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Patented 'Maa 8,` 1938
Stoker Corporation, Worcester, Mass., a. corpo
ration of Massachusetts ,
Application May 19, 193s, serial No. 80,570
s claims. (ci. lio-4o)
This invention- relates to furnaces, and more water tubes I5, and the-drums'l2 and IIi'are con--particularly> to furnaces arranged'for the com- nected by a bank of upwardly and, rearwardly ‘
bustion of fuel and the generation of steam.
sloping water tubes I6. A transverse steam drum '
' ‘ In one well-known type o'f furnace, the fuel isV - I8 is mounted above the front water drum' I2, this
5 delivered- to a. stationary grate by means of a steam drum being connected tothe steam-and- 5
stoking mechanism located at thel front of the ' water drum IIi by a row of steam tubes I9 which l
furnacey and arranged to throw the fuel rear- support refractory material 20 forming', a> roof
'wardly. The grate is frequently of the dumping over the boiler. In association with the -boiler
type having a plurality of sections which can be y there is provided afront wall 22„ a rear wal1_23,
l0 operated independently. In such furnaces con- _and-a- combustion chamber 24 located beneath >10
siderable manual> labor is required in cleaning the‘tube bank I5. A baffle 26 extends upwardly
the fires, and the operation cannot be performed 'and forwardly from the rear water drum II, and
without the admission of large quantities of cold a baille 2l extends downwardly from the steam
air and a resultant decrease in efliciency. 'The " and-water drum' I0, these baiiles serving to guide
l5 stoking mechanism is >necessarily somewhat com-- > anddirect the hot gaseous products of combus- l15
plicated and expensive', since it must distribute
the fuel over the entire area of the grate surface
with reasonable uniformity. Moreover, substan-
tiongas theyv ñow from the chamber 24 into con
tact with the several tube bahks and thence to a
gas outlet 28 in the rear> of the steam-and-.water '
tial quantities of fly ash containing` combustible
drum IU.
20 matter are deposited in the gas passages of the
The combustion chamber 24 is closed at the rear 20
boiler, and the removal and disposal of this ma- - by a bridge wall comprising refractory material
terial presents a further problem.
‘ 1
30 supported by a row of upright water tubes 3l
It is accordingly one object of the invention to
which extend downwardly from the rear water
provide a furnace which can be operated at high
' 25 efficiencies and with a minimum of attention.
It is a further object of the invention to pro-
4vide a comparatively simple, inexpensive and reliableapparatus for burning fuel partly in sus»v
pension and partly in a fuel bed.
It is a further object of the invention` to pro-
drum `II to a transverse header 32. A- row of
water tubes 33A extends upwardly from the header 25 ~
32 along the front surface ofthe refractory 30 '
and thence slopes upwardly and forwardly to
the front waterA drum I2. -The sloping portions
of the tubes 33 are located a substantial distance
below the tube 'bank I5, thus serving as a slag V30
vide an improved apparatusfor removing fly ash
screen for the boiler.
from a boiler and 'burning the'combustible mat-
- At the bottom vof the combustion chamber 24
ter therein. .
there is provideda suitable grate to support 4a
-It is a further object of the invention to pro-
35 vide a simple and eñicient method of burning
fuel, particularly fuel «in a crushed but not pui,verized form. '
‘ With these and other objects in view, as will be
apparent to those _skilled in the art, the invena0 tion resides in the combination of parts and the
steps of the process set forth in the specification
and covered by the claims appended hereto.
fuel bed and mov'e-it slowly toward the front
wall 22. For this purpose I preferably utilize 2.135
grate 35 _of the .chain or traveling grate type.` '
Therear portion of this grate i's located in the-
rear of the header 32, a slight _space preferably
>being provided between this header and the upper run of the grate. The front portion of the grate 40
extends beneath the front wall 22 and above an» 1
_ash hopper 36 which is preferably of the closed
Referring to the drawing illustrating one em- type. - The grate 35 may be operated under either
bodinient of the invention, and in which Ilike - natural o-r forced draft, and suitable transverse
45 reference numerals indicate like parts,
¿ partitions 31 are provided between theupper and 45
The single figure .is a longitudinal section lower runs to provide several zones for the con- '
through a steam generating _furnace.`
- trol of the combustion air, as is customary. Air
_'I'he embodiment illustrated comprises a steam
boiler of aïwell-known type having an upper rear
50~ transverse steam-and-water- ’drum I0, a. Ylower,
rear transverse water drum I I therebeneath, and?
is admitted to the respective Zones through open
ings 38 at the sides of the grate. '
n 'I'he fuel bed is ymaintained by projecting-fuel 50
to the'rear portion thereofy from the front of _the l
a front transverse water drum l2. v The drums
-Ill and II are connected by a bank -of upright
water tubes I4, the drums II and I2,are connected
is provided with _an opening 40 located a. sub-_
stantial distance'above the grate, and a suitable
455 by a bank oi' upwardly and forwardly sloping
For this purpose the front vwall v 22
fuel feeder »4I is mounted in front-of this open- 55
ning'. 'rho feeder Airis enclosed by a
tion.sinceitproiectsallofthefuelto r i
'ofthe combustion‘elnmberandianot ê.
and arranged to be rotated about a horizontal
axis at a substantially constant speed by any
»suitable source of power. Immediately. above the
s - feeder- u-ond mmm the oa'smg 42 merels mount:->
ed a rotatable -feed regulating devicel Mv shaped
to distribute fuel uniformly over'a large
areaas’inprioreonstructlona. No
is necessary for cleaningrthe' fire,
"automatically deposits the
to provide pockets Il _in its periphery. This de
t’erin theashhoppertt. Thefurnaee
vice~ 4I is arranged to 'be rotated-„about a hori- t operated at high capacltiesand with È
zontal axis at a comparatively slow speed'by any
suitable means, whichnpreferably provides for anA
ciency. Since the fueli‘a merely crushed E
pulverized, the cost of fuel preparation _is
adjustment of the rate of rotation. 'I'he casing
42 is extended upwardly abovethe feed regulator
‘ Il to .provide afuel hopper- 46.
Having thus described my invention, what I
' An. appreciable quantity of solid material Vin
15 the form of fine particles will be carried by the
draft into the boiler gas passages. This material
Aisknown as “ily ash,” and it may contain a sub- .
stantial proportion „of combustible matter. In
order to collect this dy ash and recover the heat
values contained therein, a hopper I8 is provided
in the rear of the` bridge wall III. 'I'his hopper ‘
' communicates at the top with the space between
the real-_waterdrum Il and-the'rear wall 23,
-so that solid particles which are carried rearf*
wardlyover the top of the baille 26 and'enter' thefuelbedio
the -downward pass at _the rear thereof will fall
2..A’furnacé compr-Ising walls forming a can
by gravityY into the hopper. This deposit of bustion chamber. the front wail having an open
material isfaided by~ centrifugal force. since the ing therein, an endless grate at- the bottom of
gases make a sharp upward turnaround the ban‘le the combustion
andhaving an upperrun
21 kdirectly above the hopper. v'I‘he'hopper Il ‘is _._arranged‘to travel to the front ofthe furnace.
shaped and arranged to deliver `,the -collected material directlvto the portion ofthe 'grate Il in
the’rear of the header l2. The discharge of this
material from the hopper may bel-controlled .by
anda feeding device arranged to mutuel
. rearwardly
grate -through the
, to‘the rear portfon of the grate.
-one or 'more manually actuated gates- I9.'
f3.1A furnace comp?singwallsformingna can
ybustion chamber, the front wall having an opm
In> the operation of the invention the4 hopper _ ingltherein, an endless grate at the bottmn of
is illled withA a suitable fuel, such las crushed
but unpulverized coal. 'I‘he rotation of the'pock
eted feed regulator M supplies fuel at a controlled
rate to the rapidly rotating feeder Il which pro
jects the fuel rearwardly throughthe opening III. f
jThevilnetparticles of `fuel burn- in suspension,
while `the coarse particles fall on thefuel bed
immediately in front of the »header ll. The
Aupper run of the grate ,35 travels slowly toward
the front of the furnace, carrying the fuel/bed
with it, the rear portion of the «fuel
the combustion chgambcr _and having an upper rim
arranged totravel to the front of the- furnace,
a rotary feedingfdevice mounted adjacent laid
opening 'and arranged to- project fuel rearwardly
therethrough over the
mg devloe at a oonuouod me
'4. Avsteam generating furnace comprilim aboiler, walls forming a combustion ‘chamber be
heath the boiler, a' grate at the hottom'of the
combustion chamber-'and extending- rearwardly
>continuously replenishedby the fr_esh fuel‘vwhich
is-delivered by the feeder.
' ofA thesratednîdmîo/mppxy fuel to n» rood
beneath the rear wall .ot'the'conihustionzchamf '
Air for combustion - ber and slightly spacedtherefrpm, a feedingl de
enters throughthe lopenings It and flows up
' vice arrangedtopmjectfuelrearwardlyfromthe
wardly through the grate so that combustion of. iront of the furnace to the grate- immediately in
the fuel occurs, avnd at the front' ofi-the grate - front of the rear wall, and means to eolbct‘ily " `
nothing but ash remains, this falling into the -ash from'the boiler' and deposit it`on the grate in
ash hopper It. ~B_uiiicient excessl air may belin-- the rear of thevsaidf‘lear wail, the-grate being
>troduced'through the front portion of the
' movable to move the ily ash and
lto-consume the une fuel particles which burn ward the front of the furnace. ,'
. in suspension. Fly ash which is carried upwardly
5. A steam generating furnace comprking a. _.
into the boiler sas _passes is for the. most part boiler. walls forming-a combustion" chamber be
_ deposited _in the hopper 4l. whence‘it is
'- neath _the boiler, a grate' at the bottom of the
j“ -charged on =to the rear portion cf-the grate II. ~Vcombustion
chamber and extending rearwardly'
»Je vxTile.emn'aven'ierit’fof-~the‘»grate'carries this ñy ash
beneath the rear wail of the
n chamber
« forwardly‘beneath the header” and into the and slightly spaced therefrom, a feeding device
_combustion chamber 2l, the combustible matter v arranged to project fuel rearwardly from the
,Y contained in the ily ash being consumed and the
heating value thereof recovered.
The >bridge wall Il'is'well supported and cooled
‘ by the water tubes, it being understood that water
' flows
ln'the tubes ll -'_at theI rear
front of the furnace'to the grate
« ofthewalland upwardly innthe`tubes Matthes.
,o front ofthe wall. kThe upper portions of the
„_ tubes Il'cool the molten asli‘particles carried
by the gasesleaving the furnace and. prevent
=theseparticles from adhering to the boiler tubes
posit it on the'grateintherearofthesaidrear
and fuel slowly toward the'front of the furnace.
generating furnace compl-illu a
Il "I‘hehielïfœdlntinechanlsm 'Ii celibe-.01. boiler,wallsforminga
and inexpensivel construc
v_from the combustion chamber into contact withl
2,110,452 _`
of the combustion chamber and having an upper ’ wardly frorn the front of the furnace tothe grate
run which extends rearwardly beneath the rear 'immediately in from;- of the rear wall, and means
wall of the combustionehamber- and slightly
spaced' therefrom, the upper run being arranged
to travel toward the front of the furnace, a
feeding device arranged to project duel rear
to collect fly ash from the boiler and deposit it,
on the grate in the rear of the said rear wall.
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