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v March 8, 1938.
Filed March 19, 1937
fag?’ é"
fizz/3 5%a5 '
Patented Mar. 8, 1938
Peter Delich, Duluth, Minn.
Application March 19, 1937, Serial No.’ 131,909
1 Claim.
This invention relates to toys and has special
reference to a toy upon which may be operated
a plurality of manually animated objects.
The principal object of the invention is to pro
vide simple means for simultaneous movement of
a plurality of ?gures.
Other novel advantages of the device will ap
pear in the following description thereof.
Figure 1 is a plan view of the top of a recep
10 tacle in which the operating mechanism is in
Figure 2 is a plan view of the receptacle in
verted and showing the mechanism therein part
ly broken away.
Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmental sectional
view of the arrangement of some of the cooper
ative parts and diagrammatic view of an object
on the surface of the receptacle operated by the
mechanism, showing the shafts 9 and H1 at right
20 angles to their normal position as shown in Fig. 2
to better illustrate the operation of the animated
In this embodiment of the invention I have
illustrated the receptacle as being of sheet metal,
25 circular in form, and of suf?cient height only to
house the operating mechanism, and four objects
are shown as being operated simultaneously, one
over each circular ground surface, as indicated
at 2; the top of the cylindrical housing being
illustrated at I and the side walls thereof at 3.
In the plan view as shown in Figure 1, I have
simply suggested the position of the object to be
animated as by the parallel dotted lines 4—4 and
5—5, and which objects may be representative of
35 a chicken, other bird or animal, for example, hav
ing a neck lever 6, head ‘I, and tail lever 8, and
which, obviously, may be modi?ed as desired, and
therefore they are here shown only diagram
It will also be noted that the ?gures or objects,
whatever they may be, are illustrated as being
greater in extent than the circular area 2 allotted
to each for operation thereover so that the ex
45 tremities of the ?gures or objects overlap these
areas and therefore must be positioned in such
a manner upon their operative shafts as not to
con?ict one with the other, and the objects 4-4
travel or rotate clockwise while the ?gures 5—5
50 rotate in the opposite direction or anti-clockwise.
The special feature here intended to attract the
attention of the observer is that these animated
objects appear closer together than might be
anticipated in a mechanically operated device
55 and in viewing same the wonder occurs why
(Cl. 272-31)
they do not interlock or foul one another, thus
becoming more attractive.
The mechanism comprises three parallel shafts
9, ill, and l l, they being journalled adjacent their
ends in the side walls of the receptacle or any 5
other suitable way desired, the shaft 9 being the
driving shaft and upon one end of which ex
ternally of the receptacle is installed a crank l2
for manual operation thereof.
Upon this shaft
is installed the sprocket driving wheel l3 which 10
meshes at one lateral extremity with the cogged
wheel M ?xed to the shaft l0 and on its opposite
extremity with the cogged wheel I5 ?xed to the
shaft H for the driving of same. Here it is to
be noted that all of these wheels are of the sheet 15
metal pressed type for cheapness of construc
tion, though may be otherwise formed if desired.
The sprocket l3 also meshes at its top with the
sprocket wheel "5, shrunk or tightly pressed onto
the central shaft IT for rotating same, and 20
this shaft, slightly above the sprocket It carries
thereupon a similar sprocket it which meshes
with the two opposed cogged wheels l9 and 20
one upon either side thereof and which cogged
wheels form the driving members for two dia— 25
metrically opposed similarly sized sprocket wheels
2i and 22; each of these four wheels operating
an animated object upon the uppermost sur
face of the platform of the device. While the
shaft I‘! is illustrated as being suspended from 30
the deck I and rotatable therein, the lower end
may be suspended in any desired manner either
upon the transverse shaft 9, or bya suitable trans
verse member not shown.
It will be noted that
the cogged wheels 89 and 2|! have long depending 35
cogs 23 therein so that they may be driven by the
sprocket wheel I8 and upon opposite sides thereof
above the sprockets 2| and 22, this particular
arrangement of overlapping sprockets and gears
being for convenience in the close grouping of 40
same, as more clearly illustrated in Figure 3.
Thus‘ it will be seen that each of the four
larger sprocket and cogged wheels is carried upon
a small tubular gudgeon or journal 24 extend
ing upwardly through the deck I and above 45
which deck each journal carries ?xed thereto the
disc 25 upon which the ?gure to be animated is
carried, bird or animal as the case may be, and
the body of which is diagrammatically illustrated
at 26, Fig. 3, and by the dotted lines 4-5, Fig. 1. 50
Directly beneath each of these central jour
nals and below their respective driving wheels is
installed a star wheel illustrated at 21, two on
the shaft l0 and two on the shaft H, and loosely
carried upon the shaft 9 are radially disposed 55
lever members 28 reaching to a point directly
over a star wheel for each and having their ex
treme outer ends provided with a weight indi
cated at 29 suf?ciently heavy to maintain the
head ‘I, for example, on the neck arm 6 of the
animal or bird in raised position, as well as the
tail 8 if so desired, the connection between the
end of the lever 28 and the inner end of the neck
and tail levers being accomplished as by a cord
or the like indicated at 30 for such operating
These levers are pivoted at the
opposite extremities of the body portion as at 3|
and 32 respectively.
The star wheels are shown as having five points
simply as a convenience in making all of the
objects operate uniformly or these may be varied
so that one or more of them may have a different
number of motions and cause one bird to peck
faster than another, as desired. It is apparent,
however, that when the drive shaft is rotated
manually by the crank l2 the other two shafts l9
direction, and with their tails and heads simul
taneously operating providing an attractive and
amusing toy.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:
A toy comprising in combination a cylindrical
receptacle having a ?xed deck like top, a plurality
of circular rotatable discs mounted above said
deck and upon each of which discs is a repre
sentation of an animal having extending por 10
tions thereupon to be animated, a power shaft
journalled within the walls of the receptacle
and disposed diametrically therein, two other
shafts journalled within the walls of the recep
tacle and spaced equally one upon either side of 15
said power shaft, each of these two shafts being
aligned beneath a pair of said discs, means where
by said two shafts are simultaneously operated
by said power shaft, and means upon said two
shafts one beneath each disc and operable by the 20
power shaft for animating the extensions of said
and II will also be rotated as well as the four
animal representations, and means for simul
large discs for operating the animal or birds on
the deck of the device, two of said discs rotating
in clockwise direction and two in anticlockwise
said power shaft.
taneously rotating said discs by the operation of
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