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March 15, 1938-
>Filed May 15, 1956
/ A!
a -7/4
Patented Mar. 15, 1938
William Forstner, Irvington, N. J., assignor to
Forstner Chain Corporation, a corporation of
New Jersey
Application May 15, 1936, Serial No. 79,902
1 vClaim. (01. 241—8)
My present invention relates to spring belts,
braces, suspenders, and the like, which have an
elastic band, and has particular reference to a
novel connection for attaching the elastic band
5 to the buckle and other ?ttings.
It is the principal object of my invention to
provide an improved and more efficient connec
tion for attaching the elastic band to the other
portions of the spring belt, whereby the parts
10 may be readily attached together and greater
security against separation results.
It is a further object of my invention to devise
a very simple connection which can be readily
manufactured at small cost, and which presents
an ornamental appearance.
With the above and other objects and advan
tageous features in View, my invention consists
of a novel arrangement of parts more fully dis
closed in the detailed description following, in,
20 conjunction with the accompanying drawing,
and more speci?cally de?ned in the claim ap
pended thereto.
In the drawing:
Fig. l is a front elevation of a belt embodying
25 the novel connections;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of one connection,
showing the preliminary assembly;
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the buckle ?tting
prior to assembly; and
Figs. 4 and 5 are perspective views of the bot
tom and top plates forming the novel connection,
the top» plate being in reversed position to show
the locking tabs.
Referring to the drawing, the belt includes an
35 elastic band Ill, a buckle ?tting H having the
usual buckle l2, and a tongue ?tting l3 having
the usual buckle openings Hi, the elastic band
10 being connected to the buckle and tongue
?ttings by means of connections I5.
The elastic
40 band is preferably made of spring wire, having
a plurality of spring turns or coils. Each con
nection, see Figs. 4 and 5, includes a bottom plate
l6 and a top plate ll, the bottom plate having a
plurality of upwardly extending prongs l8 along
one edge thereof, and two spaced teeth It at the
other edge thereof, which teeth are adapted to
be inserted into selected inner coils 26 of the
elastic band ill, the teeth then being folded over
so as to lock ?rmly about these coils. The buckle
?tting H, which preferably is made of leather
but may be made of any other suitable mate
rial, has suitable openings or slots 2| which are
adapted to receive the prongs I8, these prongs
being turned over if desired to lock the end con
nection to the buckle ?tting; the lower plate It
is preferably indented as indicated at 22, where
by the upper plate ll may be positioned over the
lower plate, with its two ends 23 extending along 10
the edges of the elastic band and the buckle ?t~
ting l I so as to conceal the joint, the ends 23
having tabs 24 which are bent over so as to be
received in the recesses 22, whereby the connect
ing assembly is completed.
The invention is therefore particularly adapted
for articles such as belts, braces, straps, and the
like, which articles require the‘ connection of an
elastic to an inelastic member; both members be
ing provided with openings, the lower plate has
elements extending into the openings of the two
members, and the upper plate is then locked to
the lower plate so as to prevent separation or‘ re
moval of the connecting elements of the lower
plate from the openings of the two connected 25
While I have described a speci?c construc
tional embodiment of my invention, it is obvious
that changes in the parts, in the materials used
for the parts, in their relative arrangement and 30
size, and in their operative relation, may be made
to suit the requirements for different articles
without departing from the spirit and the scope
of the invention as de?ned in the appended
I claim:
In an article of the character described, in
combination, a spring band formed from wire
and having rows of loop coils, said loop coils
having their axes perpendicular to the general 40
plane of the spring band, an end ?tting of flexi
ble material, and a metallic connecting device
comprising a bottom plate having lock elements
for engaging said ?tting and teeth elements en
gaging selected coils of said band, and a top plate
cooperating with said bottom plate for locking
the engaging parts in engaged relation.
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