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March 15, 1938.
2,110,916 I
Filed Jan. 25, 1937
122/; B. PEC/fH/IM
Patented Mar. 15‘, 1938
Ida B. Peckham, Wethers?eld, Conn.
Application January 25, ‘1937, Serial No. 122,098
1 Claim. (Cl. 223-100)
This invention relates to darning lasts and with the hand. This can also be done when the
last is made of wax.
more particularly to that type which iscommon
ly used as an aid in the darning of stockings.
One common type of such lasts, as heretofore
CR produced, consists of an egg-shaped form which
is usually made of wood and covered with a coat
ing of paint or other similar material. This form
of last is objectionable for the reason that while
used in darning stockings, the needle point will
10 chip the coating and cause hard broken edges to
remain on the surface of the last which can easily
catch on the threads of the stocking as the last
is slipped in or out of the same and, when the
last is used in a thin stocking such as ?ne silk,
the catching of the threads can very easily
damage the stocking to- a considerable extent.
When the said last is constructed of a soap
which is particularly adapted for stockings, a
further advantage may be gained by including, 5
with the soap material, a suitable amount of an
ingredient such as iron-free aluminum sulphate
which has been found from extensive tests, and
particularly with silk stockings, to resist runs,
rain spots and increase elasticity.
It will, therefore, be understood that the object
of my invention is to provide a particular form
of a last which is especially adapted for use in
stockings and which is made of a soap‘ having
an ingredient which is highly bene?cial to the 15
stocking material when used in the washing of
the stockings, and particularly silk stockings, so
Another form of a last, which has been hereto
fore used, consists of a glass form. This has also that the said last will serve a double purpose,
been found objectionable for the reason that the namely, that of a last as well as a special soap
surface is so hard that it will damage the point ‘ for stockings.
The particular form of my invention is illus
of the needle.
trated in the accompanying drawing in which:
An object of my invention, therefore, is to pro
Figure 1 is a front view in elevation of a last
vide a last of a ?attened oval form which can be
embodying my invention.
used with greater ease in the darning of stock
Figure 2 is a side view in elevation thereof.
25 ings for the reason that its particular shape will
Figure 3 is a sectional view on line 2-—2 of Fig
conform more closely with the toe and heel of
the stockings than lasts of common form. A ure 1.
The said last more speci?cally comprises a sub
further object is to provide a last which is made
stantially oval form 5 which is greater in width
of a material that will not catch on the threads
than in thickness. I have found that the last
30 of the stockings, when the surface of the last
is chipped or scratched by the point of a needle, will conform more closely with the various parts
and which material is also of such a nature that of a stocking and thereby give greater con
it will not damage the point of the needle. I venience in darnings when it is formed in the
have found that a last having these advantages shape clearly illustrated in the drawing.
When my improved last is seen from the front,
can be provided by constructing the same of such
as in Figure 1, the sides 6-6 thereof are curved
material as soap or wax, as either of the‘ said
at a radius which is shorter than the radius of
materials is sufficiently soft and plastic at nor
mal temperatures so as not to damage the point. the front and rear surfaces 1 and 8. The ends
of the needle and so that when the surface is 9 and 10 of the last, when seen from a front view,
chipped, grooved or broken by penetration of
the needle, any rough edges or sides of broken
sections that may be formed on the surface will
not have sufficient rigidity to catch and tear the
threads of the stocking.
In addition to these advantages, I have found
that by constructing my improved last from a
soap‘ which is particularly adapted for washing
?ne stockings, the said last may be used as a
50 soap as Well as a last, thus offering an ad
vantage for the reason that any scratches which
may be formed on the surface thereof will be
smoothed off each time that the last is used as
a soap. Furthermore, such scratches may be
55 easily smoothed off by simply rubbing the last
are at a greater radius than when seen from a 40
side view. When seen in cross section, as illus
trated in Figure 3, the front and rear surfaces 1
and 8 are curved at a smaller radius than they are
When seen in a longitudinal cross-section. This
formation providesa last having substantially ?at 45
tened front and rear surfaces and which is elon
gated so as to provide for a wider range of adapt
ability to the formation of the various portions
of a stocking. The peripheral edge of the last 50
is substantially thinner, in comparison with the
other portions of the same, thereby providing
What may be called, a ?attened oval form.
As hereinabove pointed out, the said last is
constructed of a soap material which is mixed 55
with a suitable quantity of an ingredient such as
powdered iron-fee aluminum sulphate.
free almn'inum sulphate will act upon the mate
rial oi the stockings in such a manner as to cause
In the use of my improved last, the same is
it to resist the forming of runs in the stocking.
inserted, in the ordinary manner, within the
stocking and moved with relation to the stock
ing until the most suitable surface of the last is
found to suit the particular part of the stocking
which is to be darned. During the darning op
eration, it is inevitable that the last will become
10 nicked, or chipped, by the needle at a number of
points, but, due to‘ the nature of the material
from which my improved last is constructed, any
such nicks or dents may be easily smoothed by
simply rubbing the surface of the last.
When desired, my improved last may be used
Thus, it will be understood, the stockings will be
continuously maintained in a run-resisting con
dition through the successive Washing thereof
with the material of my improved last.
The use of the last in washing also tends to
smooth its surface through wear, so that any
nicks or dents therein will be smoothed out and 10
thus retain the surface of the last in a practically
new condition at all times.
I claim:
A darning last having a curved work engaging
surface formed of a material which is char
as a soap with which to wash stockings in the
acterized by being plastic at normal tempera
ordinary manner and, each time the stockings
are washed therewith, the content of the iron
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