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March 8, 1938.‘
2,110,361 I
Filed April ‘50, 1936
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March 8, 1938.
2,110,361 '
Filed April 50, 1956
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Mar. 8, 1938
William C. Groeniger, Columbus, Ohio, assignor
to John B. Pierce Foundation, New York, N. Y.,
a corporation of New York ,
Application April 30, 1936, ‘Serial No. 77,087
3 Claims.
This invention relates to defecators i. e., water
closets, and more particularly to- defecators com
prising a bowl with rim channel flushing means,
and a storage tank for a ?ushing liquid, usually
5 water, communicating with the rim-?ow-channel
of the bowl.
The present invention has as primary objects
the elimination of whistling noises usually at
tending the flushing cycle of the above speci?ed
types of defecators, the utilization of practically
the entire liquid contents of the storage tank
during each ?ushing cycle, and the provision for
a positive after-?ll of the well of the bowl, sup
plied, in a major degree, from the normal liquid
15 contents of the storage tank.
Such objects are accomplished by providing
suitable air-venting means for the rim-?ow
channel of the defecator bowl during the ?ush
ing cycle to prevent entrapment of air therein
and thus to eliminate syphonic action common
ly operative on the supply stream from the stor
age tank to effect premature closure of the flush
Pursuant to the present invention, embodi~
ments thereof usually comprise a tank for the
storage of flushing-liquid, a defecator bowl pro
vided with a rim-'flow-channel, a discharge con
(Cl. 4--13)
Fig. 1» represents a vertical central section
through such embodiment.
Fig. 2 is a top plan view, hidden channels be
ing indicated by dotted lines.
Fig. 3 represents a vertical section taken on the
Fig. 4 represents a horizontal section taken on
the line 4_4, Fig. 1.
Referring to the drawings and to the therein
illustrated embodiment of this invention, the "\
unitary combination of a defecator bowl ill, a
storage tank‘ I l, and an evacuator I2 is of the
Wall-hung type and is suitably secured with its
substantially planar, Vertical back face 13 against
a wall, or equivalent, indicated at M.
Such defe-l 15
cator combination discharges laterally through
the opening l5 into component piping (not
shown) of a waste disposal system.
In the particular embodiment, the rim-?ow
channel l6 comprehends the upper periphery of 20
the bowl l0 and has branching therefrom at its
front a down?ow channel ll terminating in a
main flush-jet ori?ce I 8 anteriorly of the well
IQ of the bowl.
Also, branching from the rim
?ow-channel 16 at an appropriate location is a 25
down?ow conduit 20 terminating in the vortex
effecting-jet ori?ce 2!, located advantageously in
duit leading from the storage tank to the rim
an interior wall of the bowl near the maintained
flow-channel and operative to originate and
surface level 22a, of the liquid after-?ll 22.
30. maintain a unidirectional flow of flushing liquid
around the rim-?ow-channel, an over-?ow chan~
nel within the storage tank, and means alfording
communication between the over-?ow-channel
and the rim-flow-channel at a location adjacent
the termination of the flow-stream in the rim
rim-flow-channel I6 is provided with a plurality .,
of jet openings 23 spaced along its underside pe
The up-?ow leg 24 of the evacuator ill, at its '
lower end communicates with the well I9 of the
include a defecator of the type disclosed in my co
bowl I0 at a location opposite post-zriorly the
main flush-jet ori?ce I 3, and at its upper end
opens into the down-?ow leg‘ 25. Such down
?ow-leg communicates with the lateral discharge
pending application for U. S. patent Serial No.
opening l5.
Advantageously, embodiments of this invention
4 O 25,475, ?led June '7, 1935, wherein a defecator
bowl of the type disclosed in my copending appli
cation Serial No. 749,069, ?led October 19, 1934
is novelly combined with an evacuator of the gen—
eral nature of that disclosed in my copending ap
45 plication Serial No. 4,620, ?led February 2, 1935.
Preferred embodiments incorporate the storage
tank integrally with the defecator bowl, and, de—
sirably, also integrally with the evacuator.
A preferred embodiment of the present inven
tion showing a defecator bowl integrally com
bined with an evacuator according to the above
referred to copending applications, and a storage
tank integrally incorporated therewith, is illus
55 trated in the accompanying drawings, in which:
line 3—3, Fig. 1.
The lower portion of the upper wall of the up 40
?ow leg 24 advantageously forms the rear wall
of the bowl, and the upper wall of the down~flow
leg 25 advantageously forms the lower wall of
the up-flow leg 24.
The tank I I for the storage of ?ush liquid rises
integrally from the upper portion of the evacua
tor l2 posteriorly of the defecator bowl I0 and
includes preferably integrally therewith the over
?ow-channel 2G. The bottom wall of the tank
I I advantageously forms the top wall of the
evacuator I2.
The present invention is concerned primarily
with the cooperative relationship of the storage
tank, and its therewith included over?ow chan
the flushing cycle, ?ows backwardly around the
nel, to the rim-?ow-channel of the defecator
In a defecator embodying a rim--?ow-channel,v
for purposes of 'e?ic'iency during the ?ushing
cycle, i. e., the elimination of whistling noise,
quickness and positiveness of ?ushing action, and
utilization of substantially the entire contents of
the storage tank, it is desirable to‘ displace all
of the air in theFrim?ow channel withnwater
10 at the beginning of the‘ flushing cycle, and to
rim-?ow-channel to supply the after-?ll to the
well of the bowl.
Whereas, I have * described my invention by
reference to speci?c forms ‘thereof, it will be ‘
understood that many changes and modi?cations
may be made without departing from the spirit
of the invention as set forth in the following
displace the water in such rim~flow-channel by . I v~1. In a defecator having a storage tank for
air at the termination of the-flushing, cycle. To . flushing liquid and a bowl with a rim-?ow-chan
this end, embodiments of the present invention
nel, a discharge conduit from said storage tank
provide for unidirectional ?ow of flushing liquid: ’ .to said rim-fiow-channel arranged to originate
around the rim-?ow-channel, I and include air ‘and ‘maintain unidirectional ?ow of ?ushing 15
vent means proximate the termination of ?ow of ;
such liquid.
The air vent means is advanta
liquid around said rim-flow-channel, an , over
?ow channel within said storage tank, means for
geously coincident with the over-?ow channel in . causing, termination of the ?ow stream in said
the storage tank.
‘ a
In the particular embodiment of the drawings,
a ‘flow passage 30, ‘see Fig.3, affords connection
between the storage tank Hand thelrim-?ow
channel IB.
Such ?ow passage 30, is advan
.. tageously'positioned adjacenta lateral side of'
rim-?ow-channel andjpassage means affording
communication between said over-?ow channel 20
and; said ‘rim channel at a locationadjacent‘the
termination ,of the flow-stream in the rim-?ow?
2. In a defecator having, ,a storage tank for
the storage tank for originating and maintaining flushing liquid and a bowl with a rim-?ow-chan
unidirectional flow around the rim-?ow-channel ' nel,v a'discharge conduit from said storage tank
I6. The over-flow-channel-26 is preferably posi
to saidlrim-?ow-channel, an over-?ow channel
tioned proximate the front wallof the storage
tank II. and communicates at its lower end with,
30 and forms an upward extension of, the terminal
end I6a of the rim-?ow-channel l6. A wall 3I'
may separate theterminal end of the rim-?ow
channel from the intake or supply end. The
down-flow conduit 20, terminating in-the vortex- .
:35 effecting-jet ori?ce 2|, preferably branches from
g the rim-?ow-channel It at a location adjacent
thegin?ow passage 30,
During the flushing cycle, of the kdefecator, the
over-?ow ‘channel “of the storage tank ‘II,
constitutesan adequate air .vent for the rime?ow
within said storage tank communicating at its‘
lower end‘ with the rim-flow-channel adjacent
the said‘ discharge. conduit, and agwall disposed .1
in said 'rim-?ow-channel between the vsaida-dis- .
charge conduit and theopening of said over-?ow
an integral structural entity, a defecator‘ ‘
having a bowl provided with a rim-flow-channel;
anjevacuator disposed at the rear of thebowl
and having an up-?ow leg and a down-?ow leg,;
the 'llD-?OWWlBE having the lower portion of its 1
, upper wall in common with the rear wall of the
bowl; a water storage tank disposed above the
channel. When the ?ushing cycle is initiated by’ level of thebowl proximate'the evacuator and
opening’ a suitable valve (not shown), normally having its bottom wall in common with‘the top‘
closing the in?ow passage 30 between thestorage ‘ wall of the evacuator; and an overflow channel‘
tank ‘I l :and the rim-?owgch'annel 16, the liquid disposed in the-said storage tank throughout
substantially the height thereof and opening at
45 content ‘or the tank I I‘ ?ows unidirectionally into
and‘around the-rim-v?ow-channel l6, as appears its upper endinto the storageftank and ‘at its
clearly from Fig 4, supplies the'ldown-?ow con-' lower end intothe rim-?ow-channel; ports, in;
duit 20,-the down-flow channel. H, and. the plu- - elusive of a main-jetchannel, opening from the
rality of’ jet openings 23 with flushing liquid, rim-?ow-channel into fthe' interior of the bowl;
and seeks its level in the'ove'r flow channel 26. a valve-controlled passage, between the said stor
Thus, entrapment of air within the rim-?ow, . age tank and the rim-?ow-channel for initiat
channel is precluded, as is also retardation of -_ ing unidirectional flow of .?ushing‘liquid around
.?owof liquid through such channel and through the rim~flow-'channel; ‘and a wall in the rimé?ow-i
the branch channels._ Theiover?owachannel, 26' 1 channel separating the opening of the said pas»
constantly affords an air vent. therefor. That sage from the opening of the over?ow channel.’
vliquid tending to remain in ‘the lower portion of
thewover?ow channel 26 at the termination of
WILLIAM c.‘ cmonmona. '
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