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March 8, 1938.
Filed March 12%, 1936
Thomas H. LittLe M
Patented Mar. 8, 1938
Thomas Herberth Little, Brandon, Manitoba,
Ganad 21.
Application March 12, 1936, Serial No. 68,509
In Canada March 12, 1935
2 Claims.
(01. 54—81)
This invention relates to improvements in a fly
guard and appertains particularly to such an ap
pliance that is readily attached to any conven
tional set of harness affording protection for and
strap, but the rear section reinforcing band or
strap isrplain and ?nishes both front and rear
with a' simple ring 8.
relief to a ?y pestered animal.
snap hook 9 is provided and approximately in
line therewith the front section A, which is sub
stantially longer in its transverse dimension than
the former, though somewhat narrow-er, carries a
An object of the invention is to provide a fly
guard of advanced design and composed of two
transversely extended sections lying one on each
On each front corner of the' rear section B a
side of the back pad or more speci?cally one
similar snap hook on its forward edge on each
between the hames and back pad and the other
side of centre.
between the back pad and breeching strap.
A further object of the invention is the pro
In applying this ?y guard in place, the spaced
rings 8 on the front end of the bifurcated band‘
vision of a fly guard of any suitable fabric of
light weave or net with a reinforcement along
15 the longitudinal median and snap fasteners on the
forward edges to each side of the said reinforce-_
A still further object of the invention isv the
provision of a ?y guard of the nature and forv the
20 purpose speci?ed that is'characterized by struc
or strap 6 on the front section A slip over the
top of the hames and the snap hooks 9 thereon
attach to the small rings normally occurring on 15
the hames just above the traces: The rear sec
tion B connects by its front and back reinforc
ing band rings 8 to the back pad and breech
ing strap respectively while its front corner snaps
9 join to the ring at the junction of the traces
tural simplicity, light weight, durability, e?iciency Y and back pad, all as shown in Figure 1.
From the foregoing description taken in con
and low costof manufacture whereby the same is
rendered commercially desirable.
To the accomplishment of these andrelated
25 objects as shall become apparent as the descrip
nection with the accompanying drawing it will
be manifest that a ?y guard is provided that will
ful?ll all the necessary requirements of such a 25
device but as many changes could be made in
tion proceeds, the invention resides in the con
be more clearly described when reference is had
to the drawing forming a part of this disclosure,
the above description and many apparently wide
ly different embodiments of the invention may
be constructed within the scope of the appended
claims without departing from the spirit or scope
thereof, it is intended that all matters contained
in the said accompanying speci?cation and draw
ing shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in
wherein like characters indicate like
a limitative or restrictive sense.
struction, combination and arrangement of parts
as shall be hereinafter more fully described, il
lustrated in the accompanying drawing and
30 pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.
The invention will be best understood and can
35 throughout the several views.
Having thus described the invention what is 35
In the drawing:—
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device in
position on a Work horse; and
claimed as new is:--
1. A fly guard for use in combination with a set
of harness including a front ?y net section dis
Figure 2 is an enlarged diagrammatic plan view
of the component parts of the ?y guard.
posed between the hames and back pad of the
This device as illustrated comprises two main
parts which may be denominated the front and
animal, said net having a median reinforcing strap
bifurcated at its front end, the ends of said bi
furcations being provided with rings for connec
back fly guard A and B respectively. These
sections are made of any suitable fabric or net
harness and adapted to cover the shoulders of an
5 as they lie disposed transversely of the animal
tion with attaching means on the hames, and the
rear end of said median reinforcement being
provided with a ring for connection with attach
may be tasselled.
ing means on theback pad.
45 though preferably of light weight and their ends
Along the longitudinal median of the co
posite device is a reinforcing band or strap 6, that
50 on the front section A being bifurcated or’ di
vided at its forward end 1 on the end of each arm
of which is a ring 8 while a similar ring occurs
on the rear end of the front section reinforcing
’ '
2. A structure as set forth in claim 1, in which
the lower forward portions of the net structure
are provided with attaching means for engage 50
ment with-the hames.
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