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1March 8, 1938.
o. cluccl
Filed Nov. 21, 1936
Patented Mar. 8, 1938
‘ 2,110,2i
Ottavio Ciucci, Rome, Italy, assigner to Ariodante
Valiani, Leopoldo Valiani, and Ottavio Ciucci,
all of Rome, Italy
Application November 21, 1936, Serial No. 112,156
In Italy June 24, 1936
1 Claim. (Cl. 215-25)
Subject matter of invention is an improved tle by whatever means is made impossible.
method andl means for preventing bottles from When the neck of the bottle is in the inclined
being re-ñlled, in which a loose disk on a per
position as shown in Fig. 2 the hemispheric ñoat
forated diaphragm is acted upon, both when 4 is acted upon by the pressure of the liquid
opening and closing the said diaphragm, by the which may flow through the opening of member 5
weight oi two heavy balls placed above and be
l and the holes of the diaphragm 5 into the in
neath the disk, the said parts being contained terior of. hollow body I so that it is raised and
in diiferent members which, connected together, shifted onto rim 3 to close its hole and thus pre
are arranged in the neck of the bottle.
vent liquid from entering the bottle.
In order to prevent re-?illing in any possible
The above described device provides further 10
position of bottle, and Whatever the meansI used means in addition to iioat 4 for preventing the
for tampering with the bottle may be, the im
reñlling of a bottle. For example if the ar
provement subject matter of invention com
rangement is inclined as shown in Fig. 2 and im
prises a ñoat, preferably of glass, placed in a mersed in liquid and then turned towards the po
member arranged above the other members con
sition illustrated in Fig. 1, the balls a, and c will l5
taining the loose disk and the ball which by its roll towards the positions shown in Fig. 1 before
weight eifects the opening of the closing disk on the neck of the bottle becomes horizontal in its
the perforated diaphragm.
upward swinging movement because of the coni
For better understanding the invention the cal surfaces on which the balls a and c ride.
same is described with reference to the annexed The disk b is thus closed before the neck of the 20
drawing in which:
bottle becomes horizontal or the fluid entering
Fig. 1 shows the neck of the unre?illable bottle position oi the neck.
according to invention in position of closure, and
The above described form of. realization of in
Fig. 2 shows the bottle in inclined manner and vention is given by Way of example, but by no
open position for discharging contents of bottle. means limitative of invention as to structural 25
In the drawing a is the ball for separating the modiñcations of same within its scope.
loose disk b from the perforated diaphragm .d
Having now particularly described and ascer
whilst c is a ball which prevents the disk b from tained the nature of my said invention and in
opening onto diaphragm d. Above the latter an
what manner the same is to be performed, I de
other apertured diaphragm e is provided which clare that what I claim is:
contains a ball c.
The diaphragme d and e arey
provided with ridges having sloping inner edges
so that the inner surfaces on which the balls a
and Ic ride are conical shaped.
On the said diaphragm e the devices are ar
ranged which form the improvements according
to invention, comprising a hollow body lA with
ridges 2 and bottom rim 3 supporting a hemi
spheric float 4. The hollow body I is closed at
40 the top by a perforated diaphragm 5 kept in
place by perforated cover 6 which, in turn, is
kept in position by tubular member 'l fixed to
mouth of bottle.
Cover 6 has holes 6' in a
staggered relation with holes> 5’ of diaphragm 5
45 in order to prevent tapping.
In a device for rendering a bottle non-reñllable,
a glass cylindrical shaped member positioned
Within the neck of the bottle, a rim carried by
the lower end of said member, said rim having va
iiat surface positioned towards the top of the 35
bottle neck, a hollow glass hemispherical shaped
iloat within said member having the flat surface
thereof positioned to face said rim, a diaphragm
having openings therein extending across said
cylindrical member above said float, the diam- 40
eter of. said hemispherical float being such as to
permit limited lateral movement thereof within
said cylindrical shaped member and the radial
dimension of the arcuate shaped portion of the
hemispherical shaped float being slightly less 45
Tubular member l is viixed in place by means ' than the distance betwen said rim and said dia
of a resilient expandible ring 9 inserted into a
groove half of which is in an emery-ground part
of the mouth of. the bottle, and the other half on
50 the other surface of member l.
The elastic expandible ring 9 may be of any
suitable material and shape.
Owing to tight closure of rim I0 of member 1
in the interior of mouth of bottle, ring 9 is com
55 pletely separated from the liquid and its vapours.
By the above described device re-iilling of bot
phragm so as to permit limited bodily movement
of the float in a longitudinal direction with re
spect to said cylindrical shaped member, whereby
the iloat will permit ñuid to move out of the 50
bottle and prevent iiuid from entering the bot
tle by having such incoming fluid force the ilat
surface of the ñoat into engagement with the flat
surface of said rim.
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