. In a vehic‘1e`body having s. wxndsmem open#
or visor 38 which may‘Àbe formed preferably of
ing and a windshield header comprising a panel
suitable transparent composition material capa ' having a vertical wall extending >downwardly
ble'of ñltering out certain yrays of the sun.- The from the roof and forwardly flanged at its lower
shield 30 in the present instance has a beaded
or rolled edgel 3i for reinforcing the same which
edge to provide the upper horizontal reveal of said
opening, an arm having a vertical oiïset portion
may be molded from the material of the shield
journalled in said flanged portion to swinghorl
zontally beneath said reveal, _and a glare' shield
proper or vmay _comprise a tubular metal core
about which thev material is molded. -A hole 32
10 may be drilled horizontally through the end of the
upper rolled' edge 3I.`` The extended portion of
the arm` 28 is in the present instance machined
to' provide a reduced extension 33 which may be
split from its. free end rearwardly a _suitable dis-v
tance as at 34. 'I‘he split extension 33 is forced
a suitable distance into the hole 32- with the split
rotatably mounted on said arm to swing into posi
tion above the reveal and substantially flush withv
said wall, the oiïset’ portion of said arm being
located‘forwardly of said vertical wall.
2. In a vehicle body having a windshield open
ing and ~a hollow header extending transversely
above the opening, a conical socket projecting 15
into the header and having a flange around its
ends contracted under tension sufficiently to bindl _base secured to the bottom of the header, a hollow
frictionally within the hole without, however, conical plug rotatably ñtting into' and projecting
preventing the shield from being forcealily > down from the socket and having an interior
turned on the 'extension 33. vThe latter thus shoulder facing downward, a shaft extending up 20
provides a pivotal support for the shield per
mitting the latter to be rotated about a horizon
tal axis.`
The header panel vI4 'forms with the forward
edge of the roof a hollow header enclosing and
concealing >the socket member I‘i.v From the
_foregoing it, therefore,A will be seen that the body
is provided with a- header panel. which extends
transversely above the Windshield opening and
so which comprises an upright portion Ila extend
ing downwardly from the `roof and having a for
wardly extending flange Mb at its lower edge
forming the upper margin or reveal ofthe wind
shield opening. It will also be seen‘ that-the sup
C: Gl. porting arm 28 is pivotally mounted on the reveal „
through the hollow plug and secured atits .upper
end to the socket. the Ashaft having a shoulder
facing upward and opposed to the shoulder in the
plug, a spring between the shoulders to hold the
plug in the socket under a constant predetermined 25
pressure, and an arm secured to the lower end
of the plug ' and extending out horizontally- to
carry a `glare shield.
3. In a vehicle bodyhaving a windshield open-ing and a windshield header comprising a panel 30
extending downwardly from the roof a'nd offset
forwardly to provide a horizontal flange, a verti
cal pivot secured to said -Harige forwardly of the
plane of said panel, an arm extending ho
ly and rearwardly from said pivotand adapted to
flange Mb so as to swing horizontally about a,A swing in a horizontal arc below said ñange, land a
vertical axis and in »a plane below thé reveal glare shield pivotally connected to the rear end
or lower marginal edge of the. Windshield header. of said arm to swing about substantially a hori-A
Moreover, vthe arm 28 provides a horizontal pivot
33 for frictionally supporting the shield 30 so as
' to permit the latter to- be turned or rotated about
4. In a vehicle body having a windshield open
ing and a header extending transversely above
a horizontal axis.; In Fig. 1 there are shown two
shields '30 mounted at opposite ends of the wind
shield header and it will be observed that the
said opening, a glare shield, a mounting device
for said shield comprising a vertical pivot secured
to said header and `lying within the marginl of`
shield may beuswung bodily» ina horizontal direc
said opening, an arm connected to the pivot with- L
tion asliridicated in dotted lines in Fig. 3 or, when
in the margin >of the opening and adapted ‘to
swing in a horizontal'varc below the header', and
not in use, it may be moved into positionI as
shown at the right in- Fig. 1, so as to lie. ñuslh
or. substantially coplanar with the wall Ila.
zontal axis.
I claim:
means on said. arm for pivotally connecting the
shield thereto.l
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