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March 8, 3938,‘
Filed June 15, 1937
Patented Mar. 8, 1938
2,110,555 ’
Henry C. Yfa?, Jr., East Orange,‘ N. .l'.
Appiication June 15, 1937, Serial nof-iiazts
2 Claims.
(01. 40-445)
This invention relates to improvements in .
Fig. Z'iswa‘perspectiVe view of the two part
street sign display devices and more particu- sign plate holding frame, embodying my inven—
larly to devices of the type described in U. S.
Letters Patent 1,968,219 issued to me on July
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3
of Fig. 1, and
In the sign holding device of 'my said patent,
Fig. 4‘is'a sectional view taken on line li-é
a frame member is employed comprising a pair
of Fig. 2; inthedirection indicated by the arrow.'
of substantially U-shaped internally channelled . Referring to the drawing, in Fig. l is shown
sections, each section having at the free ends of a signplate holding frame, comprising two U
"10 the legs thereof semi-cylindrical bosses, so that shaped parts‘?, l identical in size and shape so 10
when the sections are assembled together said that they can be readily interchanged. Each
semi-cylindrical bosses cooperate to form cylin- part has an internal channel 8 to receive and
drical bosses, and clamping means surrounding support a sign plate 9 which are generally covered
said bosses to hold the sections together.
With baked or porcelain enamel. Adjacent the
These frame members are used to support free ends of the legs of the parts 6 and ‘l and 15
metal sign plates which are generally covered connecting the internal channels 8 thereof is a
with baked or porcelain enamel, and while the connecting brace or strip It which may be of
frame disclosed in my said patent constitutes a ‘any desired con?guration, being preferably, as
considerable ‘advance in the art, my present 111- shown in Fig. 2, of rectangular cross section and
20 vention comprises a further important improve- of such dimensions. that, as shown in dotted lines; 20
ment thereon.
in Fig. 4, the sign plates 9 may be positioned on
In making the frame disclosed in my patent each side of the connecting strip it within the
1 a gasket of ?ber or lead is ordinarily provided
channel 8.
within the frame channel to assist in holding the
25 sign plates in position. In the. casting of the
frame warpage frequently occurs and misalign-
The width of the channel 8 of the frame parts
is greater than the width of the plates 9 to be 25
positioned therein, so that by making the con
ment of the legs of the frames frequently occurs ' necting strip W of a. predetermined Width the
during the cooling of the casting.
It is an object of my invention to provide a
30 frame of the character described which is provided with means for guiding the sign plates and
said plates may be snugly but ?rmly secured
within the channel, thus providing only suf?cient
space to provide a sliding fit for the plates 9. 30
The necessity for a gasket, required heretofore,
for holding them in spaced position within the
is thereby eliminated.
channels of the frame without the use of a gasket.
A further object of my invention is to provide
a sign holding device of inherently stable conStruction 80 designed as to prevent Warpage in
the casting of the frames and to prevent the mis—
alignment of the legs of the frames during the
Operation of castingA further object of my invention is to provide
a frame of the character described so designed
as to facilitate the assembly of the sign device.
A further object of my invention is to provide
the frame with means to prevent the distortion
of the frame during the assembly of the sign
device, thereby obviating the danger.
These and other advantageous objects which
Will late!‘ appeal‘, are accomplished by the simple
Emd practi?al Construction and arrangement of
parts hereinafter described and exhibited in the
accompanying drawing, forming part hereof, and
in which:
Fig. 1 is an elevational View of the device when
I have found, in practice, that the frame parts
it and ‘i may be cast with the connecting strip
Hi forming an integral part of the casing; this 35
construction provides the parts 6 and ‘l with in
used to indicate two intersecting streets, parts
55 being broken away for the sake of clarity,
herent stability and practically eliminates any
danger of the distortion of said parts during the
cooling of the casting. The danger of misalign
ment of the ends of the parts is also obviated. 40
The connecting strip it further prevents the free
ends of the parts 6 and ‘I from being compressed
inwardly with the resultant danger of breaking
and chipping the plates 9 therein.
The sign holding device of the character de- 45
scribed herein is used to designate street inter~
sections and the like and is subjected to inclem
ent Weather and climatic conditions. The con
‘struction described herein has been found to
provide an aligned, rugged frame which will not 50
become distorted in use. The construction de
scribed also precludes the danger of excessive
expansion and contraction of the frame due to
climatic conditions.
Each of the parts 6 and l is substantially U- 55
shaped and has on opposite sides semi-cylindrical
bosses H and I2 so that when the frame is as
sembled, the bosses ?t together to provide cylin
drical bosses as shown in Figs. 1 and 3. An ex
ternal rib l3 preferably triangular in cross sec—
tion, as shown in Fig. 2 extends around the
periphery of the frame.
Passing through the bosses II and I2 is a rod
H, (see Fig. 3) which is preferably provided with
10 a cap- I 5 integral therewith or threadedly secured
thereto, said cap having opposing triangular
grooves i6 adapted to ?t over the rib l3 of the
frame, the internal diameter of the cap 15 being
greater than the diameter of the cylindrical boss
formed by the bosses H and I2. The cap is
usually provided with an integral ornament H.
When for example two sign plates are used to
designate two intersecting streets the top rib
is of the upper frame is engaged by the cap [5,
while the bottom rib on the uppervfrarne is en
gaged by opposing triangular grooves IS in av
collar I9 which surrounds the bosses on'the lower
side of the upper frame and on the upper side
of the lower frame, (see Fig. l), the collar 19
having grooves Hi to also engage vthe ‘upper rib
of the lower frame. The lower rib 13 on ‘the
lower frame ?ts in groovesiZl ina collar 22 inte
gral with a two-part cap ‘23 which ?tsvover the
top of and is clamped. :by suitable means'to a
cylindrical supporting ‘post v24. The ‘lower end
of the rod H5 is preferably threaded and passes
through an aperture in cap "23.
In assembling the device, cap 15 is ?ttedover
the bosses ‘II of the upper frame, ‘the rod M
passing through the bosses H and between the
sign plates 9 which are bowed or spaced at ‘the
center by thestrips H] ‘to receive the rod 14, and
the collar 13 is then slippedvover the rod 14 and
into position over the bosses on ‘the underside
40 of the upper frame; the lower frame ‘members
are then placed in position with the upper bosses
il thereon surrounded ‘by ‘collar 19.
The cap 23 is then positioned over the lower
bosses 12 of the lower .frame after which a 'nut
45 25 is threaded on the end “of the rod 1'4 and
rotated to draw the parts ?rmly together. vUp- V
ward movement of the nut 25 is prevented by
cap 23 so that rotation of the nut 25 draws the
rod l4 downward to clamp the parts together.
The cap 23 is then clamped on to the support
ing post 24. Obviously when the device is used
for a sign frame it is not necessary to use the
collar l9.
The collar 19 is provided with a plurality of
grooves 20 to enable the sign frames to be ar
ranged at various angles'to each other.
From the above description it will be seen that
'I have provided a sign holding device of simple
structure requiring no nuts or bolts, and which
can be readily assembled by a single unskilled
workman. The parts are ?tted together so that 15
allowance can be made for limited expansion and
contraction due to changing weather.
The foregoing disclosure is to be regarded as
descriptive and illustrative only, and not as re
strictive or limitative of the invention, of which 20
obviously embodiments ‘may be constructed, in
cluding many modi?cations, without departing
vfromithe general scope herein indicatedand de
Inoted in the appended claims.
Having thus described my invention, what I 25
claim as new'and desire to secure by Letters
‘Patent, is‘:
1. In a sign holding device, a frame member
comprising a pair of substantially U-shaped in
ternally channelled sections, each section hav 30
ing ‘bosses at the free ends of the legs thereof,
'- means surrounding said bosses to hold the sec
tions together, and members connecting the legs
of each section adjacent the bosses, said mem
bers being positioned on the longitudinal center
lines of said sections.
'2. In a sign holding device, a frame member
comprising a pair of substantially U-shabed
internally channelled sections, ‘each section having bosses at the free ends of the legs thereof, 510
cylindrical collars surrounding said ‘bosses to
‘hold sections together,’ and members connecting
the legs of each section'adjacent the free ends
‘thereof, said members being positioned on the’
longitudinal center'lines of said sections.
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