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Patented Mar. 8, 1938
Charles W. Moore, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to
Fletcher Works, Incorporated, Philadelphia,
Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application September 13, 1934, Serial No. 743,808
3 Claims. (01. 308-469)
This invention relates to improvements in self
balancing spindles for twisters, spinners and the
like, being especially useful in the cotton-type
twisters where the spindle base is rigidly secured
5 to a heavy stationary spindle rail.
One of the objects of the invention is the pro
vision of a structure wherein the oil for lubricat
ing the spindle is maintained separated from the
oil or other liquid used for cushioning the gym
tions of the spindle blade thereby insuring that
the lubricating oil will be kept clean and useful
over a long period of time.
Another object of the invention resides in the
provision of a reservoir or cup for the spindle
" lubricating oil, this cup being readily removable
for changing the lubricating oil and cleaning the
A further object of this invention is the provi
sion of a space for cushioning liquid between the
20 reservoir or cup for the spindle lubricating oil
and the spindle base, this space being maintained
out of communication with the reservoir or cup
for the lubricating oil, the cup, bolster and spindle
blade, however, having the desired freedom of
25 motion and whereby they Will tend to be kept in
a normal, central or vertical position.
In spindle structures heretofore employed the
spindle blade rotates in a bolster which is non
rotatably mounted in a spindle base, the bolster
30 vibrating very rapidly within the base due to the
high speeds at which the spindle is driven. As a
consequence the spindle lubricating oil soon be
comes heated su?iciently to break it down and
impair its lubricating qualities. This necessitates
35 frequent changing of the oil.
In the present invention, however, I provide a
reservoir containing cushioning liquid for absorb
ing the vibrations of the bolster and spindle blade,
this reservoir being maintained out of communi
40 cation with the space containing the lubricating
oil, so that the vibrations of the spindle blade and
bolster will have no effect upon the lubricating
oil at all.
Further objects of this invention will be mani
45 fest from the following description and accom
panying drawing in which:
Fig. l is a vertical sectional view of a spindle
structure made in accordance with my invention;
Figs. 2 to '7 inclusive are sectional elevations
of modi?ed structures.
Referring to the drawing in detail and ?rst of
all to the structure shown in Fig. 1: I designates
a spindle base having a straight internal bore 2,
55 the spindle base being screwthreaded at its lower
end for attachment to a stationary spindle rail
(not shown). Extending into this bore 2 is a
removable cup or reservoir 3 for containing spin
dle lubricating oil. This cup may be held against
rotation relatively to the base by means of a key
4 received by a keyway 5 in the base, although
good results have been obtained by omitting the
key, etc. entirely. The upper end of this cup
or reservoir extends above the top of the spindle
base, so that the cup may be readily removed.
Mounted within the cup or reservoir 3 is a non
rotatable bolster 6. This bolster can be a press
?t in the cup 3 or held against rotation in other
suitable fashion.
Inasmuch as lubricating oil is kept in the reser
voir or cup 3, and inasmuch as the bolster 6 ex
tends into this reservoir and is provided with pas
sageways 1 through its walls, it will be evident
that the spindle blade 8, which rotates in the bol
ster, will be thoroughly lubricated, the oil circu
lating from the reservoir or cup 3 through the
passages ‘l in the walls of the bolster, up along
the spindle blade, over the top of the bolster and
back along the channel ‘I’ to the reservoir 3 for
To insure that the oil will be re
turned to the reservoir 3 the upper end of the
reservoir terminates above the upper end of the
bolster, and the spindle blade is provided with an
oil slinger 9 which is positioned just below the
upper end of the reservoir.
The spindle blade is driven through the medium
of a whorl l0 and belt I I in the usual manner.
In mounting the cup or reservoir 3 within the
spindle base I leave a space l2 between the res
ervoir and the base for a cushioning liquid, such
as lubricating oil, glycerin, water or any other
suitable material, which is employed for the pur
pose of cushioning the gyrations or vibrations of
the spindle blade and bolster. This cushioning
liquid it will be appreciated allows the cup, bol
ster and spindle blade to have a certain amount
of freedom of movement but at the same time
tends to keep them in their normal, central or
vertical position.
It will be seen from the foregoing that the 45
present invention provides a cushioning material
for cushioning the vibrations of the spindle blade,
bolster and the cup or reservoir within which the
bolster is mounted, this cushioning material being
kept separate from the oil in the cup or reser
voir and which lubricates the spindle, so that the
lubricating qualities of the oil are not impaired.
In the form of my invention thus far described
it will be noted that the bore 2 and the outside
wall of the reservoir 3 are both cylindrical thereby
providing the same clearance throughout their
little or no importance inasmuch as it is at all
length so that the upper end of the cup or reser
voir 3 can move as far to the left as the lower end
times separated from the lubricating oil.,
I do not wish to be limited to the precise struc
tures herein illustrated and described inasmuch
moves to the right and the center about which
the maximum oscillation must take place is mid
way between the top and bottom.
In the form shown in Fig. 2 the top of the cup
or reservoir 3’- is rounded to provide a spherical
bearing I3 for the cup, so that the center of oscil-,
10 lation has been moved to the top of the cup.
In the form illustrated in Fig. 3 the bore in
In the form illustrated in Fig. 4 the cup 3° is
tapered in the opposite direction whereby the
20 center of oscillation is below the midway point.
In the form illustrated in Fig. 5 the bore in the
base l8L tapers toward the top, while cup or reser
In the modi?cation illustrated in Fig. 6 the
.25 bore in the base la, as well as the wall of the cup
or reservoir 3b, both taper outwardly and up
wardly, at the same angle, while in the form
shownyin Fig. '7 the tapers although in the same
direction are at different angles, the taper of the
30 bore in the base, Id being greater than the taper
of the cup 3d.
and scope of my invention.
What I claim is:-- 1
1. A spindle structure comprising in combina
tion a spindle base having a bore of uniform l0
the spindle base is straight but the cup 3b tapers
toward its lower end whereby greater clearance
is provided between the lower end of the cup and
15 the bore of the spindle base, so that the'center
of oscillation, while below that shown in Fig. 2
is above the midway point of Fig. 1.
voir 3 is straight sided.
as various changes and modi?cations may be
made therein without departing from the spirit
It is to be noted thatin the forms shown in
Figs. 2 and '7 the cup or reservoir is not keyed
or otherwise secured to the spindle base, as dis
tinguished from the form shown in Fig. 1.
It will be appreciated that my improved
spindle structure will be advantageous in many
diameter, a removable cup extending into said
base, said cup having a uniform diameter im
perforate exterior wall, cushioning liquid between
the outside of the cup and the inside of the
spindle base, lubricating oil within said cup, a 15
bolster secured within said cup by a press fit
near the upper end thereof, a spindle blade ro
tatable in said bolster, the wall of said bolster
being provided with lubricant ports for the pas
sage of lubricating oil from the cup to the spindle, 20
and a relatively large body of comparatively un
disturbed oil below the lowest of said ports,v the
said bolster terminating short of the top of said
cup whereby the lubricating oil is maintained out
of contact with the cushioning liquid.
tion a spindle blade, a bolster carrying said blade
and in which the blade is rotatable, an imperfo
rate cup supporting the bolster and extending
above the top thereof, a spindle base supporting 30
the cup, spindle oil in said cup for lubricating
said blade, a cushioning liquid in said base be
tween the base and cup for cushioning said cup,
the cushioning liquid being kept out of contact
with the spindle oil.
3. A spindle structure comprising in combina
tion a spindle blade, 21. bolster member having ,
respects over structures at present employed.
upper and lower spindle blade bearings, a cup
For example, the lubricating oil is not subjected
to the ‘vibrations of the spindle blade and bolster
to the same extent as in prior structures and
hence will not be broken down as rapidly; the
with imperforate side walls having a press ?t on
cup or reservoir can be lifted out of the spindle
base at any time for cleaning purposes and for
45'. renewal of the oil.
It is to be appreciated also that I need not
necessarily employ oil in the cushioning chamber
but that less expensiveliquid suitable for this
‘ purpose may be‘employed, and whether or not
50. this cushioning liquid becomes oxidized is of
2. A spindle structure comprising in combina.
the upper part of said bolster member and being
spaced therefrom below said ?t, this space being
partly filled with oil for lubricatingsaid blade, a.
spindle base in which the cup is loosely support
ed, the small space between the outer surface of
the cup and the inner surface of the base being
?lled with cushioning liquid to a higher level than
the level of the oil within the cup, said oil and
liquid being maintained out of contact with each
. my
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