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March 8, 1938.
9.. R2" TEETOR
Filed July 31, 1934
F .4
s, ‘1938"
..z‘,1-10,346 '
snout‘ ‘j’ ‘
Ralph a. Teetor, mm“, ma, alum to‘ _'
The Perfect Circle
Company, -
Hagerstown, ‘
Ind.,' a corporation of_ Indiana
= '
Applicationl'july 31, 1934, W No. ‘Tamar ~_~ '
av Glahns.
‘(ct sea-1s)
. -
This-‘invention relates to pistons for internalv
‘The opposite sides of the lower portion of the
skirt are connected together by two parallel struts,
The principal object of my invention is’ tojproi II which are similar in structure to the strut l2.
vide a. piston ‘so ‘constructed-that the desired - The struts "have their'ends embedded in thick- 0 5 clearances between the bearing faces of the skirt .Qned portions it of the skirt‘in substantially the 5
and the cylinder wall may be maintained samewayasthe endportionsofthestrut ?are},
embeddedin the portions it of the skirt. . ‘
More particularly
the operating
I provide range
a piston
engine. .
the piston, the in?exible struts l2
alloy or the like which has the skirt connected and i'l- are placed in position in the 'mold and
1° to the head by ?exible ‘struts and which is ‘pro ~.then the aluminum alloy is poured into the mold. 10
videdwith simple and cheap means which causes 7 As. the alloy cools, it shrinks orvcontractsl The
.the above mentioned desired clearances to be‘ head shrinks more or less uniformly so‘ that it
. combustion engines and the like. -‘
‘maintained and also overcomes other objection-V - retains‘its round or cylindrical‘form though. its >. 4
able defects present in aluminum‘pistons of the diameter is reduced. ‘ The struts l2 and I1, "
substantial reduction of the 15
‘ Y _ however. prevent
The above and further objects of my'invention diameter of the skirt at-right angles to the-pin '
will appear more fully from the following de- _ -, so that as the skirt cools the portions of
' scription, referenceibeing had to‘ the accompany‘
_15 slotted skirt type now on the market.
and the skirt becomes elliptical with the bearing ‘
faces, mid
20 Fig} 1 is a vertical sectional view throulh the "major
axis. Itbetween'the
is obvious that‘ the. ‘shrinks
lying on .8.the
0f 2.0 '.
piston embodying the ‘preferred form of my in‘
_ing drawing in which:
the aluminum alloy pl
the struts i2 and II,
which are in?exible, under constant compression.
'I Fig. 2 is a ve'rticalsectional view through-the
taken at 90° ‘to that of ‘_ Whenthepistoniscold. theskirtissizedor
the section
25 Fix. 1:
r f
' '
Fig. 3 is a ‘cross sectional view through the
'piston' taken on the lined-I of Fig.1;
V ‘
‘ Figs.‘ and 5 are top plan and side elevational
?nished, as by form turningor- grinding, the el- 25
liptical‘form beingretainedwith the bearing faces ‘ i
With the piston in the cylinder of ' a cold en
views respectively, of the ‘upper cross strut of the .gine, there is the‘correct clearance between the.
Fig. 6 is aside elevational view of one of the
lower cross struts of the
The'head 8 of” the piston" is connected ,to'the
r inner ends of the piston pin bosses I by parallel
3° ?exible-webs or hangers‘ I Ii. The skirt ‘I is sepa
- rated from the head'by the'continuous slbt ll
. and the bosses 9 project inwardly from the ‘skirt
" and are further connected to‘ the ‘skirt by the
integral strengthening webs t‘. -
bearing faces of the skirt and the cylinder wall 30 _
throughout the length of the skirt. As the engine ,
becomes heated in operation, the ‘head expands
twice as much as the skirtor thereabouts, as the
head becomes much hotter than the skirt. As the
- head expands the distance between thehang'ers~ _Il_ 35 - .
tends to increase but this action‘does not mate; . '
rially a?ec't'the shape of the skirt-as the
arerquite thin and they ?exto accommodate for
the most part the difference between the ‘expan
The‘opposite sides of the upper portion'of the
, skirt are connected together byja cross strut I!
which extends at right angles to the axis of the
bosses‘! and between the hangers II. This strut
_ . l2 is‘formed of metal such as Invar or steel, hav
sion of the head and skirt due to the di?erence m 40’
temperatures. The skirt, however, tends to ex->
pond circumferentially due tov the increase in its
temperature. The struts lland ll being-under
constant compression (with-the bearing faces-or
‘ vhig ‘a lesser coeiiicient of expansionqthanvthe 7 portions of theukirt bearing against their ends 45 v
. . “ aluminum alloy.
Inthe preferred form shown,
and tending to‘ move toward each other) _the;ex-.
pansion of the aluminumalloy-causes thediam- '
has elongated slots 20 in its upper face ‘and at its ‘ ere:- o: the skirt at right angles to the bearing__ ‘ f -
the strut I2 is channel-shaped-in cross section and
.. . ends it has foldedipo‘rtions ll' and~-in
.150 portionsJi. -As shown'in Fig. 2pthe folded por
to increase. takes
is to say,
on the
expansion 50
of the skirt.‘ Or, instill other; words, the ex- .
, tions it are embedded in .thickened portions’li
tends-to _'
of the skirt as are the ends of the sides-of the _pansion_of the aluminum of the
1 channel, and the pressed-gin portions ll rest ~ change the skirt from its elliptical'form t0. onev
Hainst" fe' inner sides oflthe- enlarged por
approaching around iormby increasingthe'.v .
lengthoftheminorasissothatitapproachesjthel?ii "
' length oi‘ the major axis.
saidskirtbeinginterniptedonlyby'thepin i
of the
apermreaandapairoirigid vtshaving
latter-"axis ‘may’ ‘also slightly increase." ‘duato the
slight linear expansion of the struts and the slight _ lower coeil'icient or expansion than that
' metal of said skirtdispoaed below and ‘
increase in' thickness in the aluminum of the
from said pin bo’aaes, the ends oi’ said struts vE
at the end of the struts.’
embedded in the metal of said skirt.
It will thus be seen that the diameter of .the
2. A piston comprising ‘a head,-1iexibie
piston skirt from‘topwto bottom is properly con
depending from said head and carrying pin i
trolled during the operating range 01' the engine
apertured to receive a piston pin, anda shirt in
vtegrally, connected to said pin bosses..all formed
of ametal having a high coemcient of expan
sion; said:head and skirt being axially spaced -'
vso that the desired clearance between the bearing
10 faces. and cylinder wall is maintained throughout
their length, the diameter of the skirt in line with
the pin homes being permitted to change with
out impairing the eiliciency of the engine and '
‘without- danger of scoring and the like.
15' It is understood that my invention ‘is not limit
ed to the details of construction shown andvthat
other forms may be. used without departing from
spaced‘ inwardly from said skirt, the entire exted‘
rior surfaces of said skirt beingkgeneraily eliip-,
tical in contour with the minor axis thereoi sub
stantially parallel to the axis of said
and the skirt having circumferential’
save for the piston pin apertures;
> the scope o! my invention.
I claim:
1‘. A piston comprising a head, ?exible hangers
depending from said head and carrying Din bosses
‘apertured to receive a piston pin', and a skirt in
tegrally connected to said pin bosses, all formed
' means having a'lower coem'cient o!
I 'of ‘a metal having-a high coe?icient of expansion;
said'head and skirt being axially spaced from
each other throughout their entire circumierence
U 'by' a circumterentially extending air-gap and "
being maintained in such relation by said ?exible
hangers, said hangers being spaced inwardly from v
said skirt, the entire exterior surface of said
skirt being generally elliptical in contour with
than ‘that oi the metal’oi said skirt.‘
means being dispoled'at right angles
minor axis and below and spaced from
lower coeillcient oi’ expansion ‘than tint oi
.me'tal'ois‘aidskirt M
said'minor axis and'above andspaced from
‘piston pin bosses, the'ends oi! all oi
the minor axis thereof substantially parallel to meansbeingimbeddedintheme otsaid
the axis of said pin bosses and the ‘continuity of_ , .
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