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March 15, 1938.
2,110,900 ’
Filed May 26, 1936
M.K.Hu1m es ,
BY 4 /€M/& v
Patented Mar. 1%, 1938
‘Willard ~ P. Zimmerman and’ Minot K. Holmes,
Muncle, Ind., asslgnors to Owens-Illinois Glass
Company, a corporation of vOhio
- ' Application May a, 1936, Serial No. 8mm
5 claims. (Cl. ‘72-41)
The present invention relates to improve
transverse end walls Ill, all of said walls merg
mentsvin hollow building blocks and walls con
structed therefrom. More particularly the in
_ vention is concerned with blocks formed of glass
5 or other such vitreous materials.
ing at one edge in a bottom wall l5 which consti
tutes one exposed face of a completed block.
While the two block halves may be united by 5
‘An object of the invention is the provisionof a bringing the edge portions it into contact with
each other under pressure while stillv quite hot
hollow building block composed of several sec
tions. united in such fashion that the parting and in a more or less semiplastic state, as shown .
in Fig. 4, they may also be united by placing a
> line between the sections will be disposed be
m tween the exposed faces of the ‘block. Thus,‘ thin sheet of’ aluminum foil l d on the edge of one Ill
the parting .line or joint when the blocks are built ‘ block half and then properly positioning the
into a wall structure, will have the bene?t of the other half upon the‘ sheet of foil.v When such ‘
protection and added strength aiforded by the assembling of the block halves is e?ected im
mortar or other medium employed in joining the mediately upon completion of the molding oper-'
15 blocks together and further will not be exposed ation, the aluminum is quickly melted and oper
to view.
ates to effectively fuse the edge portions together.
' ,
Another object is the provision of a hollow glass
building block formed by uniting hollow sections
’ _ with an inorganic bonding medium such for ex
Various other methods of uniting the block halves
may be resorted to, such for example as dip- *
ping the edge portions into a. bath of v‘molten
ample as aluminum, aluminum silicon alloy or - metal in the fashion disclosed in our application > 20
identi?ed above.
other suitable metal.
Other objects will be in part apparent and in
part pointed out hereinafter.
In Fig. 5 we have shown av fragmentary wall .
structure made up of blocks constructed as above
described. In this wall structure the parting line
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of two» half block . or joint between the halves of each hollow block 26
is spaced inwardly from the exposed walls l5 or
sections prior to assembly.
Fig. 2 is a perspectivev view showing they block races and by reason of this location of the joints
. In the drawing:
or parting lines, the mortar 20 serves to further
halves assembled.
the blocks and a?ords additional protection
Fig.‘ 3 is a fragmentary sectional view intended .seal
medium employed ‘in uniting the‘ 30
to illustrate the manner in
the bonding material is absorbed by the glass as . ‘sections of the block. Further, due to the above
the block halves are united.
described positioning of the joints or parting
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view illus- ' lines, the exposed faceslof the wall are unbroken
trating a glass-to-glass bond between the block‘ ‘except for the usual ‘mortar lines which are pres
ent in all such wall structures and any desired 35
Fig‘. 5 is a ‘fragmentary sectional perspective
block face decorations.
In view ‘of the above it will be apparent that
' 'view of a wall made up of blocks of the. character .
the present application is intended to cover a,
shown in Figs. 1 and 2.‘
This application is a continuation
wallostructure made upof hollow blocks wherein
in ‘part ‘of the”
blocks themselves consist of two or more sec
{0 our application, Serialv No. 21,095 .?led May 13,
1935, now Patent #2,‘094,287 as to all, subject '
matter common-to the ‘two applications. ,
-While the present invention may be embodied
tions bonded together in such fashion that the
Joint between the sections is obscured from view. j '
Further it is intended to cover a hollow building
I in blocks ofdii’ferent shapes and contours, it is block constructed i’rom glass or other vitreous 45
materials and made up of sections (cup-like sec45 for the purpose of illustration identi?ed with a tions for example) united by an inorganic bond
rectangular block made up of two ‘hollow cup
like sections or halves which are intended to be - ing vmedium,_aluminum, aluminum silicon alloy,
'. united or joined together in a fashion to form a copper, etc., and a hollow block made up of sec
hermetically sealed chamber therein. To this tions joined together in such-fashion thatthe
50 end the block-halves are united .as ‘quickly as joint is spaced inwardly from the exposed faces 50
' '
. possible, following the molding operation which of the block.
involves. shaping the cup-like halves from molten :
1 glass or the like material.
In Figs. 1, 2, and 3 the block ‘is shown as com
' v'55 prlsing two half sections, each of which includes
Modi?cations may be resorted .to ‘within the
spirit and scope of the‘ appended claims.
. We claim: ‘-'
1. A hollow glass bulldimli~ block comprising a‘
pair of molded cup-like sections having? abutting
edge portions and a loonoling meol
tratlng the glass and. constituting the sole means
consisting z for waiting the block sections.
Y solely of a coating ol olnum applied dlre'etly
the block.
» 4. A hollow glass building block comprising a
pair of molded sections having edge portions in
tended to be united and a bonding medium con
2. A. hollow glass building block comprislng e,
pair of molded cup-like sections having abutting
slstlog solely of a coating of aluminum applied
directly to sold edge portions and hermetically
edge portions and. a bonding medlum ooosistlragl
sealing the block.
solely of o coating of aluminum sillcon alloy ego‘ -
5. ‘A well structure comprising courses of hol
low seotlonal gloss blocks and a bonding medlum 10
to said edge portions and hermetically sealing .
ll) plied directly to sold edge loortlons and her“
permanently uniting the sections and consisting
solely of a, coating of aluminum applied directly
3. A. hollow glass building block comprising tothe abutting edges of the sections, said edges
' sections bonded together, each section including being spaced inwardly from the exposed faces of
metlcallysealing the block.
a face-adapted to be exposed when loullt into a
wall structure, said laces being disposed opposite
each other, end a metallic bonding medlumpene»
the wall.
0'!‘ K. HOLMES.
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